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  1. Hey girls hows this????

  2. I found you already!!!

  3. woohoo!

    Ok how are you feeling? I am so tired but other than that and some pulling and tugging pretty darn good. I have been reading anything and everything I can get to about twin pregnancys and the one thing that seems to stay the same is weight gain. 24 lbs in the first 24 weeks! OMG! I mean of coarse I will do anything to get these babies here healthy but holy cow. That will be a change. I work with a trainer and nutritionist to get the weight off and we are talking now about DOUBLING my caloric intake! I had trouble eating all the good for me foods before and I know I want to keep going with the good foods. I mean sure I could eat a cheeseburger and fries daily and get that weight on but that wouldn't be good for any of us so she suggested a lot of fruit smoothies and such and I thought I would pass out when she said if I was out running around a good thing in a pinch are mcdonalds milkshakes because they are made with yogurt so they are low in fat but still have the calories but Frostys are a HUGE nono because they are made with LARD! No wonder they are so good LOL!

    So tell me how you are???

  4. I'm good not feeling much except very tired still. I have some pulling and tugging that has taken my breath away and they told me yesterday that its round ligament pain from the uterus stretching...other than that I feel pretty normal.

  5. just checking in -thanks for starting the new thread!

    I\'ll post more later - got to finish getting ready for work but just wanted to let you know I found you too!

  6. Welcome angelave!

  7. I am going to give the chart thing a shot but I hope someone else will want to do it hehe.

    • anabela- identical twins- heartbeats seen 3/30/09- next appointment 4/7/09



    ok I need info to fill in the charts. Let me know what you want to include.

  8. tink - you are too funny...hmmm...lol

    let's see....and we can add b/g into the mix later, as people find out...

    anabela: indentical twins, DD 11/09, hb seen 3/30, next appt: 4/7
    angelave: singleton, DD 10/21/09, next appt: 4/6 - NT screening

  9. What is the NT screening? I don't remember doing that with my dd.

  10. Hey girls!

    fun, fun. Tink, I'm so glad you started this b/c the Oct dd boards were a little overwhelming for me since there's so many ppl - this is already a group of friends!

    angelave ~ hehe, you are inheriting the chartkeeper job from yourself on the other side. THank you!! Here's my info: stournaras: singleton, DD 10/10/09, next appt: 4/9, big u/s: 5/28.

    I added in a big u/s date since that's a big one! My OB makes all the appts for your pg after your 1st visit and mails it to you -- it is so crazy to see all these appts for the duration of the pregnancy!

    Tink ~ holy cow, doubling your intake does sound very hard but you hear a lot about how that's the way to ensure twins grow well esp in case they come early by any chance. i bet at some point your appetite will go way up, but in the 1st tri there are quite a few days where you just don't feel like eating that much! are you having nausea or m/s??

    Mel ~ I am the EXACT same as you - tiredness (which was crazy bad a few weeks ago and now a bit better. But still if I don't get enough sleep one night i definitely "feel it" the next day) and that sharp uterus pulling/stretching/cramping feeling. Especially if i move quickly or stretch wierdly.

    I am starting a pre-natal yoga class on Wednesday which I can't wait for but I'm wondering if it's going to set off some round ligament pains :| That would be embarrasing - to not make it through yoga

    I'm so excited to go through this process w/ y\'all!!


  11. Tink ~ I just had my NT screening last week. It's a test consisting of an u/s and blood test. The results tell you what the baby's likelihood of having Downs or Trisomy 13/18 is. Unlike an amnio or CVS, it doesn't actually tell you that any abnormaility is there or not, just measures a few different things and tells you your risk. Based on that result, a patient can decide to then have amnio or CVS.

    The u/s measures the amount of fluid by the baby's neck and has to be done btwn weeks 11-13.6. And then they take your blood and measure it for a few different horomones that are secreted by the placenta, and they take the maternal age and based on all three come up with a 1 in ____ chance for Downs or one of the other trisomies.

    W/ donor egg, your chances should hopefully be small. It is one of those things, if our results were high or borderline, we knew we were not going to terminate and probably not even do amnio or cvs just b/c of the risk of miscarriage.

