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  1. Hello there,

    I am not sure if this is the correct thread but could someone please help me with my BBT chart? My last period was on Jan 11th.
    The website I used said that I ovulated on 4rth but then what's with the low temperature on the 6th? I usually have 29-30 days in one cycle and my luteal phase seems to be 13 days after ovulation. Now i'm on cycle day 36 ??


    i'm 25/f/ no fertility issues ---- husband has really low sperm count we will need IVF with ICSI. he has been taking vitamin supplements given by the doctor.

    thank you girls
    baby dust to all

  2. the chart looks good what did u want to know???? cycles can range month to month. some months i have a 28 day cycle others a 35...the begining part the follicular stage can vary. it doesnt matter how long it is just that the linning grows as well as the follicles..

    when r u starting ivf.. ???? my bff dh had a sperm count of 0.. yup o.. was checked several times.. he had several tests to see why. brain scan to check for tumor. checked for cystic fibrosis. hormoness. what they did to prep for her ivf cycle was put him on hcg in jections. yup preg hormone.. they told him 6 months would maybe give a few sperm for IVF in Oct 2009 and they would have to add TESA... well in june 5 months before the ivf cycle started she fell pregnant.. they did a SA.. and it came back with normal numbers so they froze a vial in case the meds did not work in the future... you can ask your re for HCG injectiosn if they ever used them.. myself would rather try alternatives before gloing through IVF.. unfortuntly for me.. that is not a option.. your chart may be triastic.. keep checking for a few more days to see if it stays up n test.. KUP gl.

    oh and when they checked his sa again after stopping the meds. he had very low counts and low morph and then 2 months later o again.. so the hcg injections def work for men..

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