Large follicle on u/s=postponed cycle :(

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  1. So I had my baseline u/s this morning and labs, all ready to strart Lupron on Sunday. But the Dr discovered that one of my follicles is really large (like it's ready to ovulate) and I was on BCP for 2 weeks. Now they are taking me off BCP and I will have to wait till I ovulate. Then they will try to start the cycle without BCP and he said it could be 2-6 weeks! I am so bummed.

    Has this happened to anyone? Is this a bad sign? I though the BCP was supposed to prevent this kind of thing.

  2. Only your doctor can really answer the question about it being a bad sign but I don't think it is...just really frustrating. Unfortunately delays are really common. I had cycles delayed for multiple reasons many times and it infuriated me so I feel your pain.

    We really need a name for waiting to cycle that is as catchy as the TWW because it be just as hard.

    Best of luck with the wait!

  3. Hello there,

    I can sympathized.

    I've had postponed and canceled IVF cycles.

    In fact, I was supposed to start this February but I am postponing it cause I am sick as a dog....



    P.S. Keep yourself healthy because illness can postpone it and now I've learned that it can interfere with egg retrieval (imagine that worst case scenario, eggs ready to be harvested and cannot cause you are too sick to do the procedure).

  4. I had to be post-poned twice because of functioning cysts with Lupron. It was so frustrating!

    They finally figured out it was the lupron and switched me to Ganirelix and I was able to start the cycle.

    Good luck with everything.

  5. Thanks, guys! Ugh, it is so frustrating! I didn't even think about not getting sick. That's a good point. There is so many reasons things can get cancelled, I just didn't expect that BCP won't work. Who knew... I had done 2 cycles before with no issues like this, so it is a shocker...

    Good luck to you all and hang in there!

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