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  1. I'm slowly but surely moving onto this board, but i'm wondering if anyone has a similiar situation out there? I just had my 1st IVF attempt fail a few weeks back and recently had my re-group. RE only gave me a 20% chance w/ own eggs moving forward and suggested DE. So, we now have a tough decision to seems to early to move onto DE, but we're paying all out of pocket and this is an emotional rollercoaster. Anyone wish they would have tried one more time w/ own eggs or wish they would have moved onto DE earlier???

  2. Hi Drasko,

    Sorry about your BFN. I'm only starting to really accept that DE is likely in my future, so I can't give you much reassurance. Hopefully some of the others on this board will jump in with their perspectives.

    Paying out-of-pocket certainly weighs heavily in your decision, but it might be too early to say if you really need DE or not. Often, the first IVF cycle is just a trial run, and improvements can be made (e.g., by tweaking the protocol) for the next attempt. Also, if you are not at a top clinic (e.g., CCRM, Cornell, NYU), you may find switching to another RE will help.

    I guess the other main factor is your age, and possibly your diagnosis. The biological clock presents a cold, hard reality: sure, there are women in their 40s who are successful, but the odds are not in their favor. If you're in your 20s or 30s, I'd say making the jump to DE after just one IVF attempt may be premature (keep in mind, nationwide, the take-home baby rate from IVF is in the low 30s percent for all ages combined... that means the majority of women do not find success is any given cycle), though getting a second or third opinion from other doctors is probably your best bet for helping you make this decision.

    These decisions are not easy to make. Best wishes to you.

  3. In hindsight, yes I wish I had. However, we can't live our lives with hindsight. You can only do what feels right for you based on the information you have and your family situation.

    Good luck with whatever you decide.


  4. Thanks ladies ~ I am 33 and my first cycle was at CCRM. I change my mind on a daily basis, but think that getting a second opinion is my next step.

  5. Drasko, I don't know what your stats are or how you did on your first IVF cycle but if it is egg quality/DOR, you might want to ask CCRM about an Estrogen Priming Protocol (no BCP) with Saizen (Growth Hormone), DHEA (needs to be taken for 3-months). Cornell also offers endometrial coculture, where they actually grow the embryos on your own endometrium cell. It's show to have a 40% success rate. Dr. Davis at Cornell can give you more information.

    You might also want to get another opinion before you fully give up. I talked to Dr. Swanson at Conceptions and really liked him. Obviously DE is an option and honostly a good option too, I have friends who've done it and they're so happy now. It's a tough personal decision.

    Good luck to you.

  6. Drasko,

    I'm sorry. I was in such a rush, I realized I was not clear. I meant in hindsight I wish I had tried DE sooner. I had conceived many times on my own and m/c'd for various reasons. So felt I could 'beat the odds'.

    Unfortunately, just m/c'd from my DE cycle due to chromosome issues too. Seems my luck didn't change even with the increase in odds.

    My last pregnancy that stuck was at 42 with 10% odds of it working. (In hindsight, I also wish I had done IVF i/o injectible IUI's too.)

    Odds don't mean much to me anymore. You will either be 100% pregnant or not, or pregnant then m/c. Keeping focused on the family I want is what keeps me going.

    Excellent idea about a second, third or fourth opinion. This is an expensive process emotionally, time and finances. It is best to have enough information that your gut and/or intuition will point out what is the way that feels best for you and your family.

    Once again, good luck!


  7. Hey- well I will have to say u r cycling at 1 of the best clinics in the US- so I would think that if your doctor is not giving u a good prognosis- ithen unfortunately it is probably true. With that said it doesn't mean u can't get pg and have a healthy baby- but you r more likely to have disappointment than a happy ending. It really depends on what u want. If money is an issue, then I would think DE the better option b/c your chances of success would probably be at least 50% or higher if u went with ccrm for DE.

    I am only just turned 34. And I have a low AMH only 0.5, sp basically very few eggs left and some say questionable quality- my embryo's have had to AH last 2 times, u can tell they hace thick shells.

    We also have severe MFI- which complicates everything- this last cycle I only got 3 mature eggs- I have normal everything always have except for my amh level.
    We did donor sperm just to change things up, but it didn't work.

    I am moving onto donor egg, b/c it is m$ore important for me to have a child, than waste my money on something that probably won't happen.

    Of course I know DE isn't a gurantee, but more likely for success than with my eggs- the goal is to have a baby and the women I know who have used DE have not regretted it.

  8. I would get a free phone consultation with Dr Fisch at SIRM Las Vegas. He has some interesting protocols, and they have some great money back plans, especially in the less than 35 age group. He is also always available by email which is nice. I had better luck with him than my 6 previous attempts elsewhere, and have referred 5 people to him, 4 of the 5 have had success.

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