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  1. Hi girls! Glad to see all the new mommy's are hanging in there. You would think since I've been a mom for 19 years that I would know what I was doing but boy have things changed it's been 15 years since I cared for a baby.

    Henry keeps me very busy but I love every second of it!!!!!! He is doing so well!!!!! His PT came yesterday and said he was pretty much caught up and passed his corrected age. He will be 7 months old next week on the 24th and he is over 14 pounds now, piggy boy.

    We signed up with early steps when he came home, they have been a great help to us.

    I am still BF but more of a snack ,not much there anymore but he still gets a little something everyday. I, we have done a great job so far by keeping him well. We wash are hands like crazy before touching him or anything he may touch. some people get upset when I move him away from them or tell them to wash up first but I don't care. It's amazing the people who say they care can touch my baby with dirty hands. Yes, I am a crazzzzzy person when it comes to Henry...

    He is off oxygen at night now as of this past Monday!!!! YAY\" It was a pain putting that on him and taking it off.

    He is still sleeping in my bed ( in his safe bed) I can't help it girls I am so use to having him right here by me. I guess I will soon have to move him to his crib because he is growing out of his safe bed



  2. Rebecca I use the Medela storage bags and haven't had a problem. How is Grayson doing?

    Catherine How are you doing being back at work? How did Logan adjust?

    That is awesome that Henry is off of the oxygen...YAY! He has really come along way....amazing!

    Amelie Cute picture of Ella on FB!

    anmi How are things going? In the beginning it was hard to keep Michale asleep for the pictures. I was so glad we had the pictures taken at home. It made things so much easier. By the end, Michael was so tired so he slept so well.

    Cara How are you doing?

    AFM Michael is just so precious! He is such a good baby. He only gets up once during the night to eat and he really doesn't fuss much at all. Boy...does he love to eat. He is already 12 pounds and wearing size 3-6 months clothes. He will only be 6 weeks on Wednesday!

  3. Hey girls, all is going well on our end. My husband has been out of town for work since Saturday so I am pretty tired. Grayson is still doing great at daycare. He sleeps through the night, but every once in a while he wakes up once. Some of the Lansinoh bags are still leaking, but we just thaw them immediately and haven't had a problem. I have a job interview tomorrow!!! I am super excited about it. I am thinking of leaving my full time job to go into a PRN (which means as needed in the medical field) job. I hope that it works out for me bc I am super stoked!

    Tracy, wow, I didn't realize Henry was still on oxygen! Congratulations on weaning him. That is definitely an accomplishment! I am so glad that he is doing so well. He is a cutie!!

    Catherine, I am sorry that your first day was so tough! You are so lucky to have you mother watching Logan! I feel bad that Grayson is at daycare, but he seems to have transitioned well. They nicknamed him \"grins and giggles\"!

    Grayson HATES tummy time! He isn't rolling yet, but almost! He is batting at toys, holding toys, and is beginning to like to watch the Baby Einstein videos. I am so in love with him. He warms my heart everytime I look at him. We are taking professional photos on Friday. I will try and post some!

    Girls, please update me on your little bambinos. I love to read your posts!

  4. Rebecca - how did your interview go!?! That would be so great for you to get that job... which means more time w/ Grayson, right? I can't wait to see his professional photos! =) .. as for the Lasinoh bags... gosh, u must have gotten a bad batch or something! I haven't had any leak on me yet.

    Jeanine - woah! Micheal is definitely a big boy!! WoW! Only 6 wks and already wearing 3-6mos clothes! He is most definitely going to follow in daddy's football foot steps! I hope you didn't have/already wash too many \"newborn\" sized clothes!!! How often is he eating?

    Tracy - soooooo glad that Henry is finally off the oxygen!! =)))

    For the back at work and pumping mommies: how is pumping at work going? How often do you pump and how much do you get a day? I am pumping twice a day at 10 & 2... and get anywhere btwn 14-18 ounces. My mom has been giving Logan 5oz at every feeding (he was only eating 3.5-4oz when I went back to work!)

