June 2009 Twins??

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  1. Roll Call
    Heila - Twin due date June 5
    jasmin - Twin Due date June 7
    claudia (Chris - 42) - DE/DS Expecting # 1 and 2 Twin Due Date June 10 - NT Scan complete
    kalanlars (Sarah) - Twin due date June 11 BOYS
    evpapa (Stephanie) - Expecting #2 and 3 Twin due date June 17 - waiting on follow up U/S for some possible problems with baby A
    giannadi (Erin) - Twin due date June 17
    safade - Twin due date June 21
    drberescs - Twin due date June 25 BOY and GIRL
    Olga_Barclay - Twin due date first week of July

    Regrets - I'm so sorry for those who lost one of their angels. Here's to extra love for the one who survived
    Gigi - Expecting # 3 - Due July 7
    Pollyne - Expecting #2 - Full Due Date July 5

  2. Hi Ladies!

    Hope everyone is doing well. I had a weird scare last night and dont know if anyone has had or heard of anything similar before...

    Because of large blood clot (several actually) have been on and off modified bed rest since week 6. Clot absorbing, and I've had minor spotting for past week - lightest its ever been.

    Yesterday it increased, but was much more watery and clear. I tried to relax and blew it off. I woke up around midnight gushing water like fluid - soaked through to the bed. I was scared to death, went to ER, had an U/S from both ER doc and OB on call, they also tested fluid and it was not amniotic fluid, checked cervix, etc - all fine. Both heartbeats good, and plenty of fluid around babies. I was released after about 4 hours and seeing my OB about it on Tuesday. Meantime, OB on call really couldnt give me any explanation of what this was or why it happened?

    Of course I'm just relieved all is fine... but am so confused as to what happened???

    15 w/5 d

  3. Cynthia - What a scare. I would have been freaking out. I'm so glad that everything is okay...

    Update on me... Yes, our Twin A definitely has CDH. We weren't suprised when they confirmed the diagnosis. Our next step is to go see the pediatric cardiologist to look at her heart and make sure it's functioning properly. We're debating on an Amnio. Just haven't made up our minds yet... Oh, and it's definitely two girls.

    I've created a blog that talks about our journey with CDH. Here's the link...


    I\'ll be 17 weeks on Wednesday. Oh, and I'm feeling little flutters. It almost feels like pulses. Especially after I eat and at night.


  4. Stephanie-
    I absolutely love your blog. You are handling everything with such bravery and grace. Your family is beautiful and I'm praying you have 2 more healthy additions soon. Hang in there!!!!

  5. Cynthia - Thanks so much. It's so fun to add to. It's definitely keeping me busy. I hope more people view it and eventually make comments. I only have one comment...

  6. Stephanie - your blog has been added to my daily blog read list. I know lot's of people read mine but few comment, although I get the odd email or comment from friends/family that tells me they are reading.

    Cynthia - I'm sorry for the scare. I have no idea what it could have been, but everything is pointing towards things being okay so thats great news. I'm glad the spotting is getting less too. Its so scary.

    AAM - nothing new to report. My anatomy scan is middle of next week. I'm still just seeing a general practitioner (family doctor). My first OB appointment isnt until the end of march (over 25 weeks!). I take that as a good sign that there are no expected problems/complications. I hope.

    Of for those who didnt know, or in case I never posted it, my blog is

  7. claudia - I'll definitely log onto yours and read/comment. Also, to answer your question, they are definitely in two separate sacs, you just can't see it on those particular pics. Also, they said that the membrane that's separating them is very thin, but strong. Isn't that neat??? I think so... I'm going to try to get some belly shots up there soon too! YIKES!

    Is everyone sleeping okay? I tend to fall asleep fast, but wake up around 3:30 and can't go back to sleep. Why is that??? Such a pain!

    Better get to work!


  8. Hi Everyone!

    Chris and Stephanie - Thank you for sharing your blogs! What a great way to keep family/friends in the loop of what is going on with your pregnancies. I have never been a blogger - I'm more of a private journal writer but I think it's fantastic.

    Stephanie - I am feeling flutters too... like little 'flits' now and then. Not enough for DH to feel, but enough that I can feel. It is so exciting isn't it?

    Chris - I checked out your belly pix and I'm thinking my belly is not 6-8 weeks ahead of where it should be.... Hmmm? Although my uterus is measuring in the 90th percentile (for a singleton) ... You're a week ahead of me so maybe this week I will truly pop right out??

