Just Started Suppression, Retrieval Mid-Feb- Anyone want to cycle together?

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  1. Jeanine and Amelie, I am thinking of you guys! I hope that you are both home and enjoying your little bambinos! I saw the pics of Ella and she is precious! So much hair! I am going to check FB again, bc I must have missed Jeanine's pics. How is everything going? I want to hear how your labor and delivery when Ameilie, update us soon, I know that you are a very busy lady these days!

    1 1/2 weeks until I go back to work I am soooooo sad! I am going to miss Grayson so much!

  2. Amelie Ella is just so precious!

    ckvu Thank you! Michael looks exactly like DH. He is such a good baby. I can't believe how much I love him!

    We came home yesterday afternoon. The placed me on an oral antibiotic for a week. So far I feel pretty good.

    anmi and ckvu I know it must be so difficult having to go back to work. I really dread the day that I have to go back to work too.

  3. Jeannine - Michael is so cute, he has a lot of hair just like Ella. Really cute. They would make a cute little couple! LOL.

    Sorry for taking so long to give you guys so news. Everything is going well now. We have been home since Sunday night. Here is Ella's birth story.

    First contraction started on Thursday January 14th, 2010 at 11:30 am. I wasn’t sure if it was really a contraction or not so I waited to feel it again. It took about 30 minutes. They kept coming every 30 minutes, then 20 minutes and so on. At 9pm, we decided to go to the hospital which is 1 hour away. In the car, the contractions were more painful and closer together, 4-5 minutes apart. When we go to the hospital, I was only dilated at 2cm. Part of my bag of water broke a few minutes later. I go checked in my room and from there, I don’t remember much. I was in some much pain, I couldn’t handle it. I took a jetted bath, which helped a little with the contractions. I was trying to go without an epidural but I decided I needed it. I asked for the epidural at 1am on Friday, I was 4cm dilated. After getting the epidural, I felt so much better. I couldn’t feel the contractions at all. I did get nauseous and threw up a few times. My whole body was shaking the whole time, I couldn’t control it. I tried to sleep but the shaking was too much. I probably got an hour or two of sleep. My doctor broke the rest of my water bag, which had meconium in it. She told me that a team of doctor/nurses would be there at the birth just in case she swallowed some. It took until 10am on Friday to be completely dilated. I tried to push around 10:30 am but I couldn’t feel the contractions. My doctor recommended that we wait another hour for me to feel the pressure. At 11:30 am, I started pushing and I could feel the pressure and was able to push. It took about an hour and Ella Madeline was here at 12:37pm on Friday January 15th, 2010. 9 pounds, 21 ¾ inches. Unfortunatly, she had swallowed some meconium and they took her right away after birth, my DH couldn't even cut the cord. She had a hard time breathing at first but looked ok. I finally was able to kiss her and hold her for a few minutes. Finally, the doctors decided she needed to go under observation for 4 hours in the nursery to keep an eye on her. My husband went with her and I couldn't go because I couldn't walk. I stayed in the room by myself for over an hour without any news. It was so long. Finally my DH came to get me and I was able to feed her and hold her.

    Breastfeeding has been hard, I had to supplement with formula since Sunday but I think we are finally on the right track. She had a hard time with her latch and wasn't patient until my milk came in. I have to pump after every feeding to help my milk supply. She finally got the latch last night and today, it has been great. I am tired but I don't even care, I am so happy.

    Sorry for all of you who have to go back to work soon. I bet it is hard to think about.

    Ok, I have to go feed her.


  4. Amelie LOL!! They definitely would make a cute couple. Their kids would have the best hair!!!! Wow...what a birth story. I couldn't even imagine pushing out a 9 pound baby especially since you are on the smaller side. I know Ellla was worth it all!

    Michael is doing fabulous! He actually slept for 5 hours straight last night!!! We couldn't believe it. I just can't get over how much I love him and how precious he is. I can't keep my hands off of him. He had \"Belly time\" today and did pretty good. I am on the mend. My c-section seems to be healing well. The only pain I have is back pain. I really realized that I carried a ton of water weight especially in my legs before and after the birth. It's been only 9 days and I've alread lost 25 of the 40 poinds I gained. If been sweating and peeing a lot. It is nice to have ankles again...lol!

    Hope everyone else is doing well and especially all our little ones!

  5. Jeannine - Is breastfeeding going go for you? Ella is still not breastfeeding right. She has a hard time with the sucking. She sucks and stops all the time so she is not getting enough. I still have to pump every feeding, supplement with a feeding tube and a ruber nipple and sometime have to use formula and I have to feed her every 2-3 hours, no matter if she is sleeping or not. It has been hard but I really want to nurse her so I will do everything I can to make it work.

    Do you guys have any advice on breastfeeding for me?