    AFM.. i'm pooped. this is is/was my first full week back at work (i took last fri off).. and i'm just drained! Logan is starting to sleep longer at night which has been a blessing!! but he still has his off nights when he wants to get up at 3am to eat/play. He's not rolling over or grabbing at toys yet.... but he is pretty good at tummy time and has been having really interactive \"conversations\" w/ us (and the TV ahah!). His laughs are big juicy belly laughs, which i LOVE!!! =)))

  5. Rebecca That is so great that Grayson has adjusted well to daycare. Wow..he is sleeping through the night! I long for that day to come. Although...I can't complain since Michael only gets up once in the night.

    Catherine Yes....Michael is getting so big! He is really long too. People can't believe he is only 6 weeks. He eats about every 2-3 hours during the day and at night he will go 4-5 hours. I am having a hard time storing up enough milk. I am pretty much homebound right now but that is okay since the weather sucks out here.

    How is everyone else doing?

  6. Catherine, the interview went great. Definitely have the job if I want it and it is up to me if I want part time (PRN) or full time. It is ALOT more money for less work, so really it is a no brainer. I think I might sign on as full time and drop down to part time if I find that it is too much work. I think that I will be getting of at 2 p.m. even if I sign up for full time. I will tell my workplace sometime next week (which will be tough bc I have been there for 7 years, but there is no way they will counter with the same pay/benefits/work load). Next week should be interesting.

    I am pumping at 10 and 2 also. I usually get 12 oz. at the 10 pumping session and 8 oz. at the 2 session. I have always gotten more in the morning. Grayson takes 3, 5oz. bottles at daycare. So I am pumping enough to supplement his day feedings. We have a freezer full of milk (I had saved too much while on maternity leave)!! About the Lasinoh bags....my hubby just told me that he had been pretty rough with them when he was rearranging the freezer to make all of the bags fit, so I think that is why they are leaking. It is so frustrating!!!

    His photo shoot went great. He was good, but I was hoping that he would sleep through most of it. But no luck there. He was wide eyed the entire time. I am just glad that he didn't cry. I hope that she got some good shots.

    Jeaninne, Michael is bigger than Grayson! I think Grayson weighs 12 lbs now and he is almost 16 weeks!!! Waking up once a night really isn't bad for his age. He will be sleeping through the night before you know it! When are you going back to work.

    Amelie, how are you doing? How is baby Ella?

    How long are you girls planning to BF?


  7. Rebecca - Congrats on the new job, that sounds like a great oppurtunity for you. When do you start? Can't wait to see the professional pictures of Grayson.

    Catherine - sorry to hear you are pooped. I can't imagine going back full time. I am alrealdy thinking about my return to work and I am getting nervous about it. It is going by so fast. I have 5 weeks left but it will be here before I know it.

    AFM- things are going well with Ella. My dad was here visiting for 10 days. He was great with Ella and helped a lot around the house. He was here during my DH first trip back to work. It was nice to know I had someone here to help. Tonight is my first night alone with Ella. DH is gone until Tuesday. We will see how it goes... So far so good. She is doing so good, I feel very blessed to have such a great baby. Like Michael, she is also getting so big. I don't know how much she weights now but I had to put a lot of 0-3 months clothes away alrealdy. The thing is that she is really long and the outfits are too short for her. I already got some 3-6 months stuff out. Breastfeeding is going really well now. No more problems which is awesome. I started exercising again, went on a couple hikes last week and did some crossfit with DH today. I feel pretty good, just need to get back into shape. I have 10 pounds to lose to be back to pre-pregnancy and I need to get my stomach back to normal.

    Have a great weekend everyone.

    Ella - 6 weeks today

  8. Sounds like everyone is doing so well!

    I pump around 6.30 am (when I get to work), then around 10 and then around 2pm. Rebecca and Catherine- that's a good amount of milk you're getting. I only get 5-6 oz at each session.

    I plan on trying to nurse for 6 months (or at least I hope to)- we are thinking about starting another cycle and my RE says I can't be breastfeeding.

