Late Winter/Early Spring 2010 Twins

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  1. Hey Ronal~ I bought a couple premie outfits but my take on this is,,,,,,,,,,,,if they are really premie, they'll likely spend some time in the hospital without me and I can buy smaller clothes that I need then. I bought a few newborn things and mostly without the feet attached just in case they are long and skinny. Mostly though 0-3 mths. I didnt' have to buy really anything for the baby boy since I already had two boys and he has an amazing wardrobe just waiting for him to be born. I have literally cleaned out the local baby gap girl sale section. She'll get the new stuff in the way of clothing so I got him the new car seat!

    Okay, gotta run get ds from school, I'll add more later, so glad you can feel those babies. Isn't it amazing?


  2. Hi Susan
    I agree with the premie clothing plan. I don't like the idea of \"planning\" for them to be born small, I'm thinking positive - for us both.

    AFM - things have changed here.... last Wednesday at my u/s they found my cervix was a bit short... 2.5cm and that I was having minor contractions. So they admitted us until Monday. Now I'm home on modified bed rest until the babies are born. No more working or leaving the house except for doc appointments. It's going to be a long 3 months, but I'll do whatever it takes to keep them in there. Just hoping my cervix holds.

  3. Ronal~ sorry to hear about your bedrest but good for you on taking it easy. Sounds like you have great support. I asked today at fetal assessment if they were checking my cervix. They said because I have no past history of IC and because I haven't had any crampint etc and my 20 week check was still nice and long, there is no need. I kinda wish it was standard but my dr doesn't seem to think it's an issue.

    The babies were both measuring a little over 25 weeks (I am 25w2d) so that's good. They still have lots of room. Had it reconfirmed that they are boy/girl. They both weigh approx 2lbs 6oz. Everything looked good and the bloodflow throught their umbilical cords is great. So far, so good.

    I was laying flooring in the basement and doing loads of painting lately. It's nice to know my body seems to like this. Sitting is the only thing that hurts. I have so much rib and back pain. Minor in the scheme of things though. Also just noticed lots of numbness in my lower belly now. I'll feel itchy but can't feel where I am scratching. Odd!

    Hope things are still going good for you. Hopefully bedrest doesn't have to be permanent but well worth it!


  4. Hi Susan - awesome how you are able to be so active! My lower belly is achy and not numb, but feels funny. I find myself holding it with one hand when I get up.

    So will they check your cervix again at a certain gestation? I imagine they will. I have several cervical risk factors, so that is what spurred my monitoring. Without risk factors and 2 (right?) healthy pregnancy behind you, your doc is probably right, you should be just fine. But if you want it checked, I imagine they would - it's your body and your baby.

    I'm 25 weeks today Its crazy how close we are to each other! I don't think mine are weighing in at 2lbs yet... last Wednesday (12/30) they were 1lb3 and 1lb5, but that would be great if they are growing that fast! I for sure had a growth spurt this week. I think they like this bed rest thing. I do think they are moving less, maybe sleeping more because I'm not moving around as much?? Not sure. How often are you feeling yours? Mine kick mostly in the early morning and then in the evenings - pretty quiet in there during the day.

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