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  1. Hi Everybody!!

    sorry it's been so long since i've posted. work has just been nuts for me.. and I don't have/make much time to get on-line at night...

    gosh! Everbody's babies are soooooooooooo super cute!!! and they are all growing so big & fast!!!!! Ella and Michael are the \"babies\" of the group and I think they are bigger than most/all our other babies! LOL!!! at Logan's 4mos check up, he was 14.7lbs

    Logan and I are doing great! He's such a great baby... very \"chill\" everybody always comments about 1) all his hair and 2) how chill he always is! rarely ever fusses! Likes to face outwards when we hold him and just people watch! He's 85% of the time sleeping through the night too! 10pm-about 5-6am. 5-5:30 works best for me on weekdays so I can get him ready and over to grandmas, since I have to be at work by 7:30.

    Rebecca - I am like you.. and want to wait a bit before giving him cereal. But my mom is really pressing for it.. so I will compromise and think i will start him at 5months (just around the corner!)l I also wanted to let u know that I have had a couple of leaky Lansinoh bags too! ahhaah... i read on-line that they are very sensitive and tear easily if they are roughed up while being crammed/organized.

    How is everybody and breastfeeding/pumping? It's amazing how all that pain and anguish from those first 6-8wks is like almost completely gone now! I am still going strong... maybe a bit too strong, coz i'm running out of space in my freezer compartment! =\\ My other problem is... we (Logan & I) are both so uncomfortable nursing when i'm not at home and have my \"brest friend\" to help support.. he never eats for long and unlatches often. =(

    anmi - I have taken Logan on 3 road trips so far... but they were only 3 and 4 hr drives (Dallas to Austin & Houston)... So i'm not so sure how great my advice will be...... but... i try to nurse immediately before the initial car ride... he will sleep most of the way. be sure to sit in the back seat w/ him so that when he wakes you can entertain/distract him (sing, make funny faces, tickle.. whatever it takes, i have rattles and toys too). but at times.. u will def just have to pull over and let out of the car seat to stretch (Logan does not like his car seat when he's not asleep in it). Will your dogs be in crates on the trip? I always crate mine, and she just sleeps through the entire trip... so she is never a problem to travel with..... you will have to let us know how it goes! Good luck!

    Logan will take his first plane ride in May.. and i'm NERVOUS! it will just be the 2 of us. We are going to Ohio to visit my BFF.

    Are any babies showing signs of teething/cutting teeth yet? I think Logan might be teething..... he's suuuper drooly and always has his hands in his mouth....

    HAPPY EASTER everybody!!!!

  2. Rebecca Grayson is a big boy too! That is great that he is so easy going. I totally understand what you mean about just feeding them inxstead of letting them cry it out. I do exactly what you do. Did Grayson eventually have a poopy? Michael won't be on solids for awhile although he already looks like he is...lol! Did you start cereal with Grayson yet? I'm thinking Michael will start that towards the end of May.

    anmi How is the rice cereal going? Also, let me know how how he does with the half breast milk half formula. I am having a hard time stroing breast milk and may need to do the half and half thing once in a while. Sorry...I have no suggestions on the road trip.....yet. Let me know how it goes. We will be going on a long road trip in July. I would love to hear what you learned from your road trip with a baby. Where are you traveling to?

    Amelie That is great that Ella liked her first plane ride. She sounds like a really good baby. Good luck going back to work on Monday. It sounds like you have a great schedule.

    Catherine I am glad Logan is doing so well. That is great he is so laid back. Good luck with the plane ride in May. I live in Ohio...where are you traveling to?

    Michael is doing so well. He is a very easy baby too. He is sleeping through the night. I actually wake him up in the morning to feed him and then he goes back down for a couple more hours. This gives me time to shower and get things ready for our day. He eats every 2 1/2-3/12 hours during the day. His last feeding is around 10:00 pm and then the next feeding is around 7:00 am. Does it seem like he is eating a lot or a little? I am having the worse time storing up breast milk. I pump in the morning about 90 minutes after his morning feeding and the most I get is 3 ounces. Well that isn't enough for one bottle. Michael is eating 5-6 ounces when I do give him a breast milk bottle. It can take me 2-3 days of pumping to make just one bottle. I get so frustrated evertime I pump. I am drinking a ton of water plus taking an herbal supplement to increase my supply. I feel like I make enough milk for Michael but not enough to have some extra. Any suggestions?

    Happy Easter everyone! Let's all enjoy our babies!

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