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  1. There have been many threads lately regarding different clinics, pros and cons, and what's the best clinic for each individual woman/situation.

    And, there are ways to go about getting hard info on a particular clinic - sart success rates, etc. But, what about the lab? I bring this up b/c DH was talking to another IF couple recently who did a ton of research before selecting a clinic and came to the conclusion that Cornell had a "sh*tty lab," and chose another, local clinic. Huh?

    So, my question is: How do you know? Full disclosure: I am a current patient at Cornell, and all I hear about is how great their lab is etc. "Cornell has the best lab," "Cornell's lab is excellent." - I hear that all the time on these boards...but again, how do you know?

    Before selecting Cornell, I obviously read about the lab directors and while they have very impressive credentials, you could find other clinic lab directors with equal credentials. So, what makes the Cornell lab so good, besides rep and word of mouth..?

    At the end of the day, I am thrilled with my RE and I'm not thinking of switching any time soon, but I'm just curious to know if anyone has any evidence based insight on this.

    Much appreciated....TIA (I am well aware that they don't use vitrification on all cases yet)

    PS - also X posting on NY board...

  2. My RE told me the best way to determine how good the lab is their success rate with donor egg cycles... Yes, you might be dealing with recipients with uterine environment issues that could skew DE's success rate, but overall, that's the best way to determine the lab's level of competence. Good luck!

  3. I completely agree.

    By the way the 2008 SART rates are up on the SART website as of today.

  4. Thanks, skanavi.

  5. when choosing a clinic i would strongly suggest choosing one that does virtification... my clinic doesnt have suces rates online but when u have your consult they go over the embriologist success rates.. they break it down for your infertility and your age and stuff.

    so 2 people who are the same age do not get the same success rate.. they give it to each individual case..i do see alot of girls on here that go to cornell. so i would think they have good stats. gl.

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