Last IVF before moving on?

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  1. Hi Ladies... I'm 40 with 4 failed IVF's behind me, and I'm starting my 5th and final IVF cycle with my eggs for closure before moving on to DE. I'm having mixed feelings about this cycle... I'm sad and relieved at the same time. I'm on a Lupron/Antagon EPP, and I started Lupron on Thursday. ER/ET is end of March. Anyone in a similar situation?

  2. I don't know how many I will do before quitting. Right now, it's really hard to think about it. KWiM? I'm on my 4th IVF cycle and's physically draining. My dh says we'll do as many as possible but again, it will take a toll on your body emotionally and there will be a time to give up!

    Best of luck, to you! (hugs)

  3. I am also 40 and on my second and last cycle. If this IVF doesn't work we will try for DE and/or adoption. We can't afford more than two cycles but even if we could I don't know if I could do it. I am not too hopeful for this round, no idea why.
    Good luck with your cycle and have faith - 5 sounds like a lucky number to me.

  4. I am 41 and this is my last cycle. I actually did an FET (just only one- all I had...) on the 20th and am awaiting my first beta results today. If this doesn't work out, we will be looking into adoption. I'm a little sad today but just trying to stay positive.
    Good luck to everyone, may we all have little ones to cherish in our future (by IVF or other)!

  5. Cocoa... Yeah... IKWYM... It's tough to know when to call it quits, so I've kind of helped myself to a DE cycle last month to help to get me there. We have 4 snowbabies waiting for me when I'm ready to leave my eggs behind if this cycle doesn't work. I've had 4 pgs/4 mcs with the last 2 in the past 6 months, and those have been particularly draining. I think I'm almost there to move on... Physically, this isn't too bad, but emotionally, the m/cs have been really tough.

    EB... Have you looked into DE? It took me a while to get there with DE... You know... My DE cycle was the easiest of all of my cycles... It's great not to have to give yourself all of these shots for 1-2 embies with a high rate of chromosomal abnormalities which is what I normally get... I'm sorry you're not feeling hopeful this cycle, but sometimes, those are the cycles that do end up working out. I hope it's THE cycle for you. I'm feeling somewhat ambivalent about this cycle. Of course, I'd love for it to be successful, but if it's not, I'm hoping that it won't be the end of the world for me. I'll be ready to move on...

    Isi... When is your beta? It's GREAT that you had some left to freeze! Good luck... Are you looking into domestic or international? We'll start looking at international and embryo adoption next month if this cycle isn't successful. Have you looked at embryo adoption? It seems the regular adoption is just so lengthy that at our age, embryo adoption might speed things up a bit...

  6. I got my results yesterday... BFN I kind of knew it didn't take, just a feeling (and the fact I had been POASing negative for the last couple of days). I have an appt with the dr (follow up visit) next monday and I will ask about DE. It didn't occur to me that I could do this... so thank you, I am glad to have jumped on this website yesterday, it gives me some hope.

    I am also looking into international adoption and am interested in Kazakhstan. My DH is still on the fence about it. There are a ton of agencies out there, and it is quite expensive. I guess I was trying to be logical, thinking that a couple of more IVF cycles would cost a lot of money and we could wind up with nothing, whereas at least with adoption, we would finally be able to come home with a baby.

    I have been quite tearful and depressed today, I guess there just seemed to be some sort of finality to this last transfer and though I thought I was prepared for the results, I guess I really wasn't.

  7. Isi... I'm so sorry the cycle did not work. Take some time to grieve... Hugs...

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