long 2ww, beta 6/12..anyone else waiting

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  1. Hi Ladies,
    I am just beginning my 2ww and anxious already . 3 great/good embies transferred yesterday on day 2. Would love to hear from some of you waiting too.

  2. Hello,

    I also have my beta on 6/12/09. I had 2 frozen embryos transferred on 5/29 from our first IVF cycle in Jan 09 (which was BFN). We only had the 2 and both survived the thaw so I am happy about that.

    One was a 9 cell compacting (Grade B+) and one was a 5 cell (Grade B). Both were day 3 embies.

    Was your's from a fresh or frozen cycle? How are you feeling?


  3. Hi lee-ann,
    So glad to have someone to wait with!! I had a fresh cycle and transferred 3 embies on day 2: 5AF, 4BF, and 2CF. I am very hopeful...I think this is my last attempt...I feel OK, still a little crampy since the harvest. Where is your location? D

  4. Hi there - my beta is June 8th which will be 14dp3dt. I TX 4 average to low grade embryos. I'm not holding out too much hope. We have waited 5 years after a Fresh that ended up with b/g twins. Previously to our success we had done 6 IUIs, 2 Fresh, and 1 FET - all BFN.

    Last time we TX 6 and froze 6 day 3 embryos. Last Monday we thawed 6 and 4 made it but they were only 4 and 3 cell and had lost 50% of their cells. I'm just happy to give them a home - but would really love to get PG!

    No real symptoms to speak of - just the usual driving myself crazy with every twinge, cramp, burp, upset stomach etc.....


  5. Hi Suzie,
    I drive myself crazy with every twinge, cramp, burp, upset stomach too....I hope to be better this time.

    A little about me:
    I have begun 6 IVF cycles
    1: BFN
    2: DS 26mo
    3 and 4 never made it to harvest
    changed clinics
    5: 3 fair to poor quality embryos BFN
    this is #6
    I have never had any to freeze as I am a poor responder and lucky to have the ones that get implanted.

  6. samar,

    I stim very well but make crappy eggs. I guess that means quantity and not quality. Anyway - this is our last hurrah. I'm blessed to have two healthy, happy, and beautiful 4 year olds. It took us 3 years of cycling to 'get them'. I couldn't stomach my alternatives for our frozen embryos - donate, destroy, or research....so I finally convinced DH (after 4 years!!) to give them one last try. We are done after this. It still feels a little strange to be back on IVFCONNECTIONS after so many years - brings all the memories back. For some reason all my old posts etc. are gone but I think I joined in 2002 - 2003.

    I hope we are successful this time around!!


  7. Hi Suzie & Deebil

    (pg mentioned)
    Suzie and Deebil congrats on your prev. IVF successes. I have a DS 18 years old conceived naturally when I was 17 (I am 36 now). Finally got around to getting married 5 yrs ago and my DH had vas after having his DD 15 and DS 13 so we are going the IVF route to try for one together.

    Our first IVF in Jan resulted in 12 mature eggs but only 8 fertilized and then out of the 8 that fertilized we transferred 2 good quality 3 day embies and froze 2. The cycle resulted in a BFN and we are trying now with the 2 snow-babies.

    Since I had a FET, I find this much different than the first time. Last time I had lots of cramping but that was due to my ovaries from the stimming. This time, I am having a fair bit of cramping too but I know it's not the ovaries so I am hoping everything is going ok. I guess today would likely be the start of when they would implant? Really hoping that is what's going on.

    We are in Canada in the Vancouver area. Where are you ladies?


  8. Hi - Can I join?

    I had my transfer yesterday..Transferred 2 good and one okay looking blasts..

    Beta is 6/11.

    This was an FET.

  9. Welcome Cindy!
    Lee-Ann - I'm in Ottawa but traveled back to Toronto for my TX last Monday. My beta is June 8th.

    Lades - I did a bad thing this morning and tested. BFN. I know its early though - my embryos were late/slow starters and then lost half of their cells in the thaw. Technically I'm 8dp3dt but I think I'm more like 8dp2dt. Too early? Last time I got a BFN at 11dpo and a faint BFP at 13dpo with 6 and 8 celled embies.

    Questions - if your embryos are frozen on Day 3 do you count the day of your TX as 1dp3dt or not until the next day do you start counting? So the day of TX would be 0dp3dt?


  10. You guys got room for 1 more???

    I'm (31) Dh is (33) this is our 2nd Fresh IVF cycle our 1st one was in Feb. which we got a BFN...We had 9 eggs out of the 9 (4) fert. but we only had 1 strong enough to put back.
    This cycle my Dr. changed our protocol I did the MICRODOSE LUPRON (Flare protocol) to try & get more eggs to work with & this time we got 11 eggs & we added ICSI this time. Out of those (7) were good to do the ICIS on & we got (4) EMBIES this time. My transfer day was Monday & we had (2) blast & one about to hatch any day now & (1) thats moving a lil on the slow side so we are watching it to see what it does. My BETTA DAY is the 11th & I'm so excited & nervous cause this is our last try this year as well. I plan to POAS maybe a day before BETTA DAY but it will depend on my body our last cycle AF came a day before BETTA DAY SO WE WILL SEE. I have taken retreat over my moms house I have (3) boys at home & I need some away time they are 12, 10 & 6. So I'm resting up over here & DH be acting like he gone wait on me had & foot but as soon as I ask for to many things he get to huffin & puffin...lol so I'm with my mommy

    the 2ww has begun & I'm glad to have someone to share it with. Cindy we go in the same day MUCH STICKY BABY DUST TO EVERYONE



