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  1. Hey girls, I hope that you don't mind that I moved our thread. This is definitely a more appropriate place since we have all had our babies now.

    I have been sick as a dog and it stinks bc it was on my last day of maternity leave. I have kept nothing down for over 24 hours and I am a bit worried bc it has affected my milk supply. I still have enough to feed Grayson, but when I pump after feedings I barely get anything (and I used to get lots). It is really tough taking care of an infant and being so sick. Thank god my hubby is home all weekend, but I think that I may be feeling a little better this morning. Just ate some crackers so we will see.

    Work starts on Monday for me. Dreading it miserably. We are giving Grayson a couple of bottles today to see what he is actually eating during feedings (so that we know how much milk to send). I hope that his first day at daycare goes well. I am so nervous!

    Amelie and Jeaninne, How is BFing going? Any better? I found that it took Grayson a good 6 weeks to get it down pat. Don't give up, your babies will get the hang of it!

    anmi, Are you ready to go back to work? I know that is a stupid question...I will be thinking of you on Monday, please write and let us know how it goes. You are so lucky to have a Nanny in your home. It will make you feel so much better. What are your hours at work?

    Catherine, I'm so glad that you got a couple more days off of work. So, is it this Wednesday that you start? Who is keeping Logan, your mom?

  2. I can't believe we can finally move this tread to PARENTING. Wow, who knew a year ago that we would get here.

    Rebecca - Sorry you are sick, hopefully you get better soon. Sorry you have to go back to work Monday. Are you going back full time?

    You asked me how breastfeeding is going - it is going pretty good. She is off all supplements, just the breast. I am meeting with my lactation consultant on Monday to improve her latch. For some reason, she doesn't open her mounth very wide so she doesn't grap much of the lower portion of the areola. I don't know how to fix it so hopefully the consultant can help me fix that. I am getting more sleep which feels really good. It's hard for me to nap during the day so I go the bed early and my DH takes the shift so I can sleep. I don't want him to go back to work. It will be hard since he will be gone for 3 to 4 days at a time. My dad is coming to visit in 10 days so I am pretty happy about that. He will be a big help for me.

    Have a great weekend everyone!


  3. So weird to move our thread! But I guess it is time to move on

    I am also not looking forward to going back to work on Monday- my job is pretty fast paced and I am pretty nervous after not having been there for 3 months. I am also anxious about having time and a place to pump since I don't have scheduled breaks during the day... I think I am putting too much pressure on myself- we'll just see how it goes- formula will always be an option. I haven't been sleeping very well.The first week will be rough- I will leave at 6am (I've decided to not wake him and just pump first thing when I get to work) and get home anywhere between 4-8pm; I also work overnights occasionally so our nanny stays those nights. My DH has a worse schedule than me so he is totally out of the picture in terms of reliable childcare. Our nanny has been around the past 2 weeks so she can get the swing of things and get to know the baby so I feel OK that he will be OK (although I guess you never really know what happens when you're not around).

    I unplugged my clogged duct today because it was so painful and I was getting stressed about going to work with it. Also he didn't like feeding off of it because of the low flow. I used a sterile needle and popped the milk blister (I read somewhere you can do that).

    Rebecca- so sorry you are sick- not a great way to end your leave. We will have shared misery on Monday as we start... let me know how it goes.

    Amelie- good luck with the breast feeding- sometimes it just takes a little time

  4. WOW I can't believe we made the move!!! We all have babies now!!! One year later!!!
    I'll post more later but i am so tired now


  5. anmi, I read your post and felt like it was me talking! I, too, work in a very fast paced environment and am worried about the whole pumping situation. But goodness, you work some very long days! I will be thinking of you tomorrow, please post when you have time. I want to know how your first days of work go.

    I am worried about pumping bc no one at my workplace (well at least since I have been there for 7 years) has BF'd. I am bringing all my pump supplies and will make time to pump, but am not sure where and when I will do it. We have been practicing with Grayson today on taking the frozen milk from a bottle. So far so good. I think he is going through another growth spurt. He woke at 1 and 5 this morning (he had been sleeping through the night for about 4 weeks) and has wanted to be fed every 2 to 2 1/2 hours today. Has your little one gone through a second growth spurt. Just wondering, if so, how long did it last?

  6. Good luck at your first day back to work girls. I am thinking of you. I know it will be hard but it will be ok. Let me know how pumping goes...

    Rebecca- What is a king cake? pos a picture!!!


  7. Well girls, I am on my lunch break so I thought I would update. I brought Grayson to daycare this morning. I started crying when we got him out of the car. My poor hubby felt so bad...he said \"baby, you don't have to go to work today.\" Sweet thought, but I have to go back sometime so I may as well get it over with, right? We brought him in and the teacher was so nice. I called at 10 and they said that he had napped for 45 minutes and that she just finished feeding him, but that he was acting like he wanted more. I will have to make bigger bottles tomorrow. Otherwise she said that he was doing really well, but I am not sure if she would tell me any different.

    Cara, a king cake is a Mardi Gras cake. It is a south Louisiana tradition during Mardi Gras season. Mardi Gras is huge in Louisiana. It means \"fat tuesday\" The Tuesday before Ash Wednesday. It is a huge party.

