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  1. When do you feel the kicks?. I'm 16 weeks no kicking yet. I can't wait.

  2. intermittently at 18w, and then regularly from 20w.

    Now I would like them to take a rest sometimes

  3. I felt light intermittent movement at the end of week 16. The movements became more and more regular and now(26 weeks) they can pack a wallop. It actually startles me sometimes.

  4. I don't think that I really started to feel kicks until around 20 weeks..maybe even a little later. It was driving me nuts because people kept asking and then seeming worried/disappointed because I wasn't feeling anything. Everyone was telling me how it would feel like \"being brushed from inside with a feather\" and I would think: \"um.. I don't know what that would feel like and I don't have time to just lie around and think about it...\"

    Finally though, I started to feel some nice strong kicks..and then pretty soon my husband could feel them too.. and at this point (27 weeks) I can see them move :-)

    So don't worry if you're not feeling anything as early as some other people, my kids were moving around like crazy in there at all of the ultrasounds, I just couldn't feel it.. I suppose I just wasn't as in-tune to what movement in my uterus feels like, until the girls got bigger!

  5. I'm 10 weeks 3 days with twins. I asked my peri this question. He told me I will feel movement at 20-22 weeks.

  6. I am pregnant with triplets and started feeling them around 10-11 weeks!

    I am 15 weeks now.

  7. Agree with rosetta!

  8. I felt the first movement at 16 weeks but then very intermittently (maybe once or twice every 3-4 days) until about 21 weeks, the more & now at 23 weeks, definitely every day although not constantly or anything still.

  9. I think I started feeling very soft, mild movement around 19 weeks, but it was not until around 21 weeks that I started feeling stronger kicks and movement, and it was mainly at night or when I was lying down. Around 24 weeks they became even stronger and they were more active during the day, as well as night. Now at 28 weeks I feel them all day and night and sometimes they even keep me up because it tickles! My husband was able to start feeling them around 24 weeks and we would watch my stomach move!

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