Lines not getting darker, and still faint-12dp3dt

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  1. I got a faint bfp on 8dp3dt...I could barely see it, but it was there.

    I am using FRER, dipped for 5 seconds, FMU.

    It got a tiny bit darker over the next few days.
    It was the darkest on 11dp3dt...but still faint at about 50% as dark as the control line
    Today (12dp3dt) it seemed to be a bit lighter than is about 1/4 as dark as the control line

    This is a chemical right? Shouldn't the test line be as dark as the control line by this point? I am 12dp3dt (15dpo)....all the other pics I see at this point are blazing positives.

    Thanks for any help...this is my second and last IVF (I have POF and dh has MF), the first was BFN and I had a missed m/c 3 years ago (natural).

    I am getting a beta done tomorrow...I guess I should prepare for the worst?

    Has anyone else ever had a bfp that was faint but still viable?

  2. kamal, I am 10dp5dt and had my beta done yesterday and it was 51.7. I POAS this morning on First response and still a faint line. I know my beta is low but my friend has twins from IVF and the day of her beta she had a faint line too but her beta was over 300. Good luck tomorrow! Have you used a digital? (pregnant or not pregnant) They aren't as sensitive..

  3. One thing to remember is that HPTs are qualitative tests, not quantitative. This means that their only function is to indicate IF you are pregnant, not HOW MUCH you are pregnant. Does that make sense? I think a darker line is just an indication of a different test, not necessarily a higher level of hcg.

    HTH, Kathy

  4. My FRERs were all pretty faint at 7dp5dt, 8dp, and 9dp. But, I got a BFP on the beta and my betas have risen appropriately, according to my clinic. I agree that those tests are just qualitative and the most telling thing will be your beta. Good luck!

  5. Please do not worry. I took my beta today and it was a bfp with a reading of 183 which is very good. I have been having morning sickness and just about every symptom you can imagine but I've had disappointing EPTs. The reason is that I had to go to the bathroom constantly. Your EPT tests are checking the HGC in your urine not your blood. Blood stays the same. Urine fluctuates because when you go to the bathroom it has to start building up a new supply of HCG. I know it is hard but just ignore the test strips or at least keep reminding yourself of what my REs nurse kept telling me.... pink is pink and pink is all you need!

  6. Thank you so very much for your replies ladies...I guess I will hope for the best but be wary.

    I will update on what the beta is tomorrow

    BTW- I did use a digital 2 days ago but it was in the afternoon and it had only been a few hours since I last went LOL It was a negative.

    The 2ww is sooo hard when you've got 18k riding on it...I will try to relax and calm down

  7. Hey jb,

    I had the SAME problem when prego with ds. The lines seriously got lighter and lighter during the 2ww. I was frantic. Guess what? Beta of over 3,000. Kid you not. I still don't understand how that is possible to have such a faint line and such a high beta, but it does happen. (One of my theories was that it was a disappearing twin, but I actually totally agree with the qualitative vs. quantitative.) If a 3,000 doesn't give you a dark line, then what does??

    GOOD LUCK!!! Here's to your solid beta!

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