    Amelie, my boy is also long! so even though he's not heavy, his toes stretch out his clothes! That's great you started exercising already! I cancelled my gym membership because I realized I don't even have time after work (have to let my nanny go home) and my DH often is working during the weekends and I don't have anyone to look after the baby. Oh, well. I'm too tired anyways right now to feel guilty about it!

    My baby is doing well- getting big- has his 4 month check this week. Playing and grabbing at things, drooling like crazy and sucking on his hands. He flipped (tummy to back) the first day I went back to work and I missed it . The nanny is great with him so being at work is fine. We started putting him in the fisherprice jumperoo and he likes it. He's sleeping OK- was great until I went back to work then started waking up more at night. Now I feed him the first time he wakes up, then give the pacifier if he wakes up again. I found if I kept feeding him, he would spit up and be more fussy the rest of the night and wouldn't nurse well in the morning. I'm also letting him cry a little more when he goes down for his naps- I can only handle anout 5 minutes until I go in!

  9. anmi - That is great that you are going to do another cycle soon. My DH and I are already talking about #2. We will wait a while but we want to try again for sure.

    Well the first 4 days alone went great. I started a bedtime routine with Ella and it worked great. I give her a bath, give her a little massage while listening to some music and then nurse her. The first night I did that, she slept from 8pm to 3 am. Wow, that was so nice! I have been doing the same routine since and she sleeps so well at night. Most night, I only get up once to nurse. She is so much more awake during the day, I think that helps her sleep better at night. I feel so blessed to have such a easy baby.

    Hope everyone is doing well.


  10. Rebecca I am glad Grayson's photo shot went so well. It is hard to get them to sleep. LOL... no wonder your breast feeding storage bags were leaking. The mystery is sloved!

    Amelie That is so wonderful that Ella sleeps so well. Michael only gets up once in the middle of the night but he doesn't go to bed until 11:00. Maybe I should try your routine. It sounds really nice.

    anmi That is great that you are thinking of starting another cycle. I'm glad your little one is doing so well. How exciting that he rolled over!

    AFM Michael is doing really good. He is such a little piggy. He still eats every 2-3 hours during the day and every 4 hours at night. He had to be put on medicine 2x a day for \"silent reflux\". Basically the milk comes up and goes right back down. He never pukes but this causes him to cough, gag and choke. It will take a week for the medicine to work. Poor little guy. We FINALLY started taking him out to public places. He hates being in his car seat and the car. We have to get him use to it so we are going to keep taking him places.

    Hope all is well with everyone else!

  11. Jeannine - How is Michael doing with the medicine? Is it working for him? Did you try a bedtime routine? When do you go back to work?

    Cara- how is Nolan doing? I saw on FB that he went to the hospital. Is he doing better?

    Rebecca - Grayson's pictures are so cute.

    Heather - I don't know if you still come on here but the girls are precious. How are you doing?

    AFM - Ella will be two months on Monday. Where did the time go? I go in next week for her 2 month check up and shots. Any advice for the shots?
    I just set up an appointment to do professional pictures with Ella. I wanted to do it sooner but by the time I was feeling up to it, she got baby acne. It finally cleared up so we will do them this weekend. I am really excited about it. She still sleeps really well, I feel very lucky. I still have 10 pounds to lose and they don't seem to want to go away. I am exercising every day, what is the deal? I want to get rid of these 10 pounds before summer is here. Is that possible?

    Hope everyone is doing well. Have a great day.

  12. Amelie It sounds like Ella is doing really well. What a great little sleeper she is. Good luck with her photo session. You will have to post them when they are done.

    How is everyone else doing? The board has been quite.

    Michael is doing so well. He will be 2 months this Saturday. Where has the time gone? He is growing so fast. As of this past Monday he was 13 pounds! I can't believe how big he is. He is really long too. I love spending so much time with him. I dread going back to work even if it isn't until August. I found the cutest website for baby clothes for Easter that look reallly \"babyish\". Check it out. bestdressedchild.com I ordered Michael's Easter outfit from there today.