  11. Hi guys, first time posting so very new to this. Me33 (balanced translocation) dh36(perfect), its been a long long road for us this is our 4th IVF/PGD, #1 6follies 5fertilized 1normal (BFN) #2 11follies 8fertilized 0normal, #3 12follies 8fertilized 0normal #4 11follies 9fertilized 1normal (TWW) 7 miscarriages before we decided to try with IVF, 1DD of 2years (natural conception) and my most recent loss in April my beautiful daughter (natural conception) of 8years born with Marfan syndrome who was in desperate need of a heart transplant and who just could not fight any longer. I am currently in a 2WW my transfer was 30/5 (5dt) and my beta is 08/6 which will be 9dp5dt, is this not too early for a beta?

    thanks ladies

  12. Room for one more?

    I am on my 6th cycle. I have a DS from my 4th cycle and we just did an FET on 6/1. Beta is 6/10. We transferred 2 frozen blastocycsts!!! I am very nervous, but also excited. This is our 4th transfer after DS, so of course the nerves are a bit higher now.

    Natalie- I hope this is your time. It sounds like you've been through quite a lot and I will be thinking of you. 9 days after transfer of blastocysts is normal for a beta, so no worries about it being too early.

    Suzie- You start counting the day after transfer.

    Baby dust to everyone!!


  13. Mustah- WELCOME!!! (2) blasts are great for a FET & YOUR betta day is right around the corner I'm on the 11th. So lots of baby dust your way

    Luigi- I 2nd that notion on this being your cycle...I thought my last cycle was too much but to get (0) to put back I'm sure was the worst. I did the (FLARE PROTOCOL W/ Micro dose lupron & we got more eggs then we added ICSI. so I wish you alll the luck in the world & will be praying for you...LOTS OF STICKY BABY DUST YOUR WAY

    AFM- I have a question for you ladies & please be honest. But if your blasts are hatching at the time of my transfer do you think I have a god chance of a BFP?? I try not to worry & I've never had this many to work with & today I found out that the (1) we had left didn't make it to freeze so I'm just wondering?


  14. past pg and mc mention

    Hi Ladies I am going on the 10 for my beta. I am going to do a HPT on Saturday morning.

    Hi samar- good luck, wow 2 day transfers. I have heard of 3day and 5 day but not 2 day. Good Luck

    Hi Lee-Ann that is good that they both made the thaw. I wish you a lot of luck on the 12 I will be waiting for your results too.

    Suzie wow twins that is great and I hope it goes well with this cycle.

    Hi Cindy you are a day after me Good Luck to you

    Hi Chastity good luck to you and relax I know it is hard we are all in the same boat together.

    Natalie- WOW sorry about you DD but you are a strong woman we can see that. Good luck to you I really hope that it takes.

    Hi Kate that is good that you got a DS out of one of these cycles I hope you get another baby.

    AFM I am doing my 2nd DE cycle. I had 2 failed IVF's and the doctor talked me into the DE program for many of reasons. One the meds was making my eggs saggy. Another is that I didn't want to pass my medical problems down. The pregnancy rate goes to 68-72%chance of pregnancy. That is a big jump. My first DE I got pregnant with twins MC at 9wks. In March we defrost the 2 that was frozen they didn't make the thaw. This is a fresh cycle with a different donor. We had 8 eggs 5 fert. 2 TX and 1 made the freeze. So now the 2ww.

    So good luck to all of us I hope we all get a BFP

  15. Just wanted to say hi and welcome Mrs. Polo, Kate, Natalie and Cindy. I have summarized our betas:

    Suzie 06/08 - FET - 4 embies
    Natalie 06/08 - blasts?
    Mustah 06/10 - FET - 2 frozen blasts
    Mrs. Polo 06/11 - 3 blasts (1 hatching)
    riservetarsiacra 06/11 - 3 good blasts
    Deebil 06/12 - 3 great/good 2 day embies
    Leelee 06/12 - FET - 2 good 3day embies

    Have I got everyone and with the correct dates and info?
    How is everyone doing? I am at 5 or 6 dp3dt - I am not sure which. My embies were frozen on day three - then they were thawed on Thursday but not transferred until Friday (does that make them 4 day embies? and if so, I guess I am 5dp4dt??) Or because of the thawing process, do they revert back to being 3 day embies?

    I have been having cramping off and on since the TX but nothing else so far. Trying to stay calm and cautiously hopeful but not read too much into anything.

    Lots of prayers and sticky vibes to us all!


  16. Hi everyone!! I've been a member on here since 2006. I've gone through 4 transfers so far and Tues. (6/2) was my latest. So far I've had 2 m/c and 1 son who is 21 months now. I've been doing FET's for the past 2 rounds and my beta is on 6/12. We tx'd 2 blasts that were of "good" quality, so now here's hoping!!!!

