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  1. I would like to announce the birth of our baby boy, shumirai Jacob. He was born on 11/28/2006. Haven't been around the board as much as I used to and didn't even know the "Birth Announcements" board exists.

    Anyway, we waited more than 6 years for this day. Two miscarriages, one molar pregnancy and one blighted ovum, one year of chemotherapy for the molar, PCOS, three medical records transfers to different REs, gestational diabetes, subchorionic hematoma, and multiple trips to the ER; we finally made it! IVF w/ PGD was our final destination. My wife and I agreed that if IVF didn't work, we were just not meant to have our own children. Thank God, our first cycle was successful. EJ is barely 3 months old and my wife and I are already thinking about doing another cycle. We'll see.

    It's good to see all the birth announcements on this board. There is hope; hopefully, for everyone.

  2. Congrats,
    You and your wife must be elated. Our miracle started a year ago today with a three embyo transfer. Porter is now three and a half months old. October 28, 2006 was the big day. Isn't it a wonderful feeling to stop wondering if you will ever become parents. Takes a load of pressure off. Have lots of fun and congratulations. I too hope there is success for everyone out there.


  3. Congratultions... it's a wonderful feeling!


  4. Congrats. Now the real work begins. Have fun!

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