Last negative HPT before + Beta

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  1. There a many polls that say when is the earliest, but I am hoping to see when the latest - HPT was before a positive Beta. I am 12dp5dt and still hoping since by beta is not until 14dp5dt.

    THANKS for your help!!!

  2. I did a i cannot respond to your poll.
    I'd be curious about results with 3dt as well...

    My beta is tomorrow and the hpt is neg. I'm assuming I'm not preg, but it would be interesting to see if people have had -hpt and then +beta\'s!!

    best of luck to you!!!!

  3. Really it was 6dp5dt but that wasn't an option. I did get a negative the morning of 7dp5dt though afternoon urine produced a positive.

  4. I hpt'd the morning of my beta, which was 11dp5dt FET and got a BFN. Actually, I had been peeing on sticks for 5 days prior to that, so by the day before my beta, I had given up. I stopped taking prenatal vitamins and had a good cry. When I went in for my beta, the nurse said 'good luck' and I said, "It's a bust. See you next cycle."

    That afternoon I got my results and my beta was 14. Too low to register on a hpt, but still technically BFP. It's extremely low but it's been doubling well since, so I am still hoping for a positive outcome.

    As they say, it ain't over till it's over!! Hang in there.

  5. I, too, had a 3dt and therefore can't respond to your poll. I got a BFN on HPT 10dp3dt. My first beta test came back at 51 the next day (11dp3dt).

  6. I got a negative on the pee tests at 12 dpt and then got a positive on my beta 14 dpt...My beta was low at 12 so could of been why it didnt show up till the actual beta...Good luck

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