  13. hey girls, i am glad that everyone is doing so well. my little family is doing good too. grayson still isn't consistently sleeping through the night since i returned to work, he wakes up once and sometimes twice a night. i got the pics back from the photographer, posted a few on facebook, and i love them. she is coming back to take 6 month pics in may.

    well girls....i took a new job today! less hours, more pay!! couldn't pass it up, i am super excited about it. i will be working 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. monday through friday! still in boot camp, two pounds to go for pre-pregnancy, and belly is still not flat. i have always had a flat tummy and this is no longer the case. amelie, everyone keeps telling me to give it six months, we will see.

    chicago, how is your little boy's sleeping going? is he still waking up? so glad that you are liking your nanny. has your little man gotten sick yet?

    that is wonderful that you guys are thinking of cycling again. my hubby and i haven't decided on our next step. we definitely want another one, but we don't think we want to do IVF again. we are leaning towards adopting internationally. i am going to begin contacting agencies when grayson is 6 months old. we aren't getting any younger and sometimes the process takes years. are all of you guys thinking about doing IVF again?

    catherine, how is logan? how is work?

    amelie, good luck with the pics, i am sure that they will turn out great! advice on the shots....i gave grayson some tylenol before we left for his appt. and he never got a fever. i will do it again for his shots this month.

    sorry for the long post.

    oh how is BFing going for everyone? still going strong over here. hoping to make it to one year!

  14. Rebecca - Congrats on the new job, it's sound great. Less hour, more money, how can you go wrong. Good job on having only 2 pounds left, that's great. When did Grayson sleep through the night? What time do you put him down and what time does he wake up? Ella sleeps from 8pm to 3am most night, wakes up to eat, goes back down until 6:30 - 7am. Will she drop the 3am feeding or is this sleeping throught the night?

    Jeannine - You are so lucky to have so much time off. August is still months away. Enjoy every moments. I go back in 3 weeks and I am not looking forward to it. Ella is still so little, I don't want to miss anything... At least my DH will be with her when I am at work so no daycare for a while. He can work his schedule to fly on the days that I am off and be home when I am working. It should work out like that for the next year so I am pretty happy she will be home with him instead of daycare.

    AFM - The photo shot didn't go so well. Ella was not happy most of the session. It took over 3 hours and I feel we didn't get too many great pictures. She was really tired but was not falling asleep for very long. Every time the photographer took a picture, she would open her eyes. She didn't want to be put on her stomach (she doesn't like tummy time too much). Anyways, I will have to wait and see how they turned out.

  15. amelie, so sorry that the photo shoot didn't go so well. i think that the crying pics are cute too, it kinda of captures the moment and is definitely a memory. when i took grayson's newborn pics, he cried almost the entire time. i was so upset, but we ended up getting a few shots that were really cute.

    grayson isn't sleeping through the night since i have gone back to work. his last feed is at 7:30, but he usually wakes up at 3. i think that is considered sleeping through the night bc it is 7 1/2 hours. i wish he would make it to 9 hours. i don't want to put him to sleep later, bc my hubby and i like to be in bed by 8:30 (i know we are like old people, go to bed early and wake up early). some days he wakes up at 12 and 3. those nights are really rough, but not often thank god!!! sounds like ella's sleeping habits are like grayson's!

  16. Amelie The photo sessions can be very stressful. Our photographer was at our house for 5 hours. The first hour she spent trying to get Michael to stay asleep. I saw the photo of Ella on FB in her tu-tu....how adorable! How big is she now? She has her shots this week...right? Michael has his on Thursday. I'm not looking forward to it at all. Don't worry about the weight. It will come off. I was stuck at a certain weight for a few weeks and all of a sudden I lost it. I still have 2 more pounds to lose from the pregnancy but then I have to lose the 4 that I gained with the IVF treatment. So I still have a total of 6 pounds to go.