    I do to have lost 23 of the 40 pounds I gained during pregnancy. I am wearing normal clothes again and it feels great. My stomach is almost gone. It is pretty amazing to see your body change so fast.

    Ella is one week old today.

  6. Amelie and Jeanine, isn't motherhood amazing!

    Amelie, I can't believe you guys live an hour from the hospital. Thank god you guys made it in time. I can't believe you pushed out a 9 lb. baby! Wow! You are amazing!

    Baby Ella will get BFing down, just give it some time. It took Grayson at least 5-6 weeks to become really efficient. You are doing a good job! How much are you pumping after feeding? How long are you letting her feed? Does she fall asleep at your breast or does she just keep delatching? Just be persistant, she will get it. Practice makes perfect!

    You girls are awesome! I can't believe you both have lost so much weight. I gained 25 lbs. and have lost 20 lbs. and Grayson is 11 weeks. I still have 5-6 lbs. to go. My belly is still there (shrinking but there). I can button my pants but I have a roll Boot camp is going well and I think I have lost some inches. They measure at the end so I will know. I am going to continue the boot camp until at least summer. They said that if I continue then I will be ready for a bikini this summer

  7. Amelie Michael will stop sucking too. The nurse told me to put my finger under his chin and wiggle it. She also said to press on my boob when he does that so milk will squirt into his mouth. I also make him re-latch when he doesn't get a good latch on the nipple. I also make sure he isn't too warm. I usually fed him with him just in a onesie. Practice makes perfect! We just need to keep on trying.

    Rebecca That is awesome that you only have 5 more pounds to go!!! I honestly am losing a ton of water weight that I carried. Literally I lost 10 pounds in just one day! I am not doing anything special. I can't wait to be able to go to the gym again a tone-up!

  8. Jeannine- I cant find the pictures of Michael on FB???

    Amelie- Hang in there with BF! It gets easier. I will post you all my tips when my DH is home tonight to watch the babies. I nursed my 2 year old till he was 13 months and now I am nursing the twins exclusively.

    Gotta go pick up DS from school!


  9. cara I didn't post any photos on FB. I sent the photos through Shutterfly through e-mail. If you want to send me your e-mail address with a private message on FB I can send you the photos.

  10. Jeaninne, He is absolutely gorgeous! So much hair! I can't even imagine, Grayson is sooo bald! You girls may have to get your babies hair cut before their first birthday . It looks like Grayson won't need his cut until he is at least two!

  11. Amelie & Jeanine - I totally agree! Ella & Michael would make SUCH a cute couple!! Hee hee!! How are ya'll 2 new mommies doing?! =))

    Amelie - I am amazed that your pushed out a 9 lb baby!! Ella is CUTIE PATOOTIE! So sorry u had to wait so long to hold her and feed her! and to be all alone w/ no info for an hr must have been miserable!

    why do you have to feed her via a feeding tube? BF'ing is so hard, esp in the beginning. Just hang in there, and don't give up. Will be totally worth it. Logan had a hard time latching also. I even went back to hospital to consult w/ Lactation nurse... so maybe u can do that? Since the hospital is so far... u might look into a local La Leche League in ur area? llli.org

    Here are things I did/do: watched BF'ing videos from on-line for tips on hold and latch. I was taught by the nurses to FIRMLY massage his collar bone when he fell asleep or stopped sucking. I also do the under chin wiggle. other things i do: massage his arms, hands, legs, feet & back, jiggle my boob while it's in his mouth to wake him up.. hahaah

    you guys are all doing so great w/ ur weight loss! I'm still trickling down... still like 10 lbs from my pre-preg weight. But I haven't really tried to lose any either... just started to take Logan out for daily adventures (mall & park walks) so hopefully that will help. But my mom is STUFFING me w/ food to \"make sure my milk stays plentiful\" so it's hard to lose the weight... esp coz i LOVE eating!! hee hee!

    I called into my boss today to ask her to extend me 2 more days of Leave of Absence... to return Wed 2/10 instead of Mon 2/8. I read and was told going back to work slowly on a Wed to make a shorter work week will help a little w/ the separation anxiety..... i wish i was 2 more months instead of days! =(

    Cara - u are SERIOUSLY amazing!! to be exclusively BF'ing twins??? I def want to know how you are doing it!!! (who knows, i might get twins my next round of IVF!! - not that I am going to cycle anytime soon... we're going to enjoy Logan for now)

  12. Catherine - I had to do the feeding tub to make sure she was getting enough to eat since she wasn't pooping/peeing enough so the lactation specialist told me she was not eating enough. I am all done with that, my milk came in and she is only getting the boob. I do need help with her latch because my nipple are cracked. It doesn't hurt while she is on there but they burn after I am done. I am working on improving her latch and my body position, I will look for some video online to help me.

