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  1. i just came home from a 2 day hospital stay where they placed a shrodikar cerclage. i lost twins in dec at 16 weeks when i pPROM when baby A sac broke. they said it was due to a sch but after going in for my cervical servalence check at 17 weeks on wed to see i was slightly thinning i think now they think it was due to IC. my cervix measures 2.31 naturally due to 2 cone biopsies so i wasnt surprised when they told me they got 2 measurments 2.31 and 1.81cm. 12 hours later i was having a shrodikar(sp).

    i am having slight spotting very light uterian irritibility. is this normal? how long will i feel like this? im on modified bedrest here on out...at the hospital i was on a contraction moniter for 2 days but no contraction. to b safe i am taking P-17 ahots once a week.

    anyone have any helpful stories for me????i hope this holds till at least 28 weeks. ughhhhhhhhhh. the dr said i didnt have much to work with but it went great. she said it came out better than expected

    my frozen baby girl

  2. The earlier you have a cerclage placed, the more likely you are to find success.

    I had my cerclage placed when I was 25w w/twins. It gained me 10 weeks.

    Two things aside from the cerclage that I think greatly helped my success: bedrest and tocolytics.

    I wish I could of added P17 to that list. But my original OB was clueless and by the time my MFM took over, it was too late.

  3. what is tocolytics?????? is that diff than the 17P?

  4. I'd be pretty damned pi$$ed if after 2 cone biopsies the first thing out of their mouth after your loss was not the same thing my OB said after my loss...NEXT PREGNANCY CERCLAGE! Period. No ifs, ands, or buts. Even if they suspect a subchorionic hematoma (they did with me too) the fact that you had 2 cone biopsies (I've had none and STIILL got a cerclage) should have MADE them devise a plan after the last loss to scheduled it. That way it could have been preventative at around 12/13ish weeks rather than emergent which is what you've had to have now at 17. However, I do hope that they caught it in time and that it buys you 10 more weeks like it did Pilatou. I also agree with Pilatou about the P17...they are the best thing since sliced bread. I've been on them since 15 weeks and I can tell the difference.

  5. I remember discussing your situation with you awhile back and thinking it was crazy that with your history and an already short cervix you weren't offered a cerclage earlier. The good news is that at 17 weeks and with your length it is still preventative and not emergent. I bet you will be surprised to find at your next CL u/s that with the Shirodkar your length will grow. I have a double McDonald so mine doesn't grow, but with the Shirodkar it is not uncommon for it to shoot up to over 4cm!

    I also started 17p injections around 16 weeks, and I think they've kept some irritability away. At 21 weeks I added Procardia (20mg every 6 hours) and that is keeping the regular contractions away.

    I also lost twins last year (21 weeks) and this time (twins again) I had a preventative cerclage placed at 13w5d. I am now 27w1d and doing great! Your goal of 28 weeks is a great goal, and everyday after that is gravy.

    Good luck, and don't forget to ask for routine swabs for infection.

    27w1d b/b twins

  6. yes i remember talking to you a while back. i pushed and pushed for the cerclage and i feel better i got it even though i feel like cr@p right now.

    i remember back a while a go playdium and some other girls gave me some great info and told me to push for the cerclage. i even saw a new dr. the good thing was my cervical check wasn't suppose to be for over a week and a half and i moved it up because i wanted to find out the gender early..hehe i am soooooooo glad i did so they could catch the prob.

    what does procardia do???? my dr mentioned starting steriods at some point in case i have to deliver early. ugh counting down till 28 weeks...

    my second 17p shot is tomorrow so i am hoping i feel a diff. if not i will call the dr on monmday about the irritibility. its a little scary..

    sara 27 weeks with twins is looking good. keep it up!!!!

  7. Procardia (brand name for nifedipine) is a tocolytic, which means it keeps contractions under control. I still have them (maybe 1-2 an hour, usually if my bladder is full) but they don't settle into a pattern and I don't have any pain or cramping with them. With two in there fighting for room, it is normal for me to have contractions as long as they're not changing my cervix (which they aren't). Procardia is actually a drug prescribed for chest pain, but what it does is relax the muscles in your uterus. It has a lot fewer side effects than some of the others (like Terbutaline for example). I had a headache for a couple of days while I was getting used to it, but now I don't notice anything.

    You should have been prescribed something short-term for the irritability after your cerclage. I had indocin for 24 hours afterwards, and then it really slowed down. If you are still experiencing a lot of irritiablity after say, a week, I would definitely push for a tocolytic.

    I have not been offered any steroid shots, but I do get a fetal fibronectin (FFN) test done every 2 weeks (started at 23 weeks). If it's negative, you have a 99% chance of NOT delivering in the next 2 weeks. If it's positive, you have about a 50% chance of delivering in the next 2 weeks. All of mine have been negative so far (with the last one being at 26w5d) but I'm guessing if I get a positive I would be offered the steroid shots. The tricky thing with those is they're only good for two weeks, so if you get them and don't deliver in the next two weeks, they really don't do much. So if you got them at 24 weeks and then didn't go into labor until 30 weeks you wouldn't have the benefits of the shots. Does that make sense?