    Okay, I will post later!

  8. I am exhausted! First day at work. Really crazy even by normal standards (not for just someone who was away for 3 months). Was able to pump but my shoulder hurts from lugging all the equipment around (pump, shields, ice pack, containers).

    Of course I also couldn't sleep last night...

    ok will post more later-- he's crying

  9. anmi, I couldn't sleep last night either! I tossed and turned and finally fell asleep around midnight then woke again at 4 waiting for Grayson to wake up. I showered, pumped, got everything ready for daycare and went back to bed. Grayson woke up at 5:30 and our day started.

    I got to go and get him at daycare at 2:30. The teacher said that he was really good. He was sleeping when I got there but woke when I was talking with his teacher. He seemed a little confused (poor baby). His last feed was at 7 tonight! He went to sleep right afterward. He is exhausted, poor baby!

    Pumping at work went well. I planned to pump at 10 and 2. Which worked out well. I used my bosses offices and he has a lock on his door (he understands bc his wife BF all 4 of their children until they were one year old). I used the medella wipes to clean all of my equipment and that worked out well too. I sure hope that I can continue the BFing, especially with him at daycare, he needs it!!!

    I am so glad that my first day of work is over, but I sure will miss my little man. I will cherish the 12 weeks that I had with him forever!

    I see that work is going to cause me to be completely EXHAUSTED!!!! I am soooo tired. I feel like I ran all day (I also had my bootcamp session at 5:30) and now I am crashing! I have to get my endurance back!

    I can't wait to hear details about your day anmi! Write when you have time. I know that we may be hearing from each other less often now that we have to fit work into our daily lives!

    Catherine, aren't you going back to work on Wednesday (or is it next Wednesday?) I will be thinking of you, please let us know how it goes!

    Amelie, how is your precious angel doing? How was the meeting with the lactation consultant? Did she give you any good tips on Ella's latch?

    Jeanine, how are you and baby Michael doing? Getting into a good routine?

    Tracy, I read your post that Henry is rolling over! Wow, he is growing up!

    Cara, how are your little ones doing? Are you managing school and all of your little bambinos well? You must have the energy of the energizer bunny! Are you exhausted all of the time? I sure would be if I lived your life!!!!

    Sorry for the long post! I guess I am just babbling from being so pooped!

  10. Rebecca- I'm glad work went well and your boss is so understanding about BFing!! Good for you doing boot camp!! I have been running 2 miles every Monday and Wednesday during my DH's lunch break. I just got done now!

    The twins had their 4 month check-up and shots this morning!
    Eli weighs 13 lbs 5 oz and Emmarie weighs 11 lbs 14 oz !! They are doing good so far with the pain from shots, both napping as we speak... I just got home and left them in their car seats to write this because as soon as I get them out they will be ready to eat/play! Of course they are both in like the 2% for height and weight but adjusted age they are between the 25%-50%. I talked to the pedi. about separating them into different cribs now and he said that is good because they are separate people... I acually bought a second crib last night and girl bedding!! I already had cute boy stuff from my 2 yr old DS. I arranged it to where each crib is on other side of the window and half of the room is pink and light green and the other half is blue and light green... I know this sounds silly but it feels real now... Now that there are 2 cribs up and t mobiles and boy and girl colors it looks real,,, like i really have twins. I know that makes no sense. I had had moved 2 weeks before the early arrival of the babies and had my shower only days before so i just now was able to get it put together right. I will have to post a picture! I am so excited about it!! Anyways... my pedi says that i should expect some separation anxiety with the twins and to slowly seperate them since they have been together so long.

    Chicago- How are you doing away from your little man??

    Jeannine and Amelie-- how are you girls doing with breast feeding?? Are you getting any sleep?

    Catherine- your post of Logan on FB is super cute!


  11. Rebecca & anmi - I am sure the return to work is hard but sounds like it is going pretty good. I am already dreading it. At least, I am going back part time for a while. Hopefully until she is one but we will see what my boss thinks about it.

    Cara - Can't wait to see the nursery pictures. I bet it looks really cute.

    I went to the lactation consultant on Monday and Ella is doing great. She is gainning enough weight, she is already 9lbs 5.5 oz. The consultant gave me some good tips and a cream to use on my sore nipples. It is alrealdy helping, they are feeling better already. Ella is giving me 4 hours in a row at night so I am getting enough sleep. I go to bed early to get as much as I can and it is working pretty good. Last night, I got 7-8 hours total. I feel pretty good this morning.

    Rebecca - I was wondering if you were following Baby wise? I am trying to keep her awake after feedings but it is pretty hard sometimes. Do you have any advice? I also try to give her full feedings but sometimes she just falls asleep at the breast and doesn't want anymore. Is it to early to follow babywise?

    Jeannine - How are you doing? How is Michael? Are you recovered from the c-section?