    Cynthia - Oh, you must have been so scared! I would have though amniotic fluid as well... Maybe you had a fluid filled cyst or something near where the clot was and it burst? So strange. Let us know what your OB says today .. I am curious.

    Sarah - Congrats on the two boys. You are going to have your hands full!!

    AFM, I had my second prenantal appt yesterday. Similar to you Chris, I have gained 6 lbs since I started this journey, but only one lb in the last month. My uterus went from 15cm to 19.5cm in a month though so the babies are definitely growing. As my doctor said: \"If we didn't know you had twins in there, we would suspect something was up with these belly measurements .. wrong dates, multiple gestation, or something..\" So that made me feel good. Twin A's HB was 150 and Twin B's was 140. (we assume we picked up separate beats with the sono as they were on opposite sides of my abdomen) I did the triple screen bloodwork and have an u/s scheduled for Friday the 6th, where I'm really hoping they tell me if we're having boys/girls or both.

    Hope everyone else is well. I am waiting to find out sexes before I do anything with my nursery. I'll be doing lots of Craigslist posting and purchasing in the next little bit as I get rid of some of the 'singleton' stuff from my DS and start purchasing the necessitities for these twins. (i.e. mega-powerful breastpump, twin nursing pillow, crib divider, large cosleeper, double stroller with toddler seat, a van (ugh), etc etc.)

    Hope everyone else is doing great!

    17w exactly

  9. Hi All...

    Well, the mystery of the clear gushing fluid has been solved. My OB told me that when blood sits inside you for a long time (I had several old clots that had been in there for months), and is shaken back and forth repeatedly (from daily movement) it eventually loses nearly all its color. Because there were no clots left at my U/S yesterday, OB assumed it was the last of the blood coming out, but looked nearly clear. So bizarre.

    It sounds like everyone is doing well and hanging in there.. Crazy to think this is nearly half way over (or more) for us! So exciting that everyone is finding out what they are having, too. Knowing it was a boy/girl for us from the beginning has made planning a lot easier. I have been working on the Babies R Us registry, which is a mountain of a task, and also trying to look online for furniture, bedding, etc...

    Stephanie- so fun that you have felt the babies move! When did you first start noticing it? Do you notice it more when laying down? I dont think I have felt mine yet -but they are always very wiggly during U/S.

    Chris- Thanks for the pix - I have had my husband take them each week, but havent figured out how to put them up yet.

    Sarah - Wow - 2 boys will be nuts! I love hearing stories from friends with boys- they are non stop...

    Erin - Do you have a feeling if its boys/girls or both?

    One more quick question... Do any of you see a peri on a regular basis? My RE told me it wasnt necessary, as I just turned 34 and am not considered high risk. My OB hasn't mentioned it except for the 1st tri scans/tests that I did, and the next set of scans at 20 weeks. Thanks!

  10. drberescs - i'm glad they figured the fluid thing out. Must have been scary but it sounds good now.

    I went to my first parents of multiples meeting yesterday. I highly recommend you look for a group in your area. It was great. Lots of support and advance, plus, as a bonus, it was a swap meet. If I had a car, I could have even gotten a crib. But I did get some clothes and lots of lamaze baby toys, a play mat gym and the Fisher price crib aquarium thingy. There were 3 other twin pg ladies there, all of us spaced out between me (18w5d) and one at 30w. 2 were having b/b and one was having g/g. One of those was identical.

    I'll update the roll call soon. I have my regular doctor appointment later today and my anatomy scan on Wednesday.

    I can feel one of the babies moving quite regularly, the other one, not at all. I still use the fetal doppler a couple times a week (whenever I get one of those panic moments). I think I might have gained another pound or two, we'll find out what the doctor says today. I'm trying to eat more protien.

  11. Hi Everyone!

    Just thought I'd update with the results of my 18w ultrasound last week which was done at 18w3d.

    So we are expecting a boy for sure (Baby B), and Baby A was playing a bit shy for the camera but the tech gave us an 80% chance that it is a girl based on what she saw.. I say she was being demure and polite keeping her legs crossed ... like a proper lady! What do you think??

