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  1. Hi ladies,

    I was just wondering if others are experiencing few symptoms after bfp. I had my second beta Friday on 11dp5dt and it was 623 up from 84 but my bbs are sore one night and not the next. Every once in a while I think I feel "something" not quite a cramp but some activity but it is so subtle, I would NEVER notice it if it were a non-ivf pregnancy. Is this normal? I am afraid my beta tomorrow may not go so well b/c my bbs haven't been truly sore for 2 days.

    Thanks for listening,

  2. Gianna-Join the club girl! I never had any symptoms and still feel that way some days and I am almost 9w. I always questioned myself bc I thought I should feel a certain way. I started to get nausea and heartbeat around 6w and that's really it! Good luck for your next beta, I know you will be just fine!

  3. Gianna & mariofreitas - I'll join your club. I've had absolutely no symptoms but my 3rd beta on Friday just came back real strong, although I'm still nervous b'c I feel like I should be feeling something! I'm trying to remain positive and calm and will just look forward to the u/s and h/b hopefully in week 6. It's great to know that things are going well for you mariofreitas even though you didn't have symptoms. Thanks for sharin!!

  4. Thanks so much for the replies ladies. It is helpful to know those who are farther along are doing well despite lack of symptoms. I feel virtually normal other than the intermittent sore bbs, random cramp, and SLIGHTLY bloated tummy.

    Does anyone know when sex and moderate exercise can be resumed? I told my dh we should definitely wait until at least the 1st ultrasound but re hasn't given me any instructions regarding this yet.

    Glad to hear of your stong beta mariofreitas and congrats to you both!


  5. Hi Ladies - my biggest sympton at the moment is Heartburn - from anything. No nausea, which I think is most classic so I wish I had it, but at the same time glad I don't - or at least not yet.

    In terms of sex and excercise - our re said sex after beta was fine, as long as no bleeding, no pain. That being said, I am on endometrium suppositories and it is way too irritating so not much nookie for DH. In terms of exercise, our re says nothing beyond light walking through first trimester. Regardless, call or send an email to your RE and get them to tell you what you should and shouldn't do. All RE's have their own distinct thoughts on these two things.

    Best of luck to everyone!

    Has anyone moved over to a pregnancy thread? I have to admit that is almost as nerveracking as waiting for Betas and ultrasounds.

    PS - Hi mariofreitas and Smarty.


  6. Thanks for reply A. Dh and I have just decided to refrain from sex/exercise until at least the first ultrasound. I did have my final beta today at 14dp5dt and it came back at 2646 and of course, still no significant symptoms so I guess it's okay!

    I hope to see you all on the pg threads. I'm not quite ready yet but I do hope to be there soon!



    Glad to hear you guys decided on something you are both comfortable with. When is your US?

    I got my results from Friday today - which would be 16dpt - and the number was 8928. Could still be a single, double or triple. The doubling time makes me think two and hopefully on Friday at the US we will get a glimpse of what we may have going on in there.

    I hope to see lots of you on the pregnancy boards as I think the pregnancy will be as much a journey as the ride getting there.

    Best -


  8. Sounds like everything is going really well for you ladies!

    As far as exercise and sex, I can't do either since I have an SCH bleed and am on bedrest. Honestly, I don't know if I'll feel comfortable doing much of either of those things until after the baby long I know but I'm too scared!

  9. OMG Amshel! What an incredible number - it certainly sounds like you have more than one little bean growing! I can't wait to hear your u/s results Friday! My first u/s isn't until 10/23. Praying for one healthy bean - I don't think my #'s are high enough for two.

    mariofreitas I am so sorry about having to deal with sch bleeding. I spotted for two days at beta and that was scary. I have also had bleeding in previous cycles so I understand the need to be cautious.

    I really hope there comes a time with the anxiety lessens. I just want to feel comfortable and confident in my pgncy - like a "normal" pregnancy where I don't have to worry over every little thing.

    Anyway, I definitely will be looking for your updates ladies!


  10. I was convinced it was over for me when I lost all of the few symptoms I had on Friday. Since then, I've had nothing at all, but my beta came back perfect yesterday. My mom told me that my grandmother never had any symptoms with any of her 6 pregnancies, so I'm going to quit worrying.

    As for sex, the nurses told me after the first ultrasound, but my RE told me not in the 1st trimester. I wonder if he misunderstood my question, though (I live outside the US and so my appointments are not in English).

  11. Gia, I just wanted to say how lovely it is to see you over on this board! Congratulations. Wishing you a smooth and uneventful pregnancy.

    As for symptoms – since my BFP was a surprise (surprise is such an understatement, I wish there was a much stronger word to describe it) in between IVFs, I didn’t even know (or remotely suspect) I was pregnant until my regular doctor discovered it at 4.5 weeks at my annual physical. Two days later the nausea began. Try, and I know this is MUCH easier said than done, not to worry about it and enjoy the symptom free time.

  12. Just to jump on the bandwagon, when I got my bfp wiser women than me warned me that symptoms really do come and go. After all I had been through to get pg I had a hard time believing it. Well, I've made it to 19 weeks and I can tell you it's definately true.

    I had m/s for a couple of months, and there would be days I felt fine and days I felt run over by a truck. The days I felt fine I was convinced everything was over, and then two days later I'd feel crappy again. They really do come and go - it really is true. On the sore bb's, I still have that off and on. Some nights I need a sports bra to sleep, some I don't. Some night I really wish I had put it on!! (It's still a shock to wake up from rolling over and feeling like I've got a couple of 2-ton boulders tethered to my chest - ouch!!)

  13. Jenna, Thanks so much for the well wishes. I too am so glad to hear of your wonderful pregnancy. I knew it would happen for you! Big congrats to you and dh!

    I am praying all is well with my growing bean and pray everyday that it continues to progress well as I wait for my first u/s next week.

    Beth and ek thanks so much for sharing your experiences with a lack of symptoms. I am 5wks1 day today and still only sore bbs (the soreness waxes and wanes) and I'm a little tired and bloated otherwise I feel great. I really don't feel much else.

    Can anyone recommend good pgncy books? I know I may be jumping ahead of myself but just wondering what I should look at after the u/s. (Notice I'm being optimistic )


  14. SOFIADIMITRIOU-I just treated myself to a few books today...I have been too terrified to even think about buying any before but this pg seems to be going perfectly so I thought I could take the plunge!

    I bought:
    What to Expect When You're Expecting
    The Girlfriend's Guide to Pregnancy
    BabyWise-book about sleeping method for newborns

    I also liked Prenancy Week by Week so I may go back and get that one.
    And one for DH about What to Expect for the Expecting Father or something like that!

    Anyone else have any other good recs?

  15. Jenna, Thanks so much for the well wishes. I too am so glad to hear of your wonderful pregnancy. I knew it would happen for you! Big congrats to you and dh!

    Thank you so much. A day doesn’t go by that I’m not still shocked (and awed) by the pregnancy. I know your first u/s probably seems so far away, but next week is practically here! I am crossing all my fingers and toes for you to have a great u/s.

    To be honest, it has been VERY hard for me to accept the pregnancy as real, so I haven’t read much. I did get What to Expect and read a bit of it, but didn’t love it… my DH has been more into that one then me. The only book I’ve read in full was one my very good friend sent me called “From The Hips” (here is the link on Amazon: I liked the tone of it. Felt like it wasn’t telling me what to do, but instead giving me unbiased info, along with lots of “quotes” from other woman who were all over the spectrum which would help me make my own decisions on what to do, how to feel, etc.

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