June 2009 Twins??

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  1. Roll Call
    claudia - (42) DE/DS Expecting # 1 and 2 Twin Due Date June 10 - NT Scan complete
    kalanlars - Twin due date June 11 (we're sorry for the loss of your third)
    jasmin - Twin Due date June 7
    evpapa - Expecting #2 and 3 Twin due date June 17
    safade - Twin due date June 21
    Olga_Barclay - Twin due date first week of July
    Heila - Twin due date June 5

    Regrets - I'm so sorry for those who lost one of their angels. Here's to extra love for the one who survived
    Gigi - Expecting # 3 - Due July 7
    Pollyne - Expecting #2 - Full Due Date July 5

  2. Wow claudia, thank you so much for making that list! It's great to see who all is on board with us so far! Well, we are about to head out to my dad's house for Christmas, but I did want to wish everyone a MERRY CHRISTMAS! I hope we are all feeling betternow now that we are starting to head out of the first trimester- yay!

    evpapa, I posted for you on the thread you started about NT scan/gender determination.

    I had another major bleeding episode this past Monday- get this, I had had TWO ultrasounds that day, one in the morning to check on the SCH (have been getting those done weekly at my OB's and it was still there but not any bigger), and then I had my NT scan in the afternoon (which I got great results from, so that was wonderful), and I drove home from the NT scan, got out of my car, and blood started GUSHING out. Ugh, it was so gross. I had to sit on the toilet for 15 minutes letting it just come out (sorry for TMI)! Of course called my dr. and she said go into the ER just to be sure, so then I had to go BACK to the hospital I had just left! Grr. But of course all I wanted to know was that the babies were ok, and thankfully they were, it is still this stupid SCH, but boy what a day. I had another u/s at the ER so that made 3 in one day! Does anyone else here feel like we should just cut a hole out of our stomach and put a piece of window in there?

    Soon we will all begin finding out the sexes and that will be so much fun!

    Again, Merry Christmas to all and I hope we can all check in soon!

  3. Hi Ladies-

    I am currently 11 weeks/3 days with twins - my singleton due date is July 15, so I guess that puts my twin due date around mid to late June.

    I have been too scared to post until now, as I have had 3 huge bleeding episodes, with blood gushing out and seeming like it will never stop. I have spent most of my 1st trimester on bed rest, and so far both twins growing perfectly with strong heart rates.

    So excited to join this group and be able to share joys/fears!

    PS - We did PGD testing - so knew that our twins were boy/girl before I even knew I was pregnant.

  4. Welcome kitcat! Glad you are joining us! That's really cool that you already know the genders of your twins- I bet it makes shopping a lot easier! I think I have every yellow baby clothing ever made and will be so excited when I can buy pink, blue, or both! I too have had 3 major bleeds so far, with the most recent being last Monday, and have spent about half of this trimester on bedrest too. It is so scary, isn't it? You'd think with all we go through to get pregnant we should somehow be exempt from bleeding and other scares! Well, I will be praying that both of us have no more bleeding episodes and can start enjoying our pregnancies!

    My in-laws are coming in for the weekend, should be here any minute so I should get going, but I hope everyone had a great Christmas!


  5. Welcome kitcat. I'll do a roll call update in a bit (I'm going to reorder by expected date too)

    Wow, I have 3 tiny (in comparison) spotting episodes. I couldnt imagine the stress of serious ones. The fetal doppler has been my saving grace. I've been checking 2-3 times a day since the last spotting. Luckily my two have different heartbeats and I can find both now. Its helped.

    Here\'s to hoping we have more relaxing second and third trimesters!

  6. Hi ... May I join?

    I too am due with twins ... July 7th is my EDD which would make the twins' arrival sometime around mid-June I'm thinking. How do you figure out your twin DD?

    This was my second ICSI cycle ... cycle #1 resulted in DS who is now 21 months. My last pregnancy was also a twin pregnancy, but I lost one of the twins around 8.5 weeks which was sad, but it was meant to be for whatever reason.

    Wow - I can't believe how much spotting everyone is having! I had one episode at 11 weeks but it was very faint. I had an u/s done that day to make sure all was well and both twins were thriving so that alleviated my worries!