  8. thanks sara im def gonna ment to my dr at my appt next saturday. i feel like when my bladder is full i have irritibility. when they monitered me at the hospital thay said it was irritibility . but they did ment steriods shots at one point. def gonna ask the dr. i just took my 17p shots so waiting to see if it helps. i am taking tylenol and it seems to help. i guess i have a lot to worry about i have been on bedrest the whole preg. a week at 6 weeks. a week at 9 weeks and since 14 1/2 weeks till the baby comes. i havent been back to work and i am a teacher and will take off the whole year!

  9. I am also a teacher and am taking the whole year off too. I'm not on any kind of bedrest, but I do spend most of my time lounging around on the couch. I was pretty strict about my "lounging" during the incompetent cervix "danger zone" of 20-24 weeks, but after my CL u/s at 24 weeks showed I still had a good length I decided to allow myself out of the house more often.

    I think the 17p helped at first, but as I got bigger I definitely needed more. I'm not about to stop it, though! I'm going to stay on it until 36 weeks, or until I'm in definite labor (whichever comes first).

    I was also prescribed some Tylenol with codeine to take for pain after the procedure, but I really didn't need it. I had a McDonald, though, and that one isn't as invasive as a Shirodkar. Oh, and I thought I developed a UTI afterwards (from having the foley catheter) but after seeing other people's reactions, I think it was just irritability. I took antibiotics just in case. So don't be alarmed if you start to feel like you have a UTI. It's best to be checked for one anyway because you never know.

    Are you on baby aspirin or any other blood thinners? I stopped mine about 3 days before my cerclage, and started up again about 3 days after. I totally freaked out when I started bleeding a little bit again about 4 days after the cerclage (it had previously stopped) and it wasn't until about a week later that I put two and two together and realized it was because I had started the baby aspirin again! DUH!

  10. no i am not on baby asprin or blood thinners i actually had 3 SCH this preg and they said if i were to take heparin or lovanex(sp) it would be bad. I also have only 1 factor of MTHFR!!

    they did say stay on modified till 24 weeks. i was wondering why they didnt say longer. i am just thinking that they will extend. i just to a medical leave till the spring and contacted short term disability to give me some money...

    the 17P shots seemed to help the cramping stopped.

    what grade do u teach? i teach Pre-K but in a abbott district its like a war zone. they wear uniforms because of all the gangs.ughhhh the only reason i like it is the money we get combat pay and the fact my kids get a 2 hour nap. thats time for me to get things done.

    i can't wait till sat to get a scan and see how my cerclage came out.

  11. I teach K-5 general music. My position is half-time, so my hours are only 12-4 M-F so I can be home with DS in the mornings. It was weird not going back this year, but so far I'm really enjoying not having to make lesson plans! Plus, I just don't think I'd be very good since I don't have the energy to dance or do movement--a big part of what I do in my classroom!

  12. yahhhhh to no lesson plans.. since i work in a abbot district it's state funded and they want to see working. i have to do a crazy amount of lesson plans cross refeneces the state expectations, with the district and departments. there are so many codes i have to add after each lesson it's crazy. they are hiring me a long term sub. prob so broad right out of collage hoping i never come back so she can steal my classroom.. hahahah thats how i got my job. heheheh unfortuntly i am goin back maybe just for June to close the classroom and get my benfits back up for the summer so i dont have to pay.

    i was in sooooo much pain yesterday and i am tryin not to take too much tylenol. fell slightly better today. since i had 2 cone biopisies and scar tissue on my cervix i dont thin that helped out either. this bedrest is gonna be a long haul. 10 weeks and 1 day to my personal preg goal of 28 weeks. ughhhh i am hoping on saturdays scan i will have some reassuring news...

  13. Hi I lost my first twins at 18+ weeks then had a McDonald with 2nd set of twins and delivered just short of 26 weeks. My last pregnancy with a singleton the did a shrodkar and I went to almost 37 weeks as well as doing Terbutaline and the P17 shots and uterine monitoring. I'd play it easy and plan on modified bedrest the rest of the pregnnacy until you are at least far past 32 weeks. I found the P17 shots helped alot to minimize contractions but also the terbutaline made a big difference also.

    Good luck. I think you probaby had yours early enough that you'll be okay. I think the Shrodkar is a much better cerclage than McDonald especially if you have cervical damage or previous losses. I almost went with a TAC last time but because it was my last pregnancy I wanted something that could be removed at pregnancy.


  14. lauren thanks for that great news its good to hear you made it to 37 weeks. . sorry to hear about you twins . i lost twins at 16 weeks in dec. 2 weeks before Christmas. i am hoping it holds. my cervix measured 2.31cm regularly and it went down to 1.8cm. my dr thinks even if i dialgte it should still hold. i hope she is right. i cant wait till sat scan to make sure all is ok. i am on modified by the dr.. but i have been treating it like strict. i am trying to keep this little one in as long as possible.

    9 weeks and 6 days till i hit viability of 28 weeks. but whose counting...

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