    Rebecca Congratulations on the new job! Getting more pay for less hours....how could you go wrong? We aren't sure if we will have another baby either. We are going to give it a try on our own in the fall. You never know. Sometimes being pregnant just once gives your body a jump start on what to do. We've talked about adopting too and maybe might consider IVF again...but I don't know if I want to go down that road again. I look at it as this...I prayed so hard to God to just give us one healthy baby and he did. My prayers were answered with our precious Michael. I now feel complete. It would be nice to give Michael a sibling but if we can't...then we can't. Michael sure will never want for anything. I take it that you don't have any frozen embryos left? Michael was our frozen embryo that took. My mom calls him \"frostie\"..lol!

    AFMThe other night Michael slept from 10:00pm till 5:00am. I couldn't believe it! Last night he slpet for 5 1/2 hours until I woke him up by mistake. Then of course my little piggy was ready to eat. It just dawned on me today that we will be able to take Michael to get his pictures with the Easter Bunny. We are planning on taking him next week. His Easter outfit arrived today and I love it but it is too big. I don't know what I was thinking. I ordered the 9 month size...duh! I re-ordered it today in the 6 month size.

    Okay....I'm done babbling!

  17. Today, I went for Ella's 2 month check up today. She is 11lbs 2 oz and 24 1/4 long. She got her shots and it went ok. She cried on the second and third one. I am glad my DH was with me. She was fussy tonight, we will see how the night goes... I gave her tylenol before bed, hopefully that helps her. I didn't give her any before the shots, maybe I should have done that.

    Hopefully everyone is doing well.


  18. so glad to hear everyone is doing well. i am losing track of how old everyone's baby is...

    At em's 4 month check, he was 14 pounds- he fell off the curve a bit; but he was long (75%). tall and skinny! i was going to try rice cereal for fun, but i think i will wait a few more weeks.

    I have been having problems with his nioght sleeping lately. the more he recognizes me, the more he is afraid of being alone. i get him to sleep usually by 8pm, but he usually wakes up 1/2 -1 hour after crying. then he'll wake up a few more times until the morning. i usually feed him once and maybe twice if it's been more than four hours although i know he doesn't really need to be fed- i just get so desperate to get him to sleep since i have to wake up at 5.30am to go to work. last night was rough and i am so tired.

    anyone have any suggestions? i would like to let him cry more but the fact that i have to be at work in the morning keeps me from doing ti since it will keep me up. i am waiting for a long weekend...he is also not napping for very long stretches...

    other than that, he is happy and healthy.

  19. anmi - Sorry to hear about his sleeping problems. It must be hard when you have to get up so early. Hopefully he sleeps better soon for you. Ella also feel off the curve for her weight. She was at the 75% at her 2 weeks checkup and now at her 2 months checkup, she was at the 50%. Her doctor was not worried, so I will try not to worry myself. She was in the 95% for lenght, she is very long.

    Jeannine - Good luck with Michael's shots today. It is hard to see them cry like that but he will be fine. Ella's legs look like they hurt her last night but I think she is all better today. She had a great night, sleep from 8pm to 3am and then until 7am.

  20. anmi I wish I had some advice to give you with the sleep problems. I know people say let them cry but I couldn't do that either. Maybe your pediatrician would be able to give you some advice on what to do.

    Amelie It sounds like Ella is doing well. I'm glad she slept well even after having the shots. I saw her photo on FB in the basket. She is such a pretty baby!

    Michael did good at his appt. today. He is 13 pounds, 10 ounces and 25 inches. He is definitely a big boy! He is in the 95% for height and the 75% for weight. I felt so bad when he got his shots. He screamed which is so out of character for him. Michael barely ever cries let alone screams. With in a few minutes he was smiling and cooing again. He has been so sleep all day. We are giving him tylenol every 4-5 hours so I'm sure that is why he is sleepy. We shall see how the night goes.

  21. Hi Ladies!! It has been quite on our board lately. I hope everyone and all the babies are doing well.

    Things are going really well here. Michael seems to be sleeping through the night now. He is really \"talking\" a lot now too. He is such an easy baby. We really feel blessed. I can't wait to celebrate Easter with him this year! I posted some recent pictures of him on FB. I can't believe how big he is getting. He has reached 14 pounds already!

    Amelie When do you go back to work? That is great that Ella will be home with DH.