    I am still feeling pretty queasy most of the time and although I am hungry often, no food seems appealing. This is so strange for me as I'm normally a huge eater and had no problems last pregnancy with feeling ill. How are you ladies feeling?? I just hope it improves soon as it's quite frustrating trying to figure out what I can 'stomach' for meals and snacks!!

    Great to meet up with you here. Will be fun to follow each other over the next 6 months or so!


  7. Hi ladies,

    I\'ve been slow to post my news, b/c I guess I'm having a hard time coming to terms with everything. I went for my NT screen this past Monday (seems like forever ago), and we learned that Twin A probably has what's called Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia, which means she has a hole in her diaphragm and all of her organs are floating up through that hole, and are eventually going to crowd her heart and lungs. By the time she's born, she won't be able to breathe any air into her lungs. There are surgical options, but we aren't looking into anything yet. They wanted to see us back in 3 weeks, when I'm 16 weeks, to confirm the diagnosis. And then, we'll explore our options. I'm a mess and just really really sad. Not sure what to think at this point. Sorry no personals today. Just trying to come to terms with all of this right now. Will post more later.

    Love to you all.

    evpapa (Stephanie)

  8. Welcome Erin.

    Stephanie - I'm so sorry about your scan. I really hope its not as bad as it sounds when they do the follow up scan. When I went to look it up, this site says its very common in the early months and usually resolves itself in the third trimester.
    That page and the other ones I checked said surgery after birth is an option for many.

  9. Roll Call
    Heila - Twin due date June 5
    jasmin - Twin Due date June 7
    claudia (Chris - 42) - DE/DS Expecting # 1 and 2 Twin Due Date June 10 - NT Scan complete
    kalanlars (Sarah) - Twin due date June 11 (we're sorry for the loss of your third)
    evpapa (Stephanie) - Expecting #2 and 3 Twin due date June 17 - waiting on follow up U/S for some possible problems with baby A
    giannadi (Erin) - Twin due date June 17
    safade - Twin due date June 21
    drberescs - Twin due date June 25 BOY and GIRL
    Olga_Barclay - Twin due date first week of July

    Regrets - I'm so sorry for those who lost one of their angels. Here's to extra love for the one who survived
    Gigi - Expecting # 3 - Due July 7
    Pollyne - Expecting #2 - Full Due Date July 5

  10. Stephanie, I am so sorry to hear your news, you must be so overwhelmed right now. I am glad that nothing has been confirmed yet and will hope and pray that things will look better at your 16 week u/s. Modern medicine is so incredible (just look at what we all went through to get pregnant) so in the event that your baby needs it, I know that doctors can do some pretty incredible stuff. I'm sure you just need time to process everything now but we are hear to listen and I will be praying for you, your DH, and most of all your little ones.

    Thanks again, claudia, for the roll call! I think it's great to have!

    Welcome, Erin! Glad you can join us! I think your twin due date is three weeks prior to your actual due date- 37 weeks instead of 40!

    Ladies, we will all start finding out what we are having in the next month or so! How exciting is that! Is anyone else having dreams about their pregnancy or babies? I have had several, some are good (like dreaming about the u/s when I find out the genders) but others freak me out- I had one a few nights ago where one of my twins was not growing and they didn't think it would make it. I know it's just a dream but it was still scary and of course makes me worry more! I'm sure it's just my fears jumping into my subconscious but all the same I wish I would not have bad dreams like that.

    Hope everyone is feeling good and enjoying the new year! Any u/s coming up? I have one next Tues- will be 14 weeks 5 days- probably still to early to see the sexes but you can bet I'm gonna ask! Have a great day!


  11. Stephanie - Just a quick note to let you know that I am thinking about you and can only imagine how tough this news is to hear - especially not being able to do anything about it for another 3 weeks.. I really feel for you.

    Chris\' link does seem quite hopeful though so try to stay positive. (Easier said than done, I know.) Remember that we are here for you in the meantime ...

    Thanks for the welcomes and the roll call is very helpful for a new member like me.

