Jogger Stroller for Twin Newborns

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  1. Hi you can see from my other thread i'm amidst trying to figure out what the best stuff to buy is...

    I loveeeeee to jogger strollers as I desperately look fwd to getting back in shape asap.....but I need one that turns into a full 'bed/carriage' for them so they could lay back and sleep (some of the joggers are only meamt for 9month olds and up so they dont convert into 'beds'). Any recommendations on a good jogger stroller that converts? (BRU didnt have it but i did find a schwinn online that did....just hate buying online without seeing it in person first)... do you all feel about the removeable carseat that fits right into a stroller? is that a must have???

    Any experienced Mommies here?? If so,,please chime in....

  2. I am not sure about the jogger, I would also love to find one for the younger babies too. However, I cannot find one in stock anywhere to try out.

    The removable car seats are a must have! I have 6 week old twins and the removable seats are great when the babies fall asleep in the car because you don't have to wake them up to bring them inside. We just leave them in their seats inside until they wake up.

    Good luck!

  3. Thx for the tip the removeable car seat a new invention or have i just not been paying attention??

    do you have a stroller that fits the car seats in as well?

  4. I haven't had my twins yet, but I've done a lot of research on this. My impression is that there really isn't one stroller that can meet all your needs. Most people seem to start out with the double Snap 'n Go, which is basically a frame for the car seats (I've seen it for as low as $79 at Walmart). But, not for jogging.

    There is a new stroller coming out in the fall by a UK company called Icandy - it's supposed to be very flexible with the ability to snap in car seats, regular seats, bassinets, etc. But, not sure if its for jogging.

    For jogging, people seem to love the BOB Revolution strollers, but, probably not for newborns.

  5. Check out the Bumbleride. It can hold two bassinets that are purchased separately from bumbleride if you want them or one car seat. It also can be used from day one as the seats fold back in the proper position for the newborns. I bought it and it is quality! JJ Cole has little bundle sacks you can use to put inside the sets to keep the babies warm while walking or jogging. It really is a nice and versatile stroller and the seats even have strap protectors to keep the straps form digging in to the babies and children's shoulders. Great for all ages. here is a great website to get 10 % off plus no tax and free shipping. They have tons of strollers on there including the bumbleride. Just enter the code to get the 10% off.

    Save 10% on your entire purchase when you shop online at! Use the coupon code SAVE10 at check out! Just Multiples - Where Shopping Begins for Triplets & Twins.

  6. KarinB- We have a basic \"Baby Trend Snap-N-Go\" stroller for everyday use..going to the grocery, shopping, walks in neighborhood etc. It is great for the first few months, very lightweight and the carseats easily snap into the frame. It is definitely not for rough terrain but it is great for everyday use. I would definitely recommend it, we bought ours from Babies R Us on sale for around $70...

    Hope this helps!

  7. We have a Chariot Cougar II and I love, love, love boys are 2.8 now and we still use it a bit, but not daily like we did from the very early stages.

    Chariot doesn't recommend actually running with a stroller until the child(ren) have head stability....but if you are on pavement, I would imagine you could run pretty early with it. They have two options for infants - a papoose like thing that you can remove with the infant so as not to wake them, and an infant sling. Our kids were born in December, way premature, so we didn't actually get out in the Chariot until Easter - and then only walking as we live on a dirt road among many dirt roads and trails. However, by springtime I was able to run with it with no problem.

    The Chariot has conversion kits too - we have used ours for XC skiing, as a stroller, a jogger and towed behind our bikes. It's downside is that it's not super well ventilated, so if you're in a hot climate, you might want to consider something else. It's also pretty expensive, but, IMO, worth every penny of sanity it has brought us!!!

    This is their website:

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