    Things are going so much better since I am done with all the supplementation/pumping. I can sleep longer and I feel more rested. It was really hard to wake her up every 3 hours because at night, she was so tired and didn't even want to eat. Now that my milk supply is better, I can let her sleep until she needs to eat. Also, she is back to her birth weight as of yesterday so I am very happy about that.

    Everyone is amazed that I had such a big baby but it was not that bad to push her out. With the epidural, I didn't feel anything. I would have not be able to do without drugs but with the epidural, it was fine. I had a tear but it's not that bad. I am all better already. During labor, if my OB would have suggested a c-section, I would have said yes but now, I am really happy I didn't get one. I had no idea she was going to be this big/long. My ob told me after that she thought that I would have at least a 8lbs baby but she never said anything to me. I am glad I didn't know since it would have freaked me out.

    Jeannine - Did I read you already lost 32 pounds? I am still at 23-24 pounds lost. It does seam like a lot to loose all that in less than 2 weeks. Maybe that is why you feel so weak. I am feeling good, not weak at all, just tired.

    Thanks to all you girls for your BF support. It is hard but I wasn't going to give up and now, I am glad I keep with it.

    Amelie & Ella 12 days old

  13. Amelie I am glad things are going so much better with Ella. She is just so precious! Keep posting your photos! Yah...I lost 32 pounds within 12 days. It's crazy! I really think a lot was water weight since my ankles are now very visible. Towards the end of my pregnancy and right after Michael was born my calves, ankles and even my feet were so swollen.

    Rebecca I know! DH and I laugh that we are going to have to take Michael to DH hair stylist. He definitely has his Dad's thick hair that is full of colics!

    Things are going good! We had Michael's photo shoot today at our house. It went really well. Michael is now exhausted and sleeping!

  14. Glad to hear everyone is doing well! Amelie- lansinoh nipple ointment is great for cracked nipples.

    AFM- I have a blocked milk duct that is quite painful! I have been trying to pump while the nanny has been here to practice before going to work. Also, my poor baby has thrush- he's basically had it for several weeks and has already gone through 5 weeks of nystatin but it keeps coming back even though I've been sterilizing his pacis and bottle nipples. I am so aggravated by it!

    Going back to work Monday- dreading it.

  15. anmi- Is your doctor treating you for a breast yeast infection? If he keeps getting thrush then most likely you are transferring it to him by your breast when feeding, you both need to get on the medicine at the same time to fully get rid of it. At lest that is how it was when my oldest son got it. Sorry about the clogged duct, I know how painful that is, try to nurse more often to relieve some of the discomfort.

    Jeannine- He is so cute!! You look great too! Thanks for sending the pics to me!! Love the hair!!!!

    Amelie- use the nipple cream after she eats and let the nipples air out for a while after each feeding before you put your bra on, that should help with the cracking. Also they sell gel soothies you can use but those put you at an increased risk for a breast yeast infection so dont use them too ofter (but they feel so nice when nipples are sore) Also make sure that she is opening her mouth real wide before you bring her head to the nipple, you dont want to bring your breast to her because it makes for not as good of a latch. If you use your fingers to squeeze a little milk out then when you put it to her mouth she will taste/smell it and should open her mouth wide. if she starts to fall asleep while eating and then looses her latch there are a few things you can try. If you undress her down to a diaper to feed the stimulation of the skin to skin will help her be more intrested in eating and greater chances she stays awake. You cn tickle her feet or her head to \"startle\" her and wake her back up, but dont do her cheek because then she will try to root for your finger on her cheek and break te latch. Remember if she starts to fall off take the time to relatch her properly. If your problem is in when she finishes eating you need to make sure you put your finger in between her mouth and your nipple to break the seal before taking her off. When they are so little the football hold is the best to you for latching. You will know you have her positioned right if her head and eyes are looking straight up at you not towards your breast.
    Getting ir to your nipples helps lot. Hang in there it will get better soon and then you will be so happy breast feeding!

    Catherine- I think thatis a smart idea to go back in the middle of the week, it will be hard but then it feels like a short week. When I went back after I had my 2 year old I did the same thing!

    Emine---???? where are you? How are the girls?? I have been wondering if everything is ok and I would love to see pictures.

    Tracy- I saw on facebook you are sick, hope you feel better soon. When are you going to cycle again?


  16. Cara - Thanks for your advices. I am still working on the latch and will try all your tricks. Also, your kids are so cute, the twins are getting so big, they are precious. I admire you that you BF them both, that has to be really hard at first. At least you had BF before so I am sure it was a little easier than for a new mom.

    Heather - I was also thinking of you, wondering if you still come on here and read the boards. I would love to know how everything is going with the girls.

  17. I think we should move our board to the parenting board. What does everyone else think?

  18. I couldn't agree more, I will go and start the thread. See you guys there.

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