    Sarah - no dreams yet... I've been sleeping pretty hard and I'm not recalling a lot of my dreams for some reason. I know a lot of women have very vivid dreams during their pregnancies though - sounds like you could be one of those people!

    I am looking forward to finding out the sexes but unfortunately my local clinic will not tell us this information. We will have to seek private u/s in order to get that info! ugh! It has been speculated that the main reason they are not disclosing sex info anymore is because some cultures are aborting their female babies. .... Can you imagine? You would think they'd make an exception for an ICSI patient!?

    Chat more soon. Goodnight!


  12. Thank you all so much for your love and support.

    chris - that link IS helpful. Thank you so much.

    Sarah - When I first got pregnant, I had two twin dreams. So, it's like I almost knew I was having twins. Haven't had any gender dreams yet though.

    That\'s it for me... More later.


  13. Erin - I just noticed we both live in Vancouver! Which clinic are you at? Or is it just the one for scans? If I can't find out at the anatomy scan(or they wont tell me), then I'm planning to do one of the 3D ones anyway. I'm in the west end, work downtown. Have you considered joining the local twin group?

  14. Hi Chris,

    We did our ICSI through Genesis. I did my last cycle with them as well when we lived in White Rock. Then we moved to the Sunshine Coast a year ago and I never changed my profile location ... so... I am being followed by a maternity physician and an OB here on the Coast, and there is only one u/s machine at our local hospital. They will not disclose gender info here.

    My OB says he's going to try and hook me up with an ultrasound at BCWomen's where they will likely tell me gender if I wish. There's about a 75% chance that I will be deliverying there anyways - because of the twins - so I might as well get familiar with the place!

    Which clinic did you use? You live in a great part of town! Are you planning to take the full year off of work?

    I have seen the local twin website - but might try to join a Coast group for convenience. There are a surprising number of young twins over here! What I do need to find are some good forums on purchasing stuff for twins - specifically strollers and cribs (i.e. together or separate?) . I need testimonials on what people have done with infant twins and a walking toddler. too.

    Has anyone found any must-read books on how to develop schedules, bf'ing twins, sleeping arrangements, etc. etc. ? Would love to get some ideas if you've found some good resources.

    Time for a walk with the dog while DH and DS nap!


  15. Well, I went to the OB today and had another sono. We didn't tell the sono tech exactly what is wrong with one of the twins. We wanted to see if she could detect it on her own, and possibly not see what they saw almost 2 weeks ago. Well, she saw it right away. Bailey's stomach is right next to her heart. She saw her liver, but she couldn't tell if it was up or down. Then, we talked to my OB, and she said that the earlier babies are diagnosed with this, the worse the outcome is, b/c the baby's lungs and heart are crowded from early on, and just get crushed. We still don't know anything, except that she definitely has CDH. I'm crushed and sad. Just don't know what else to do right now, except cry. I still have hope, in fact, that's her middle name. Bailey Hope. Brooke, her sister is doing just fine and healthy as a horse.

    More later. Off to cry!


  16. Hi Ladies-

    Stephanie, I have had you in my thoughts and prayers. I can't imagine what you are going through. I believe in the power to heal, and the power of modern medicine - I know one will work for you. I also love your names.

    I had my NT screen today (I'm 13 weeks/3 days) -all fine, they confirmed boy/girl, as indicated by PGD, but still have 5 cm by 3cm clot that is now sitting over my cervix. Peri told me expect more bleeding, and to take it easy. I am back on the couch - where I have been for the past 7 weeks.

    I also had to start using a glucometer to test my blood 4x a day and following a gestational diabetes diet. I had impaired glucose tolerance pre-pregnancy, so my endocrinologist wants me to do this just to be safe. Took a while to get the hang of poking my finger (18 tries for 4 tests on day 1) - but its getting easier.

    Hope everyone is well and has a good weekend!


  17. hi everyone!! i hope you ladies are feeling well!
    i am 16 weeks, 1 day today and get to find out the sex in about 2 weeks! so excited!! they both better cooperate and show their \'goods!\'

    two weeks after that, i have my Level II. anyone have experience with the Level II?

  18. Stephanie - I'm sorry the news hasnt gotten better. I hope they can help.

    Cynthia - glad the n/t scan went well. i hope the clot resolves itself soon.