    The good thing is that it's non-invasive, so no risk of miscarriage. And it gives you another chance to see the baby and at 12.5 weeks, our baby REALLY looked like a baby this time, which was very cool! Apparently if you have the blood and u/s done at 11-13 weeks w/ the NT screening, the accuracy rate is 90%, and if you ALSO have a triple or quad scan (another blood test at i think 16-18 weeks?) then your accuracy rate goes up to 95%. But some women also still think this is too high a false positive rate and don't want to go through the possible worry for nothing.

    It's a relatively new test, so I think it's only routinely been offered for the past 4-5 years at the most? The doc or tech has to be certified in doing the NT scan measurements so not just anyone can give the test. There are probably areas (small cities or rural areas maybe) where it's not offered.

    Our donor was 31 so not that young as far as the donor world. So we just kinda wanted to be sure. Luckily our risk for DS came back at 1/4000 (average for a 31 yr old is 1/600 and for the other trisomies was 1/6000.

    Did anyone else opt to have the NT screening done? It seems like everyone I know around here is getting it done, even early thirty fertiles etc.


  12. i actually had my NT screen today - and I agree - very cool to see the baby today! I almost got a chance to return in a week, because my uterus and the baby were not cooperating so to speak - my uterus is tipped back, and in theory, with the pg, it should tip forward, but it would appear it hasn't quite done that yet - I was going in thinking happy thoughts of my first abdominal u/s today - but no matter how hard they pressed (and it was quite hard) they couldn't get a very good picture - so they had to change back to transvag - but the prob with that technique is that they can only really see the baby from one direction, and the baby was facing the camera so to speak - and they need the baby to be in 'profile'...so it was a LOT of pressing, poking, twisting, etc...until finally, just as they were getting ready to give up and let me come back next week(because that just would have been SO terrible *lots of sarcasm*) the MD was able to get a reading...and everything looked ok - now we wait for the labs portion for the full results and we should have those at the end of the week...the u/s read A-ok, no need to be concerned so far...

    and dolce - my donor was 39 - so your's was a youngin' in comparison lol and DH and I are pretty much on the same page - that even if the screen comes back with a high percentage - it's unlikely we'll go ahead with an amnio or CVS as well - worked to hard to get here and we're going to love the baby no matter what - but I know it's a hard and personal decision...

    tink - good luck at your appt tomorrow!!

    it will be nice to cont to add as we go!

    anabela: indentical twins, DD 11/09, hb seen 3/30, next appt: 4/7
    angelave: singleton, DD 10/21/09, next appt: 4/27; level II u/s 5/21

    stournaras: singleton, DD 10/10/09, next appt: 4/9, big u/s: 5/28

  13. Oh ok thanks for the info. our donor was 31 as well but this is going to have to be something we think long and hard about. I won't do an Amnio any other test that would risk M/C so why have this test done? For us being pregnant with identical twins we will most likely be getting u/s done biweekly anyway.

    I can't wait to meet our new doctor and hopefull find out if the twins are sharing a sac (or bubble as my sister calls it) or each have their own. Please say a prayer that they are each in their own.

  14. Here's my info:

    singleton c-section date 10/22 next us with RE 4/8 and next OB appt 4/29

    As for me we are not doing the NT scan and bloodwork....my donor was 26 and I'm 30 and DH and I decided no matter what the result was there was no way we would do an amnio anyhow so my OB listened and agreed our chances are very slim due to my age and hers and if we were going to do nothing anyhow even if there was an indication of a problem than its not worth it......I'm not doing the other screening either done at 16/18 weeks the bloodwork I will still have the anatomy scan done but not the screening.

    I cant wait for my ultrasound tomorrow

  15. Hi Girls!

    Found you.

    I don't have time to post but I wanted to see where we were all going. I will post later.

    angelave - can you add me to the chart. I guess my DD is now 11/9, instead of 11/6. But I will have a c-section at least 2 weeks earlier in Oct sometime.


  16. Tink ~ very good point. if i wasn't faced w/ the probability of not seeing my little one til 20 weeks like i was, i may also have not done it. so great that you will be monitored so closely. like angelave said, it's a very personal decision re. the screening.

    Mel ~ good luck tomorrow!

    angelave ~ nice that they finally figured out the u/s and made it work, and even better that baby is looking great!

    Hi Klondy!

