Late October tx-- anyone to wait with me?

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  1. Hi, just had my transfer today and wondered if anyone else was out there and wanted to wait with me. I know there is another thread for Oct. wait, but it seems pretty full and people are getting their answers now...

    I transferred 4 embryos and my beta will be 11/5. How about anyone else??

  2. I'll wait (and obsess) with you My transfer was 10/23 and beta is 10/4

    We did a FET and transferred 4 days 3 embryos...we also used assisted hatching this time around!!

  3. Hi, Sunshine-- thanks for joining me... We transferred four 3 day embryos, too. They were all 8 cell and pretty well graded. It's our best result so far. I added the vivelle patches today b/c my estrogen was a bit lower than they wanted, but they told me all was good.

    I fly home form Colorado on Tuesday. Just trying to enjoy the quiet time right now.

  4. Hi ladies Im in my tww Im 4dp3dt . We transferred 2 8cell. this has been our best ivf so far. beta is Halloween!!

  5. Welcome, Believer-- where did you cycle? Tell us about yourself-- first ivf, etc? You'll be the first so far to get your answer... looking forward to going thru this with you.

  6. My (FET)transfer was Oct 22....transfered 2, just hatching day 2 embryos.
    Beta is 11/5. But I know I will bled before then if I'm not preggo since this was a natural cycle.

  7. Yeal, my beta is 11/5, also. This is my third ivf and i've always bled before beta, too... In some small way, it has made it easier for me- if it has to be negative...I guess it's better than waiting for a call after the blood test. Glad you joined us...

  8. Hey ladies,

    Mind if I join. I had tx today. We put in 2 day 5 blasts. One was a grade A and one was a grade B. This is our 8th cycle. 4 IUI's, 1 IVF, 1 FET BFP which created DS, 1 FET BFN, 1 FET cancelled and this cycle. YIkes. I feel good about this cycle and am glad to have you ladies to wait with. My beta is 11-4.

    Terry sash- did you cycle in Colorado? I saw that you said you were flying home from there. hope this works for you. How was the natural cycle?

    believer- halloween will be here soon. yeah

    sunshine- our beta is the same day. I hope we both get great news.


  9. I did cycle at CCRM and it has been a pretty good experience. I ended up being out here a lot longer than expected (2 weeks), but I'm grateful that I was able to do that. It hasn't turned out to be much of a hardship-- family at home was able to help with stuff on the home front and my husband took a week of vacation to be here. He flew home after the ER...

    I'm not sure what's wrong with me, but I've been eating non-stop... It's becoming embarassing- and uncomfortable!! Stop all ready! I must get back to normal life so I'm back on some sort of schedule!!

  10. eklax- I hope 11/4 brings both of us good news too

    terry & I think I would have to agree that getting AF before beta might be a little easier. I'm so full of PIO I don't think it would happen for me.

    Hello to everyone else

    This is my first FET..I've had 2 failed fresh cycles before (1 with day 3's and 1 with day 5's). This time we've added heparin to the mix b/c I tested borderline for clotting issues (protein S).

    I'm only 4dp3dt and I'm already obsessing over every little cramp and twinge. I've already convinced myself it didn't work because my boobs were hurting and really big up until they've deflated just like they do before AF. I had AF type cramps for 2 days after the transfer but nothing now...Ughhh november 4th seems SO far away!!!!!

  11. hi this is my second ivf. we did multiple iui's when I had tubes, now no tubes due to 8 losses, ectopics. Dh and I have been ttc for over 6 years. Our first Ivf was horrible fert. was good but then by day 3 embies started to degenerate, this ivf 10 retrieved 8 fertilized 2 beautiful 8 cells on day 3 and embryologist called saturday that 2 made it to blast to freeze. So we have been happy with this cycle so far and really happy if we get the end results!!
    Today is 6pd3dt and I feel crampy on and off still and thats about it, oh and crazy dreams. But progesterone tends to kick my dreams up a notch.

  12. believer- I am so sorry about all your losses. That must be so heart wrenching. At least you know you can get pregnant and now that the tubes are there, hopefully those embies will stick in the right place.

    Sunshine- I too have clotting issues, MTHFR and PAI-1 so I will be using heparin also. Hope this is the trick that works for you. 8 more days. Luckily I am very busy this week so hopefully it will go by quick.

    ktam- I hear you on the eating thing. I think it is just out of boredom from being on bedrest. Be careful in your travels and don't lift any heavy luggage.

    AFM- Nothing new just resting.


  13. Natural cycle is the best!
    I can almost forget that I did anything. Running, back & forth and waiting at the clinic was a pain, but now I'm back to just waiting. No messy suppositories. It's the first time actually that it's a bit annoying not to be able to have sex.

