Late October tx-- anyone to wait with me?

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  1. jen - how are you?

  2. sonda- thanks for asking- i didn't want to bum anybody. My first beta was 86- repeat today was 166- go back on saturday for progesterone and beta. I have a horrible case of strep throat, pustules and everything- feel pretty yucky. Started antibiotics today. Hope this doesn't negatively affect pregnancy.

    Thinking about everyone.

  3. Jen- congrats. I don't think the strep should hurt anything. Glad everything looks great. Keep us posted.


  4. Jen! what's all this about burning anyone? Having good news from one of the group gives everyone else hope. This group has not seen much success so I want to be happy for you. Hope you feel better soon, I don't think it would have a negative influence on pg, just check the meds. I'd take vitamin c, but that's just me.
    Ashley - waiting with you for January!

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