    For those of you who celebrate Easter....I hop you have a Happy Easter especially with your baby(babies).

  22. Jeanine, i am still here, just busy!!!! Michael has passed Grayson up in weight and height. Grayson is only 13 lbs. 3 oz. and 24 1/2 inches. He is little, but we think that he is getting so big! He has such a mild temper, such a good baby. We are looking forward to Easter. We got his basket at pottery barn kids (it is so cute, airplanes are on it with his name monogrammed). The easter bunny is bringing a small pool, swimsuit and some pool toys. Oh, by the way Michael is so cute!!!

    Doc said that he can start solids....have any of you guys started solids yet. I am going to wait until he makes 6 months. Doc said that BF babies don't have to start eating until 6 months. So I am waiting, I don't want him to grow up too fast, LOL!! Oh, how often do your little ones have a poopy diaper? Just wondering, it's been two days for Grayson and I am starting to get worried. He isn't acting fussy, but he normally has one at least daily if not 5 times a day

    anmi, how is your little one sleeping now. No suggestions on my end. I hear you, I just feed Grayson when he wakes bc it is just easier. If I let him cry it out, then I will have to stay up longer. If I just feed him we are both back to sleep after 20 to 30 minutes. Grayson wakes once or twice a night. I feed him then he goes right back to sleep. It really isn't bad, but I would much rather him sleeping through the night. I know that he is going to wake at least once bc we put him to bed at 7:30 Early, I know! But he is so tired from daycare.

    Catherine, how are you doing? How is Logan? Logan is absolutely adorable, I love seeing the pics you post on FB.

    Amelie, when is your maternity leave up? or are you already back to work? How is ella doing? I haven't seen any recent posts of Ella on FB. But the last pics I had seen she is beautiful!

    Cara, how are you handling your four babies and school! You must be exhausted. The pics of your family on FB are precious!

    Tracy, Henry is so cute! He reminds me of Grayson with his bald head! How are you guys doing?

  23. Hi Everyone, so glad to hear everyone is doing well! Isn't crazy how life gets so busy? And I only have one kid! (well, four, if you count dh and 2 dogs)

    Sleeping is getting better although the past 2 nights he woke a few times- he goes right back to sleep with the paci. The first night I think he had a poopy diaper but I didn't smell it (poor thing) and the nanny just noticed it in the morning. We did a cry-it-out the past 2 weeks to get him to sleep which seemed to help over time but I still get nervous about something being \"wrong\" when he wakes crying so I usually at least check on him. I feed him once at night mainly for my own breast comfort. He goes to bed between 7.15- 7.45. We tried rice cereal a couple of times- we'll keep trying everyother day for fun and practice. I've started mixing breastmilk and formula in anticipation of weaning him in a month.

    Rebecaa, how old is Grayson? I think he's about the same age. So glad he is good tempered.
    Jeannine- your baby is big! does he eat a lot?
    Amelie- how are you doing? are you getting out and about?

  24. Same here, just busy. I just got back yesterday from CA to visit DH's family. We had lots of fun. Ella took the plane for the first time and did great. She might be a pilot just like her daddy! Now, I have my sister and nephew visiting until next Tuesday. They met Ella for the first time. They just love her.

    I go back to work Monday, not looking foward to it at all. At least, I am going back part time, 3 days a week, 8 hours a day. Ella is not sleeping thought the night but almost. She wakes up at least once, sometime twice. She did 9 hours in a row the other night but that was only once, the night before we left for CA. She hasn't done it since but we have been gone so maybe soon, she will do it again. I hope so, it would be nice before I go back to work.

    Hope everyone else is doing well.


  25. So we are going on a road trip in a couple of weeks (900 Miles) with almost 6 month old and our 2 small dogs. A little nervous about the traveling esp the thought of being trapped in a car with a possibly unhappy baby. We will likely stop somewhere for the night although we have done it all in one day before having the baby.

    By that time, I should be doing combination bottle/ breast.

    Any tips or suggestions on how to do this and what to bring? We will be staying about a week in the Northeast.

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