    AAM - My detailed anatomy scan is set for Feb 4th. No experience with it (yet). Things seem to be going mostly okay. I really show now. Since both babes measured ahead at both u/s so far, I'm not that surprised. My energy level for the most part is back, not to where it was when I was marathon training, but at least I dont fall asleep every couple of hours.

    How's everyone else doing?

  19. Hi Everyone!

    Stephanie - I am so sorry to hear your news .. It must be heartbreaking to hear. Crying is probably a good thing to do right now and then remember Bailey's middle name and try out some of that too. Big hugs.

    Cynthia - glad your NT went well. Have you been thinking of any names for your little boy and girl? You must be if you're spending that much time on the couch! I hope you can get off soon!

    Iluvmytv and Chris - Glad you are both doing well.

    Not much new with me... I too am starting to show quite a bit more - I am officially into the pg clothes, although a lot of the pants are still too roomy for me. I'm now 14.5weeks and just starting to feel better this week. I discovered those Vitamin B lollipops that have helped with the nausea but I also think my OB was correct in saying the 14 week mark may just be a turnaround point. Yay! I'm going to use this 2nd trimester to get all of my to-do list crossed off!

    I too used to run long races (including one marathon) but I've been so under the weather with this pregnancy that my athletic pursuits have been pretty much nil the last 3 months! I do a little bit of elliptical once in awhile, some walks, some yoga ... but sleep/rest has definitely been the priority.

    Hi to everyone else!


  20. Hi Ladies-

    I have a question... I am thoroughly confused about how much weight I am supposed to gain. I am 5'8 and started out a bit underweight (122 lbs). At 13w/4d I am up to 130. I'm sure its thanks to sitting around for 7 weeks instead of daily runs!

    I have a pretty specific diet from a nutritionist that I have been following, and she told me to gain \"about 40 or so lbs\". I started reading Dr. Luke's book today and now feel like I'm starving my babies, as she said by this point I should have gained 15 lbs. According to her book - I should be eating 3000 or so calories a day and gain 50 or so lbs? Am going back to my OB next week, so of course I will discuss with her then. In the meantime, any advice?
    PS - I am packing in as much food as I can - 3 meals/3 hearty snacks a day.

    Thanks for any help!

  21. Cynthia, like you, I gave up running. According to that book, I should have gained at least 16 pounds now and I've only gained 5. My doctor is totally happy with it. Its just a suggestion to gain weight early because the babies may come early. I think as long as they are growing on schedule, I wouldnt worry if you are following a nutritionist that knows you're carrying twins. You can always add more low fat, high vitamin foods (veggies) to make sure you get the nutrients.

  22. claudia - My babies are both measuring a full week ahead of me, the last u/s I had. I was 14 weeks and 1 day, and they were measuring 15 weeks and 1 day. Kind of neat.

    Thank you all for your kind words and encouragement. We go back in next Wednesday to confirm everything and start talking about our options. I'm ready to get this ball rolling. This waiting stinks.

    Anyone feeling any kicks yet? I'm just feeling light flutters, but nothing major yet.


  23. Hi Girls-

    Just checking in. Had OB appointment today - 14 w/3d - all good. Our girl is definitely the \"boss\" in there - today she was kicking her brother with both legs in the head throughout the U/S! Have not felt any movements yet...when can you usually start feeling them move?

    Stephanie - How are you doing? You have been in my nightly prayers....

  24. hey ladies. we find out in a couple of weeks what we're having. those of you that know, how are you doing your nurseries? colors, bedding? any pics?

  25. Hi ladies! It's been awhile since I have posted, things have been crazy- I am 16w 2d today and have been taken out of work (I am a teacher) due to this darn SCH that won't go away. I hope everyone is feeling good now that we are fully into our second trimester!

    Today we found out for 100% that we are having two boys! And by 100%, I mean 100%, it was almost as if they were trying to just flash us their goods! We are super excited, and boy was it fun to go buy blue things instead of just green or yellow! I can't wait to hear what everyone else is having! Is everyone finding out?

    Hope everyone is doing well!


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