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  1. DH's mTESE was unsuccessful today and showed zero sperm. We are moving forward with BIL as our donor. Please share your stories if you used a known donor. Thanks!

  2. dany---

    I'm sorry about your dh's failed TESE. I can relate, as my dh had a failed TESE last August. I think it's great that you and dh have decided to move ahead with your BIL as a donor. We began the process in December to go ahead with my BIL as our known donor, as well.

    In the past few weeks we have decided to give TESE another shot with Dr. Schlegel. We still plan to use BIL's frozen sperm as back-up in September if dh's 2nd surgery fails.

    Not sure where you live or if requirements for known donors vary state-to-state, but my BIL had to have b/w and then I just brought his sample to be tested and cryopreserved. It has to be quarantined for 6 months. We also were required to have an evaluation by a psychotherapist. It was a three hour session where dh and I had to speak with her, then my BIL and his wife, and then all of us together. I did find a lot of great literature on

    Good luck to you on your journey...

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