    I'm really thrilled with the possibility of one of each.. BUT it is still possible that Baby A is a boy so I can't rule out three boys just yet!! (with my DS)

    It was the craziest ultrasound though - Baby A was head down, and Baby B was head up ... they were literally kicking each other's heads through the membrane that separates them! Both were soooooo busy! Flailing and punching and kicking. It was like a war-zone in there! I'm certain they are going to come out bruised and battered!

    I had the u/s done at 18w3d .. and so Baby A measured 18w exactly and had a heartrate of 138. Baby B measured 18w3d (right on) and had a heartrate of 133.

    I'm starting to really pop and my belly feels like it is stretching alot!! I'm at one of those points in a pregnancy where I feel my tummy can't get any bigger .... but of course I know it will as I've still got 20 weeks to go!

    Hope you are all doing well. It's been quiet - would love to hear how everyone is feeling ...


  12. Stephanie - read your blog. it sounds better. I hope you're recovering from the amnio

    Erin - knowing at least one gender is great. next scan should confirm it. Sounds like they are doing well. Always great news

    How\'s everyone else doing?? I'd love to hear.

    AAM- I had my anatomy scan last week. All seems very well. I was a week early to get the gender results released (its a regulatory thing as there are is a high ethnic population in my city that will end female pregnancies if they find out early enough) so I'm having another one next week for that purpose. I'm still thinking B/G but we'll have to wait to know. Both are measuring very well. They would be in the top percentile with a singleton and are apparently at the very top for twin growth. Baby A has a HB around 142 and Baby B around 150.

  13. Hi All-

    We had some really devastating news at the doctor today. Baby boy barely has any amniotic fluid around him - it is apparently leaking into me. Baby girl is still doing fine.

    I am on strict bed rest, taking antibiotics to prevent infection (which is apparently the biggest risk at this point. If I do develop an infection, they will have to induce and we will have to start from scratch), taking my temp 3x a day, and seeing the peri once a week from here on out. If fluid can just stay how it is, peri thinks its enough to get baby boy's lungs developed, but if it goes down, there is zero chance he will survive.

    I am 18 weeks/3 days today and peri thinks if I can make it to 26 there is a chance I may be able to deliver both. Hope everyone else is doing well - sorry no personals - I'm just too sad and exhausted.

    Hugs to everyone! -Cynthia

  14. Cynthia - my thoughts are with you. It is scary but it sounds like you're in good hands. A strange question, is your boy a Baby A?

  15. Yes - boy is Baby A. How did you know? Is it more common for Baby A to have problems?? My DH was just telling me how peri was explaining how my large blood clot (now gone) could have had something to do with this. There was so much info being explained today, I think I missed half of it.

  16. I havent found any studies done on it, but during the journey, I've \"met\" lots of women and follow many blogs of women pg with twins. It seems that if there is a problem, its more likely with baby A. My baby A is smaller too, not by a lot right now, but has been since the start. I worry.

    I\'d also suggest finding some women/groups online who've been through p-prom before, preferably with twins. They'll have information for you that we can only guess at. Avoiding infection I know is the key so it may mean some changes for you in the coming weeks. Dont be afraid to tell anyone sick or recovering from something to stay away from you.

  17. Thank you, claudia. I've been able to do a lot of research on P-PROM and have been in touch with some other women who have been through similar situations. There are a lot of success stories out there - but just as many tragedies. I'm trying to think positive - we caught this early, I dont have an infection yet, and thankfully I live in a large city with good medical care. The peri I see is supposedly one of the best, and I talked to a few moms through the local twins group who swear he saved their kids lives. I will keep good thoughts for your Baby A, too.


  18. I'm having twin boys.

    While I would have loved one of each, I was actually happier with 2 boys than 2 girls. I'm certainly going to have my hands full!

    New 'pics' on my blog - it was a 3d scan because I didnt have it in me to wait for my next regular scan to find out genders. It was worth it.


    Any other updates? I'll update the rollcall.

  19. ugh! haven't been on in what feels like a lifetime.
    i am struggling with lower back pain as a result of hydronephrosis. supposedly, one of the babies is on my kidney, causing the ureter to be 'smushed' in a sense.

    anyone else have experience with this or know someone who does? the back pain is incredible.

  20. Chris - Congrats on the boys! That is very exciting and you WILL be a very busy mom... Are they pretty active right now? My boy is VERY busy (and so was my DS in utero) ... I think they need to wind up inside before they can let loose on the outside!!!! Very cool scan pix.

