Just Turned 44 with Fibroids - Need Guidance

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  1. I have just turned 44 in June. I only started seeing an infertility doctor a month ago, too. Aside from my age, I have multiple fibroids (few large ones) that would make very difficult to carry my own baby. Local ob/gyn told me that he would not be able to remove my fibroids without removing the uterus due to location of the fibroids. The fertility doctor told me that the success rates of IVF for women 44 years-old using her own eggs is around 3~4%. I really want to have a baby with my own eggs with possibly using a surrogate mother - can someone provide me with any information (on good clinics, costs, etc)? I read on another site that Colorado Center for Reproductive Medicine is the best with success rates but the cost is high. Do you think it's worth the cost? I would need to travel far because I live in Hawaii.

  2. Hi gypari
    I am 40 and also have several fibroids close to uterine cavity. I did my first IVF 2 years ago localling in MN, and the RE then ordered a sonohystogram or something, I think it is also calle HSG or HCG.... cant remember. THis procedure is where they pump some water inside to see clearly where the fibroids are located. Did you already do this?
    2 yrs later, now, of course fibroids are still present, and I have no idea if they have moved or how dangerously closed they are in the cavity. I didnt do this HSG or HCG procedure again because of the high medical expense, but my current RE feels if they were not a problem before, they might not now.
    I have very high FSH at 24.4 and I am a very slow responder with DOR. I have consulted with SIRM-Vegas and CCRM from colorado. The latter is alot more expensive and will order a bunch of pre-testing which translate into more money. I chose SIRM for their reputation and they are one of the center who charges in the reasonable range and the REs offer FREE phone consults. They even have a website where patients and non-patients can pose questions and they will answer. www.haveababy.com
    Hope this helps some.....

  3. Hi garifalia!

    Thank you so much for your input. I'm still new at this whole thing at age 44, so I have A LOT to learn in a very short time. Feeling nervous, worried, stressed and desperate in search of what the best options are - I really appreciate you taking the time to write the message. I will definitely check out the clinic in Vegas you suggested. Free initial phone consultation would be very helpful for me, too. Thanks again!

  4. gypari.. I was told the same thing about my fibroids (that they could not remove them and still save my uterus).... I changed Drs, found a skilled RE who specializes in Fibroids and he told me that not being able to remove them was ridiculous... I had a myomectomy to remove them last summer at age 40....we are not 11w3d pg.

    Again....have further testing done.. you may or may not need to remove them.. Mine caused me quality of life issues, so they had to go regardless of if we wanted kids or not..

    They are very common...

  5. K... I had a myomectomy to remove 15 fibroids 3 years ago, and now I have 12 new small ones. I've seen 3 specialists, and they said not to remove them b/c I was fine to get pg. I don't know of any fibroids specialists in HI, but I know of 2 in CA... Dr. William Parker at UCLA Medical and Dr. Paul Indman in Bay Area. Fibroids is a specialty, and it is important to see a specialist when it comes to fertility. You don't want to wake up and have them say... \"Sorry... BUT...\"

    In regards to being 44 and ttc with IVF. 3-4% sounds right. I don't think CCRM will be able to give you better odds of success. Mother nature and age are going to be the key factors for that low success rate with your own eggs. Does it mean you can't get pg with IVF? NO... That's what the 3-4% is for... rare odds that you will. I guess the question you need to ask yourself is: How much resources (time, emotional, physical and financial) am I willing to throw at this in order to get pregnant with my own eggs? Take it from there...

    Donor egg - $20-30k
    GS - $50-75k (make sure your GS has health insurance that covers GS pg; otherwise cost will go up)

    Good luck with your decision.

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