Late October tx-- anyone to wait with me?

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  1. not great news for me. Beta only went up to 30. On beta base that is an 82 hour doubling time. I have had a chemical with my first IVF and they are so heartbreaking. I just have to wait until saturday now. Praying for a miracle.


  2. eklax--praying with you....hoping things work out.

  3. I rec'd my beta numbers today and not such good news- beta of 10. Feels like it's probably a bust- and we won't be able to get another cycle in this year. Feeling pretty shocked and bummed- I was so sure this would be the one. I know that there's still a small chance, but really expected higher numbers... Doctor had asked for a progesterone level, but it hadn't been reported yet. That would probably told them more info. Next beta is Saturday.

  4. eklax, sorry for your news-- praying for some good news for you. Try to hang in there.

  5. Terry and Ashley- i am sorry you didn't get the news you wanted to do. Thinking about you.


  6. Terry and Ashley- so sorry to hear the news

  7. terry sash- sorry you are in the same boat as me. Wait to see what your second beta does. I have to go back saturday too so we will see.

    to everyone- thanks for the kind words.


  8. terry and eklax---sending you both ((hugs))

  9. Any news today. I am going to start poas tomorrow.

  10. raise your hand if you're going to poas....

    I\'m fighting the urge, but think that I will lose my battle come tomorrow....

  11. tootsie- first thing in the morning- i am scared- sooo scared- but it is only 8dp3dt- so it could be negative tomorrow and still get a positive beta.


  12. Jenga--how did it go??

  13. bfn- so not feeling optimistic- my body is tricking me- i feel like it worked- but hpt doesn't say so.


  14. Jenga its still soooo early...don't fret!
    Most people don't see a + hpt until 10dp3dt or later.

  15. Ashley, Terry and Jen - still hoping for better results for you. Beta tomorrow, better try and get some sleep!

  16. Bad news for me. Beta went down to 20 so chemical for me. The RE doesn't know that I know yet as they are not in today, but I had the hospital fax to the dr. I work for so I could get the results. I will stay on PIO until monday when I am sure they will tell me to come off. So sad right now.


  17. Ashley- sorry- it just sucks.

  18. Bad news Ashley, sorry.

    I did the beta today, the results were 10 (!) the nurse said she has never heard of such results, either it is less then 7 or a much higher number. The Dr is going to have me retake the beta on Thursday. 2ww turns into 2.5ww, really stressful. Has anyone heard of a 10? has anyone heard of it going up?

  19. Malaxiari---I was on a thread with another girl who got a beta of 13 and the numbers did continue to rise accordingly.
    Hope everything works out.

    eklax--so sorry for you.

    Jenga--any news...hang in there

  20. Thanks tootsie, good to know that, I am so upset over all of this. I am not even sure what the beta is supposed to mean. I understand that this is the hormone that the body produces when pg, and that it doubles and triples int the beginning and afterwords it fluctuates. I also understand that there is a correlation between a high beta and the amount of embryos. But, what does a low beta mean? I had 2 tx (6 retreved, non to freeze, I'll have to do another fresh cycle if this one fails).

  21. sonda- its not over till it's over- hang onto some hope- hopefully the next beta will have doubled- it could have been a late implanter.

    Well- today 10p3dt i got a +HPT, i am happy, but cautious- plan to beta tomorrow, it was faint, so could be a chemical. But will just go with the moment. It is momentous for me that something has tried to implant- and no matter what I will happy even if it doesn't continue. I know that I will get pg again with the right embryo's even if that means DE- but for the moment i am pregnant.


  22. So thats the end of this one. They want me to do another beta this week just to make sure it goes down to zero. I didn't really understand that part, something about nothing left in there. I'll be unhappy for a few days and then I'll start preparing for the next fresh cycle, probably in January. One of these cycles will succeed, I just have to be persistent.

  23. sonda- i am sorry. Hang in there. Praying your next cycle brings you the success you deserve.

  24. sonda- I am so sorry and totally know what you are going through. Take time for yourself and hopefully you will get that BFP in the near future. I got my only sucessful pregnancy after our first chemical. They look for your number to go to zero to make sure that your body naturally lets go of the pregnancy. There are occasions when it doesn't want to let go and they have to help it along. Hopefully that won't be needed as you are already bleeding.

    Jen- congrats on the positive hpt. Hoping for better news for you than I had. Best wishes.

    Thanks to all you ladies for your support and kind words.

    AFM- my level has gone down to zero as of today. We are going to take a break through the holidays and go again in jan or feb. Best wishes to everyone.


  25. Ashley, probably be cycling with you Jan. My clinic doesn't do back to back. I've never had a chemical before. My successful pg was after 8 IUI, 3 IVF and one FET. DD was the result of a fresh one. I have already been through a failed FET and now this. It was much harder when I was coming home to an empty house.

    Jen - how did beta go?

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