    ILMT - Sorry to hear that you are having trouble with one twin on a kidney. I have been really lucky so far and have not had any side-effects or complications. (knocking on wood as I say this.) Hope it resolves itself soon!

    Cynthia - Hope you and your twins are doing okay on bedrest. Are you going to get another u/s done to see how the amniotic levels are doing? Is there any chance the amount of fluid could increase? I am sending you big hugs and positive vibes to your babes. Keep us posted!

    We are headed to the Dominican Republic for a week on Monday as my sister is getting married down there... It will likely be the last REAL vacation for awhile so I'm going to soak up the sun and strut my buddha belly all around the beach.

    The babies both seem to be doing fine and my belly is now catching up to the where it should be. My belly measurement is now off of my doc's charts for a singleton so she is happy about that! I've gained 12 lbs now and babies are moving quite a bit, though Baby B is MUCH more active than Baby A.

    So ... we will catch you all when I return the first week of March! Belly pats to everyone!


  21. Good morning girls!

    So glad to get updates on everyone....

    Chris - Congrats on the boys~ what a handful and a blessing!

    Erin - Enjoy your vacation - oh, that sounds so fabulous right now!

    ILMT- Your back pain sounds horrible. I've never experienced back pain until pregnancy, and even then, mine has been mild...

    We went back to the peri last week and unfortunately Baby A's fluid has dropped below 3cm and is not regenerating. Our doctor doesn't seem optimistic about the outcome - but said he has seen \"ebbs and flows\" in levels before. I'm back on strict bed rest until our next appointment on Thursday. We can evaluate our options then - all of which sound very grim. Never expected to be in this position and cant imagine one of our babies w/o the other, but I'm trying to stay strong for Baby B - our girl - who is still healthy. Meantime, just trying to escape this hell I now live in by watching lots of bad TV, drinking tons of water, monitoring temp to watch for signs of infection and taking antibiotics to ward off infection. Will let you all know what happens after Thursday.

  22. Everyone still around?
    I read Stephanie's blog so am keeping up on the progress of her two girls.

    How about everyone else? I know there were some struggles.

    I developed GD and am on insulin. Not the end of the world. I have total placenta previa so will be delivering early (at 35 weeks) because there is too great of a risk of going into labor. Boys seem to be okay. Growing really well and fairly big. I've still not gained a ton of weight, up to 24lbs at 30 weeks now.


  23. I'm still here ... yes, it has been quiet hasn't it ... I guess we're all just too busy growing our bellies!

    I am now 29.5 weeks. I am doing great - I've gained about the same amount as you Chris, and no complications so far. We've found out that that Baby A is for sure a girl and we've known for some time that Baby B is a boy. Last u/s (about 3 weeks ago) they were both measuring over 2lbs and looking good. I have another OB appt. and u/s next week. Hoping both babes are still head down.

    Since I've decided to attempt a VBAC, I will be moving into Vancouver at 36 weeks to wait for labour to come on. They will not allow me to labour here - too risky if my c/s scar were to tear and not enough of a blood bank in my small town. So, we'll see if I make it to 36 weeks. I don't feel like anything is imminent. I'm having lots of Braxton Hicks, especially when I'm out being busy or walking ...... also getting some rib-pressure pain and lower back which I'm seeing an RMT for. Other than that - all is well.

    Looking forward to hearing everyone else's updates!!


  24. So BC Womens? I'm giving birth at St Pauls. I will be mobile by the time you deliver. Maybe I can swing by (maybe). Both boys were over 3lbs (estimated) 3 weeks ago at their last U/S so they are not going to be small.

    I'll be banking my own blood - just in case I need it. They can do it at BC Women's so you can check with your doctor to see if you want to just in case. May not work for the timing.

  25. Yes, BC Women's. Good idea to bank your own blood!! I'll ask about that...

    Sorry to hear about your GD and placenta previa .. at least you can plan around the 35 week mark. Have they chosen a day for your section?

    I will be in Vancouver at 36 weeks and looking for stuff to do (while I wait for labour) so maybe I could even pop in on you .. bring over a casserole or something?? Do you expect to be in the hospital for any length of time? I guess it depends how big the boys are at that point ..

    Hope you are keeping well. I hope everyone else is doing okay...


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