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  1. Hi everyone, I hope someone can help me with a big decision. I have twin boys now 2 along with 3 older boys from previous marriage. Due to age had twins via de. I love all my boys very much and they are my life but I would love to have a daughter. So my issue is I have 8 frosties left and cannot decide what to do with them. I'm 48 (soon 49) and have just paid the storage fees every year because I cannot make a decision on their fate. I went through so much after the birth of the twins, had bowels blow, major surgery to repair along with a year later hernia repair and tummy tuck. So I know my body has been through enough it's just hard to let the eggs go and my dream of having a daughter. I'm just having such a hard time and don't know what to do. Hubby will support my decision either way. I'm just so torn. Anyone out there in same boat?

  2. Do you know if any of the frozen are girls? if so then you already answered the question you said you wanted to have a girl. But i do understand that you went through a lot after having your boys. Do you or your doc think you would have the same issues if you were to have another baby?
    If not then go for your girl.

  3. Okay I am just going to throw options as you!
    (by the way congrats on your children!)
    1. you could go for it one more time with transfer (you could have another boy)
    2. You could look into adoption (though girls are in more demand I have heard)
    3. You could meet with a therapist who specializes in fertility, to weigh out your choices and all options
    I am wishing you peace as you go forward with your decision process!

  4. Thanks for the replies. No I don't know the sex of the eggs, Dr. says it will compromise the eggs, so I do know they are all good quality. I've talked to my OB and Surgeons and they all agree I could do it again. Might need another tummy tuck after but should not have any of the same issues since they took out about a foot of my bowels. So I'm good to go. And yes I could adopt, but as stated girls are taking longer to get and with those 8 eggs, should leave adoption to others with no options. So again, thanks for the input, I really appreciate it. I guess I just wish I was younger.

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