    Are you girls planning on finding out the gender(s) or waiting til the birth? I am waaay to impatient to not find out, and I definitely feel like there will be PLENTY of surprises at the delivery aside from the gender so we plan to find out. For some crazy reason the past few days, I've been thinking girl -- where that feeling came from, G-d only knows!?! of course, we'd be ecstatic with either. People have actually asked me what I'm "hoping" for and it's just crazy to me. There's just no way to explain how freaking long i've waited to even be pg!


  17. Mel - I hope your u/s goes smoothly tomorrow- and that you get a great pic of the baby!

    Dolce - We are definitely finding out if it's a b/g...most in my fam (including DH) are hoping for a girl, but I keep feeling boy...oh well, it will be a nice belated anniv gift to find out - our 5yr anniv is just before our u/s

    Dawn - glad you made it over!

    tink - how did it go today?!?!?!?! I hope everything was perfect!!!!!!

    stournaras: singleton, DD 10/10/09, next appt: 4/9, big u/s: 5/28
    angelave: singleton, DD 10/21/09, next appt: 4/27; level II u/s 5/21
    FERAH:singleton, c-section date 10/22, next u/s with RE 4/8, next OB appt 4/29
    klondykekat: twins, DD 11/9/09 (but C-section by mid-Oct)
    anabela: identical twins, DD 11/09, next appt 5/5

  18. Hey girls! Glad our board is moving right along. Can't wait for mariofreitas to join us tomorrow! Appointment was stressful because it took 2 1/2 hours and we had to scramble to find someone to pick dd up from school. most of that time was spent waiting. Had our u/s done and saw both babies. Baby a measuring in at 8w0d baby B 7w3d. He was not concerned at all. This new doctor said it was far to early to see if they had their own sac's and that everything was beautiful and they are growing nicely and both have good heartbeats. I am so stinkin tired now so I will be going to lay down in a second. Next appointment with High Risk is May 5th where we will get another u/s but I need to call my OB tomorrow to see if she needs to see me between now and then.

  19. tink - that's great! I'm glad those babies are doing so well!!!! I'm so happy for you - I hope you got in a well deserved rest!

  20. Tink ~ nice job mama! your babies sound great. i was SO tired all the time at 7-8 weeks, you must be doubly so, not to mention DD too. rest up as much as possible!

    Mel ~ good luck tomorrow!


  21. ok freaking out need reassurance. Had a vag u/s yesterday then last night when I did my vag sup of progesterone the very tip of the aplicator had some brown discharge on it when I was done.(sorry tmi) then this morning just a very very light spot on the tp when I went potty. Both babies were doing great yesterday afternoon. I am so scared. Oh and the spot on the TP was brown.

  22. Tink I'm sure it was nothing and just because of the ultrasound...that happened to angelave too. Try to rest today if you can and keep yourself relaxed but call your dr if you are worried just so they can assure you its ok.

    thanks everyone my us isn't until 1:30pm today and I'm already going crazy..just want to see the little guy and know he/she is ok. We are finding out the gender as soon as we can...DH and I are feeling its a boy but everyone in the family says girl so who knows...either way as long as its a baby and healthy I'm happy!

  23. Ok, so I know I don't have to put BFP mentioned on a pregnancy thread, but I just had to do it bc it's my very first time ever so I am gloating!!!

    SO, the news is in and I am PG! I just got my call from my nurse at 3:30 and I am still in total and utter shock, no other way to express it!

    I had been so down in the dumps all day crying thinking it didn't work, and what our next steps would be, and how angry I was, etc...crazy!

    My nurse was very happy with all of my numbers:
    progesterone -51

    How do these sound to you all? I found the beta board and that link and it said that at 14dpo (which I think I am-9dp5dt), 100 is the average beta for a singleton, so I guess I'm on par. I go back on Friday AM and then again next Friday and U/S at 7 weeks.

    Question-is there a chart that shows you how far along you are in weeks and days? I have no idea what I am!

    Thank you everyone for your support, I can't believe I made it to this thread!!!!!!!!!!

  24. mariofreitas I knew it I'm so excited for you!!!!!! Your numbers are great!!! So happy for you!

  25. Hello Ladies,

    Glad I found the post and I am still awake (amazing!!!), because by now I would be sleeping on the sofa. LOL!!! Thanks for starting the thread, it is a great idea. When I get dd info, I'll let you know because I'd like to be added to the list. Wish I could have been on the other. Oh well, I didn't know and I was late getting in on the thread.

    Good night,

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