    I wish everyone so much luck!!! So far feeling crampy, yesterday was very crampy. Today it's subsided but I get waves of lightheadedness and an off stomach. So really I'm just going day by day and trying not to analyze everything since nothing can tell me what is or isn't except the beta!!!

  17. Hi ladies,
    I just had my FET on Tuesday and will not be having my beta until 6/15 but thought I could join you in the 2ww...
    This is my 5th try with IVF and I am hopeful that this will finally work for us. I have one DS (7 y.o.) - our miracle surprise and have been ttc for #2 ever since he was 6 months old... after 2 late m/c's we decided to try ivf 3 years ago and have managed to get pg twice - both resulting in late m/c's. After my last m/c - the 4th - I asked my RE whether every test had been done to find out WHY I keep losing my pg's after the first trimester. She said no - and they finally figured out that I have "Antiphospholipid Syndrome"! I'm quite upset at this because we have wasted so much time and money and in my last fresh cycle we put in 4 excellent quality embies...
    We just put in 3 decent quality embies (3 out of 4 survived the thaw) and I am just trying to keep calm and hope for the best...
    Sorry for the rather long vent - I'm glad to have a place to post and I wish everyone on this board the best of luck with their cycles...
    Here\'s to sticky embies/blasts!

    BTW - Lee Ann, I live in Vancouver as well! Where are you cycling? I'm with Genesis (I swiched from UBC last year!).


  18. Welcome Laura and Froggy!!!!

    I am trying very hard not to analyze EVERY twitch, cramp, bloat, etc. However it is VERY hard to do. I have 6 days until Beta and it feels like a month away! This was my 8th transfer and I have never POAS, but I am so tempted this time. I just really want to be prepared if the news is bad...I don't know what I am going to do.

    Baby dust to everyone and I hope all of you are doing good.


  19. Hi Sunshine, Laura and Froggy - welcome!

    Laura, yes I am at Genesis too! Small world. That's really too bad that they hadn't tested you for everything and that you had to go through all those m/c's. Was that at UBC? At least you know you can get pg!! Are they able to treat the syndrome and assist you with carrying to full term? Who is your main doc? Mine is Dr. Taylor but Dr. Hitcari did my tx.

    Sunshine, sorry I missed you on my first post - I will add you to our little beta schedule.

    Froggy, good luck to you - sounds like you had some good embies!

    Here is an updated list:

    Suzie 06/08 - FET - 4 embies
    Natalie 06/08 - blasts?
    Mustah 06/10 - FET - 2 frozen blasts
    Mrs. Polo 06/11 - 3 blasts (1 hatching)
    riservetarsiacra 06/11 - 3 good blasts
    Deebil 06/12 - 3 great/good 2 day embies
    Leelee 06/12 - FET - 2 good 3day embies
    Froggy 06/12 - FET - 2 good blasts
    Laura 06/15 - FET - 3 good embies
    Sunshine - when is your beta? - 2 embies

    Wow there are quite a few of us now!

  20. Hi Ladies,
    Wow we have grown in the few days I haven't been online. I am driving myself crazy with this vague nausea I have had for a fer days!!! Could be the drugs though!!!
    Hopeful: Where do you cycle..I live in S.NH but cycle at RSC and formerly at MGH.
    This time is our time ladies...Babydust, D

  21. ADEE- Thanks for the chart it looks great when you up date I had two hatching 1 about to thanks again.

    Welcome all our new comers this 2ww is the worst. I don't feel like anything major is going on. But I'm trying to keep a postive mind frame. I've been told that the PIO shots help more then the pills so I'm a lil nervous if I'm getting enough. The only thing i'm feeling is sore boobs & I'm not sure if that's from the meds or not. I took a HPT yesterday to see if trigger was out & it was negative I don't know if I'm gone test again I can't take another negative so I may just wait a day before BETTA DAY I'm not sure.



  22. Hi there - I'm on progesterone suppositories and oral estrogen. For my last and sucessfull IVF I was on the same suppositories.

    Good luck to all!


    PS - tested again this am and still BFN, yet no AF.....beta is on Monday.

  23. I am on vaginal estrace, patches, PIO suppositories and PIO shots as well as Lovenox....Whew, thats alot

  24. D- I go to BRM- it's in western MA. Don't you hate all the symptoms that we get from the drugs that mirror pregnancy symptoms??!!!!

    5 days to go until beta!!!!!

    Baby dust to all!!!


  25. Good morning ladies...Thanks for you responses!!! This 2ww is about to kill me & I keep going back & forward on taking a HPT or not. I forgot I take vagnel progesterone, patches & promitrium by mouth twice a day. Sometime my breast are tender & I get the cramping on my side & the AF feeling like it's about to come I'm all emotional & just want the wait to be over. I'm sure you guys can understand the 11th is almost here. Last cycle I had AF the same day as BETTA DAY so we will see how it goes this week.....Thanks for being her to fent to this wait gets to me more then I like to admit at times....



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