Just Bad Sperm? second m/c imminent... child ment

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  1. on the verge of second m/c...

    wondering the why question...
    i had 26 eggs at 42 (all 3 isci cycles had similar quantity, first cycle one DD)

    2nd fresh after h/b loss at 10 and
    3rd fresh cycle looks like 8 weeks (the embryo is 4mm and should be 6mm)

    DH has crappy sperm. poor morphology, motility and quantity
    first cycle he did accupuncture, didnt drink, took good care of himself.
    we had one that made it through, but nothing else to freeze.

    wondering what tests we can do if we want to identify what went wrong...
    the heart is fluttering inside me as i write, such an odd window of life and death to be witness and host to.
    hard not to get angry...
    im 42 and this may be the last time.

  2. hisham_W - I'm so sorry for your loss. I noticed no one had posted a reply so I just wanted to let you know my heart goes out to you. Firstly - I know it is hard to hope but I will hold out hope that this baby stays with you and the measurements are just crappy because it's early. Secondly - god forbid that you are actually going to miscarry - have them do a chromosomal test on the fetus. Which will require a D&C. Don't allow them to say no. They usually won't do it until the 3rd m/c but I fought back - even changed ob's. Sometimes your insurance will pay for it - have them check! It's worth it to know!

    Will keep my thoughts with you.

    mom to 2 angels.

  3. thanks for replying.
    this is my second m/c and they did a chromosomal test (or tried to) on the first one.
    im in canada so no charge for a test like that at childrens hospitals.
    no bleeding yet, but my whole body is changing, pants fit, i can lie on my tummy, bitchyness like pms... keeping a grain of hope but balancing out reality.
    ivf and labour makes us tough!!!!
    thanks for writing, im doing fine.
    (other than the flight response of wanting a completely new life escaping somewhere else!)

  4. Green mama- i am very sorry for your losses. Unfortunately it is probably the eggs versus the sperm that are rendering non-viable pregnancies. After age 35 the chance of having chromosomally abnormal embryo with implantation is 40-50%, and after 40 it is greater than 60% of embryo's are chromosomally abnormal. they can implant- but usually die, with only 1% making it to delivery. Honestly- if you consider doing more IVF, and haven't done PGD yet- you need to do it, that will tell you more likely the best embryo's to transfer. but even then- there are chromosomes not checked. If you only get a few good embryo's chances are most of them are abnormal. Yes- there may be one good one- but it so depends.


  5. thanks for replying with the cold hard facts...
    i m/c last night, 11.5 weeks, after a long wait from faint heartbeat u/s to letting my body release it naturally.
    will take it to childrens for chromosonal analysis
    at 42, and being with the same man for 20 years, i really wish someone would have mentioned that its useful to have your kids young, not just get an education and a career... and those downs stats would have been a wake up call too!
    sad, and needing to move on
    i dont think my heart can handle any more roller coaster IVF rides.
    women are tough, especially those that fish their embryos out of toilets!
    thanks for the information, really, it may stop me from trying again.
    and DH isnt into it anyway.
    grateful for one DD, age 5.

  6. Green mama- I am sorry- it really sucks and I am sorry u r going thru this again. I had a twin m/c last january just before 9 weeks - 2 heartbeats- and then they each died on different days. They blame it on chromosome issues- although we don't know for sure. I am only 34 with diminished ovarian reserve- I am supposed to be doing donor egg in january- but decided to do a last own egg while I waited for profiles. My chances for success were 13%, At the moment I am pg, but also very scared I will m/c again too. I feel for u dearly. It is unfair that those of us who should be having children can't and those that shouldn't and can't afford them do. Peace be with u. I am so sorry.

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