Late October tx-- anyone to wait with me?

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  1. My beta is scheduled for Thursday. Just today I started wondering if I should poas. I've never done that before, so I'm trying to wait. This is our best shot we've ever had out of 3, so really feeling hopeful. I hear everyone on the tiredness- I'm a bit shocked. I'm doing the progesterin 3x a day- never done that before- have used Crinone previously-- maybe that's the difference- also, using Vivelle patches every other day. Either way, I'm whipped- keep hoping it means I'm pregnant!
    Sounds like there is a lot of potential good news out there-- a number of us have tests this week. Keeping fingers crossed for everyone!

  2. Girls!! I've been POAS the past 2 days like crazy with BFP's!!!!! I've never seen a positive before in my life. Beta is wednesday and I'm freaking out. I soo hope this sticks and betas double and all that good stuff.

    I think the test I took on 7dp3dt was positive too...I pulled it out of the trash and there was a 2nd line...I thought maybe it was an evap line, but I made DH take one (LOL) and there's still no evap line. I don't think I was waiting long enough for the 2nd line to show up....

    I was having some pretty rough AF cramps but they're getting a little milder and less frequent..I just can't believe this...We've been trying for almost 5 years!!!!

  3. jenga- we had a chemical/early miscarriage our first IVF cycle. Our first FET cycle we were pregnant with twins initially and at the 8 week appt they said that the baby B's sac was smaller and there was a shadow in the chest area. We ended up losing baby B around 10 weeks. After delivery our son, I started having autoimmune issues and knew that I already had an autoimmune thyroid condition so my doctor tested further and I have anti-cardiolipin antibodies, MTHFR, and PAI-1 all which cause blood clotting and miscarriage. They said I was lucky to have DS and to be alive since the clotting can cause stroke in the mother. I am on lovenox this go round for the first time and wow I just took my first one and it is really painful. Burns like you know what but it will be worth it in the end. I would talk with your doc especially since having the miscarriage. I will be on it once a day till 38 weeks and they will do a scheduled C. Hope that helps.

    ktam- I always like to POAS althought I know alot of women don't like too. I would rather have some idea either way. If it was a negative hpt but I ended up getting a positive I would rather have that than go in thinking so strongly it worked only to be let down. That is just me and is in no way a push for you either way. Good luck thursday, hoping the tiredness is a great sign.

    Sunshine congrats- I didn't wait long enough for the second line on my first test either. That is so funny you made DH pee on one. What a great story to tell your child. Good luck wednesday.


  4. Hi ladies,

    beta came back at 20 (8dp5dt) I am worried about it being low. I know they would look for around 50 if I had waited until tomorrow to test. Re felt fine with it as long as it doubled so now the wait till thursday. There is always something to worry about. I kind of thought it would be higher as I took a digital test and they usually require more around 50 and it said preg today. Thanks for the thoughts and prayers and please pray for a double on thursday.

    preg for now

  5. eklax--fingers and toes crossed you continue to double!

  6. Ashely- thats awesome! 20 is low, but in is something. I hope it doubles nicely!
    Sunshine - congratulations! it sounds like tomorrow will be bfp!
    As for everyone else feeling tired, I don't feel sleepy, just sluggish, like I can't put one foot in front of the other. I am also very hungry and I feel sort of a swelling in my uterus. These symptoms are agonizing; raising hopes one moment and dashing them the next.
    I\'ve never tried poas, I always wanted a definite positive or negative rather than guessing if the results are reliable. But maybe I should try it this time. when is the earliest date to take the test? I am 10dp8dt, what do you think?

  7. So, for the first time I couldn't help myself... I poas and it came back positive!! I am very excited, a tad bit nervous, but mostly excited. It feels like a huge first step-- sort of over the first hump!! Let's keep the good news coming... still go in for my beta on Thursday.

  8. sondacap- if you are 10 days post 3dt you are good to go- a hpt should pick it up- some clinics test this early for beta- it is possible it could be negative and still get a positive beta- but usually around day 9 or 10 a hpt can detect hcg.