  14. I just had a fresh transfer on the 27th with 5dy embies and my beta is on the 6th. I'm feeling pretty good about this cycle but also prepared for the worst as well. Just have to wait and see.

  15. Welcome test_user. Hope the 6th brings great news for you.

    Yeal- I hear you on the not having sex. My RE recommends not having it until 12 week of preg. I am like that is ridiculous. I can't remember but with DS I think we waited till 8 weeks which was still crazy.

    AFM- I am feeling really tired, prob progesterone. I have had slight cramping yesterday and today so hopefully implantation cramping. Hope everyone is doing great and hanging in on the 2ww.


  16. My transfer is today at 12:30. I plan to put in 3 day 3 embryo's- maybe as depending. My beta isn't until nov 13- I will poas before then. I am going alone and a little worried about the decision- dh said okay if we have to transfer 3 but he "absolutel" doesn't want triplets- I want 1 or 2 healthy- but will have to see.


  17. Welcome jenga!!

    So I buckled and started POAS....BFN again today at 7dp3dfet. I know it's still super super early and still have a chance, but I so feel like AF is right around the corner. Really bad AF cramps a lot during the day, sore BB's went away, headaches...This was our last go at this so I'm feeling a little depressed. But oh well...I'm still in the game til beta day so still holding on to a tiny shred of hope

    Hope everyone else is doing great!!!!

  18. Sunshine- 7 dp3dt little early. I always wait until day 9 or 10. Goodluck and hang in there.

    I transferred 3 yest- 8 cell perfect, 8 cell almost perfect, and 7 cell almost perfect- scareD none will take and scared all will take.

    1 healthy baby God, 1 healthy baby please.

  19. I"m with you shunshine that this is our lastb shot with none that made it to freeze. I'm having some light cramping( i'm 5dp5dt) and it can be worrysome. I had it with my first cycle( dd now 3yrs) and with my other last 7 cycles and those were a bust so all you can do is wait( my pep talk to myself). Hope everyone else is having a good day.

  20. May I obess with the rest of you girls???

    I tx two on 10/27

    one 8 cell grade B
    one 7 cell grade B

    My quick bio:

    DX--MF only

    This is our first IVF

    Hoping and praying with the rest of you for our BFP's.

  21. Beta on Nov, 8. It seems so far away!
    On Oct 27 2 (4 cells) were transfered.
    The first couple of days I felt twitching, and then nothing. Yesterday it felt like I was about to get AF and I was depressed about that. Today it feels like swelling, so I just don't know. I am taking suppositories 3 times a day ( I hate the drip).

    bfp for all!

  22. Hello ! Just had my transfered today. Havent found a board for "Early Nov" transfer, so this board is the closest.
    My beta is scheduled for Friday the 13th, Im totally taking that as a good sign.

    I tx 2 embies, 1 8 cell, grade A and 1 7 cell grade B. Really counting on that first one .

    This is the worst part , but having people for support is PRICELESS!!!

  23. evapap- welcome. Congrats on the transfer. We transferred and A and a B also.

    Malaxiari- I felt the twitching too and now just feel a tightness and bloated. Also extreme fatigue. Napped for 5 1/2 hours yesterday.

    Tootsie- welcome. I hope this first time works for you. Maybe since dx is MF it will.

    test_user- hoping that cramping is a good sign for you this time.

    Jenga- congrats on tx of 3 great embies. hoping for a bfp for all of us.

    Sunshine- It is still early and FET supposedly bring slower rising beta's so maybe that is it. Hoping it is just too early.

    AFM- I poased sat (5dp5dt) and there was a barely there line so I didn't want to get my hopes up. I poased today 7dp5dt and there is a definite line. I called RE because I am supposed to start Lovenox injections when I become pregnant to keep from miscarrying so I told him I cheated and wanted to know if I could start injections. He said yes and moved beta to tomorrow. Now the worrying about doubling betas begins. It is always something. I am praying for BFP's for all of us.


  24. Wow eklax--sounds promising! Hope you get that positive beta!

  25. eklax- what's the diagnosis for lovenox??? i had a twin pg end at 9 weeks last year- we don't know why. the only thing we found was mthfr- so i am on high dose folic acid- but there is a part of me that wants to do lovenox if this is bfp just in case we missed something. I don't want to go thru that again- but i guess there are no gurantees. Congrats- hope you have a great beta tomorrow.

    I am feeling pretty Crappy, swollen, bloated, full uterus- praying this means that one of my embies is implanting- funny "vibrations" probably just my enlarged ovary on the left.


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