January 2009 cyclers!

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  1. Tink!

    Congrats!!!!! How exciting!! I can't wait to hear what your beta is!

  2. Thanks girls. Got my beta back 186 8dp6dt of 2 grade 1 already hatching and hatched blasts.

  3. Tink - CONGRATS on a very nice beta!!! I hope it more than doubles for you! keep us posted!!! I'm sure your angels are watching over you!

  4. Tink-Congrats on a super duper beta! What a wonderful Thanksgiving present!

  5. tink - any more updates? I'm hoping you got a strong doubling number!!

  6. Going through Beta Hell once again. But the numbers are much better than last time. 186-304-477 I have an u/s next monday 12/30 and then they have already scheduled one for the week after that too so they are not loosing hope this time! I think my fight with them with the twins proved that I was not giving up and they are pleased with how high the numbers are and that they are rising and even though they are not doubling in 48 hours they are for the most part with in that 72 hours window (67 hours for the 1st double and 74 hours for the second) compair that to the 300 something hours with the twins and we are feeling better about it all. No more beta's though as they are driving me dh and the RE nuts. We are all thinking now that I just have strange numbers and fall into the 10 or 20 % of women who don't have doubling beta's.

    I will keep you updated. Have a great THanksgiving.!!!!

  7. Tink - stay strong and stay positive...the #s are rising and are within the "window" for doubling...I wish it was more clear cut for you this cycle - and that you could finally relax and enjoy the moment 110% (ok, do any of us ever really get to do that - but it's nice to think it might be possible!)...I'm glad that they have you scheduled for your u/s and it will be a nice New Year's celebration for you and DH!

  8. hi everyone...Finally got a chance to get on here.

    Tink: congrats!! I'm so happy for you! Keep positive I'll be sending you prayers and lots of positive thoughts!!!

    I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving...I'm back to work on Monday so I'll have time to check in more often and catch up with all of you.

    Brianna today is 7 lbs 1 oz! She is doing good but we have major colic and reflux issues going on too. She is on pepcid 2 times a day and we do the gas drops with every feeding. but with her her formula is thickened to help her swallow so when she spits up it gets stuck in her nose and throat and she stops breathing and we need to suction it out with the bulb thing....pretty scary but we are getting used to it.

    talk to you all soon!


  9. Just wanted to keep you all updated... 1st u/s was yesterday 5w5d saw 2 yolk sac's doc said all looks perfect we go back next monday 6w5d and pray we see heartbeats

  10. Congrats Tink!!! I was dying to know what was going on and found you on another board and was very happy to read the news Congrats keep us updated!!!

  11. Tink-That is wonderful!

    Bri & Mel-So glad you all are doing so well! Brianna must seem like a little giant to you now!

  12. saw and heard 2 perfect heartbeats today!

  13. Yeah Tink so happy for you!

  14. sorry to be MIA gals -

    Tink - HOORAY!!! TWINS!!!! that's the best holiday present ever!!! congrats!!!

    Mel - that's wonderful news!!! getting SO big! I'm happy that she is doing so well!

    Hi's to e/e!! got to run - wee one crying...back to wk on MON!!

  15. Hi Girls

    Sorry I Have Not Updated Till Now. I Have Checked In Once In A While But Had No Time To Post.

    Tink - Congrats On The Twins. I'm So Happy For You.

    mariofreitas - Congrats To U Too. I'm So Happy For U.

    Mel - Brianna Sounds Like She's Getting Big. I'm So Happy To Hear That.

    angelave - Are U Going Back Right Before Xmas? Oh That Stinks. How Is John Doing? Is He Sleeping Thru Yet?

    Hi Pg - How R The Twins?

    My Twins Were Born On 10/23 @ 37 1/2 Wks. Alexis Weighted 7lbs 3oz. Connor 5lbs 4ozs. Both Did Great. They Are Now 8 Wks Old. Dh & I R Very Tired But Things R Good. I'm Nursing Them Both.

    Hope All Have A Nice Holiday.


  16. Congrats Dawn! So happy for you! Great birth weights for coming early too!!! Yes its exhausting!!! Brianna came home on 10/23/09

  17. Hey my sweet friends. just swinging in to wish all our January 2009 babies a very very Merry 1st Christmas!!!!!

  18. 10/23 was a great day it would seem!

    hoping everyone had a great holiday - I've been a bit distracted w/return to work and the holidays, so sorry for the absence yet again!

    here\'s to a wonderful 2010 for all!!

    hoping everyone is feeling well these days...

    tink - how r u doing?
    Dawn - gd for you BF'ing both babes! I hope they are on a similiar schedule or I'd imagine you r pretty much BF'ing around the clock!
    Mel - so happy you have Brianna home for the holidays!
    mariofreitas - how r you feeling?
    pg - any twin updates??

    got to run - still battling the thrush...doesn't really seem to be responding well to the nystatin...ick...

  19. Hi girls! Happy New Year!

  20. Hey girls! Happy new year. Year started off sucking, we had to put our very old dog Cricket to sleep new years day. He was in really bad shape and just couldn't go on his own. It was really sad and we miss him alot. Things turned around today though we got to see the babies both super great. both measuring on target and both great heartbeats. Baby A was high 170's and Baby B was low 180's. We are thrilled. I am 11weeks today.

  21. tink - I'm so sorry about your furbaby...I dread thinking about the day when something happens to one of ours... but to bring some light to a sad note - I'm super happy for you that you are almost out of the first trimester and the babies are looking wonderful!!! hope you are feeling good too!

    I\'ve started taking 1/2 days on Fridays - which is turning out to be a great thing - amazing what half a day back at home does I'll probably only be able to do it financially for about 2 months...wish I would win the lottery and become a stay at home mom!!!

    hugs to all our ladies!

  22. thanks girls! Its been hard and very sad but we are moving forward. Blessed news is that I am 12 weeks today! GOOD BYE SCARY 1st TRIMESTER!

  23. tink - how are you doing?!

    sorry I'm remiss - I hate to be one that disappears now that I'm "on the other side" so to speak - but quite honestly, I don't know where the time goes!!!!

    I think of you all often - esp as it was a year ago yesterday for our donor's ER!

    hugs to everyone!

  24. Hi Girls

    Tink - congrats on making it thru your first trimester. So sorry about your pet.

    angelave - How is John doing these days? Can you believe it was a year ago yesterday that your DE had her ER? I remember you and me trying to find our DEs and both us losing several before we finally found the ones that worked. I guess that's they way it was suppose to be! My Anniversary will be on Valentines day.

    The twins are 14 weeks today! Time if flying. They are so cute now as they are smiling and laughing and their personalities are coming out. I'm still tired but they are doing better at the sleeping thing. Can't wait until they make it thru the night.

    Hope everyone else is doing good.


  25. Hey girls. Never think you have to be sorry for being busy. Remember this is not my first time at the rodeo lol I have an 8yo. I remember very well that first 6 months. I am glad you both had an extra second to post updates though. Things are well here, I will be 15 weeks on Tuesday, I can feel them moving a little and thats awsome. I have a dear sweet friend who had trips last year and just gave me a HUGE HUGE bag of the nicest maternity clothes. most for spring and summer but thats when I will need them the most. so far surviving in running pants and maternity t's and jeans un buttoned but I got a bellaband yesterday so woohoo. No weightgain yet and no one but me seems concerned but I started out overweight so they have all they could ever need and my OB said she has had mom's not gain anything til 22 weeks and not to worry they are doing just fine

    Glad to hear everyone is doing well! I think of you all so often. I am so glad your dreams came true!

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