    I am going to poas on day 9- got my other 2 bfp"s that day. I think it worked- although it is early- my uterus feels like it is humming and vibrating- i don't know- i have mild ohss- not really but the bloating, abd swelling, sob- and last time i got a positive hpt and pg- though m/c. I hate thinking positive and having my hopes dashed but i am thinking one may have implanted.


  9. tootsie- thanks I am keeping fingers and toes crossed too.

    Malaxiari- thanks. I know it is low but hoping it doubles and that is what matters. I agree I think you would be safe to POAS at this point. Let us know if you do.

    ktam- congrats on the +hpt. That is awesome. I am sure now you can't wait for thursday. Hopefully good news for both of us on that day as it will be my 2nd beta.

    Jenga- glad you are feeling great about the cycle. You have to keep positive. What else do we have.


  10. Does it depend on the hcg shot? The last one was 29.10 (4dp2dt)? Would that have a missleading effect on the test?

  11. Ashley- u tested beta very early- so I think it is very hopeful your number will continue to climb.

    Sonda- a shot hcg takes 10 days to be out of your body.

  12. Okay so then the test would be misleading. 10 days after the shot would be nov 8, the day I do beta. So that's that.

  13. Sonda- yep- so just wait- I think it can be gone at 7 but max is usually 10.

  14. Yeah, arrrrgh!

  15. sunshine- good luck with beta today. Let us know what it is.


  16. anybody have back cramping just 5-6 days post transfer??? i was having that today- i think i had it with my positive last january, oh this **** will make you go CRAZY. My hcg shot should be out of the system tonight. I am going to go to target and by some, i will hold out until weekend though, i swear I will. I am only 5 dp3dt, but they should be implanted by today.

    Sunshine- goodluck


  17. jenga- my back hurt SO bad at 5dp3dt!!!!!! It felt like I pulled a muscle!!!!

    Beta is in....340 I so hope there's only one in there and it's just really really good....We transferred 4. I'm in total shock right now.

  18. Jenga--we are on the same schedule---in fact I think we both had transfers at the sam too....12:30.

    I am 5dp3dt and I don't really feel much of anything. I had very mild cramping the first two days after tx and then nothing really significant.
    I have kept myself couped up in the house as I am too nervous to drive (too bumpy) too nervous to walk too far, and to nervous to even walk my little puppies....sigh....11/11 is soooo far away.

    sunshine--awesome number...congrats!

  19. Sunshine- HOW MANY DAYS POST TRANSFER R U????? that is a very good beta for a singleton, u put four in, maybe 2 implanted???

    Tootsie- i have been trying to take it easy- but if they are implanted they are in there now. I went to work yesterday- and it isn't always "light" plus dealing with my 3 year old- impossible to really rest unless i am not here.


  20. Thanks girls

    Jenga- I'm 15dpo (12dp3dt-FET)

  21. Sunshine- very good number- congrats!!!!!! i hope to be so lucky- and a FET too- that is awesome.

    Anybody get a progesterone level checked post transfer????? mine is 28.4 today at 5 days post transfer, okay as long as it is higher than 20- anyone else want to report.


  22. I had a progesterone check, but I did not even think to ask for the #. I may do that when I get my 2nd beta results on Friday. I think your # sounds good though!!!!

  23. sunshine- wow crazy beta. I think there is more than one for sure. With my DS, I was initially pregnant with twins until 10 weeks and my first beta was 100. Can't wait to hear your number on Friday.

    ktam-good luck tomorrow. Can't wait to hear your news.

    AFM- still nervous about beta, just praying for doubling. Still testing positives on hpt.


  24. Serioulsy starting to lose my mind.....

  25. tootsie - me too- i went to bed around 9:30 fell asleep and woke up alittle after 1 am and am wide awake worrying. I just took a benadryl to see if i can go back to bed. I can't shut my mind off even in sleep. i did go by a 4 pack of HPT-s maybe i will start tomorrow.


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