  12. amelie- i read babywise and agree/follow some of it but i think it's pretty rigid for really young newborns. the feed/play/sleep sequence i think is good but personally i think more of a demand feeding is better for the younger ones...

    i am still exhausted- days at work are pretty stressfull- non stop and today i had difficulty finding time to pump and i think i have another plugged duct- pretty painful. i get home, rush to get whatever milk stored and take the baby from the nanny. so it's hard to get any down time! it's amazing how he's growing. he turned over (tummy to back) the other day!

  13. Amelie, I agree with anmi 100%. I think baby Ella is to young to be following a feed/wake/sleep cycle. Baby wise is a good book to just take what you want from it. I also think that if she is falling asleep at the breast then she must be full. I would try and stimulate her a little bit to make sure she is finished feeding, but if she won't wake, then she must have gotten what she needed. Grayson is definitely not on a rigid baby wise schedule. I try not to let him go more than four hours between feeds during the day (sometimes he goes 4 hours, sometimes only 2). He tells us when he is hungry. He cries and there is no way to soothe him, but to feed him!

    anmi, I am so sorry that you have been so busy at work! That stinks!!! How has the nanny been doing? Is there any way that you could cut your hours a little? I am soooo tired and I don't work nearly as hard as you do. I feel like I am running all day long. Wake up, feed Grayson, shower, work, come home clean bottles, freeze milk, do laundry, go pick up Grayson, feed him, work out, bathe him, feed myself, feed Grayson, put him to bed, then I go to bed. I never stop!!!! SO I can only imagine your schedule!

    Cara, you sound like you are such a good mommy! I can only imagine what it must be like to be a mommy of four! Your babies are beautiful! They are growing up quickly! I hope that they don't get to much separation anxiety!

  14. Rebecca How is you first week back to work going? Are you getting use to the new routine?

    Cara The twins are getting so big! How did the twins do in seperate cribs?

    Amelie It sounds like Ella is doing really well! Ella eating every 4 hours during the night is great!

    anmi How are you doing being back at work? Is it getting less stressful?

    AFM Michael is doing really well! He is a little piggy. He actually grunts when he latches on. It is so funny. He is getting up every 3 hours in the middle of the night to feed. I go to bed when he does which helps with me getting enough sleep. I am one of those weird people who can't nap during the day. I actually feel worse when I nap. Can anyone recommend a good nursing bra that does not have underwire but has molded cups so nipples aren't visiable?

  15. jeannine, aren't the nursing noises funny? i love it when my boy sighs in the middle of nursing and smiles. it's so cute. and then he pauses and lets out a big poop! i am also a person who can't nap during the day- it was really exhausting the first few months when we were up at nights.

    I love the majamas nursing bras (i wear them all the time) but i am small chested and wear disposable nursing pads all the time which hide my nipples. i think the medela bras are supposed to be good.

    my nanny is a godsend. she is great with the baby and we just get along with her. i don't worry about him during the day but i do worry that he will forget me

    I have a questions to the 3 month mommies- when are you putting the baby to bed and when do you typically feed at night? are any of your babies sleeping all the way to morning? i am still feeding at least once in the middle of the night but not sure if i am doing it unnecessarily (he's making noises and I'm awake so i might as well feed him- ). i'm also not sure if i'm putting him to bed at the optimum time..

  16. anmi- The twins usually go to bed around 10pm I nurse them right before bed and they usually sleep until about 6am maybe 5am. At night I power nurse the last 2 feedings to help them sleep better. (instead of 3 hours apart i do 2 hours apart) I still swaddle them at night but not their arms just tummy and feet and that helps them \"know\" its bedtime. Plus I think it helps them not wake as easy because they are secure. After there 5am feeding they will sleep again till about 8:30am. But the twins are really good sleepers. They have been sleeping through the night for 6 weeks now. My DS who is 2 woke up until he was 1 to nurse once in the middle of the night. Breastmilk digests faster then formula and lots of babies will wake up once during the night for a quick feed. I have a lot of friends who BF and all of there babies wake once to nurse.
    I think the power nursing in the evening helps the twins sleep.
    What time do you lay your baby down at night? If you are still up for a while after, then wake him and feed him right before you go to bed and he should sleep longer. Sometimes if I lay the twins down at 10 and I am up till 1130 doing house work or homework I will feed then again.

    Jeannine- I use underwire nursing bras and I got then at Target. They are a good price and work well. They also have tank top nursing bras which i love. I am not sure what else they have but I was surprised to see such a large selection at Target. That is so funny that he grunts when he eats!!! What a cutie pie!

    I am starting to get so stressed and worn out. I try to keep a happy calm face all the time. I have so much laundry that is dirty and literally no time to do it and I am already behind with my studies, I never get a chance to do my home work till all the kiddos are in bed and then I can only get a little done before I want to fall asleep.

    last night I got really mad at DH.For a really silly reason.... I had busted my butt around the house all day and even had my assignments done during naptime and had dinner cooked and dishes done when he got in the door. At 8pm when Gray's Anatomy came on I went to the bedroom (with no kiddos ) and shut the door to get a minute of peace and quiet and watch my favorite show. I hear babies crying in the background so at the first commercial I went out to the living room and DH was like \"you just left me in here taking care of all the babies by myself\" I was like \"I take care of all of them everyday by myself and you only have to do it for an hour, GET OVER IT\"
    I just think I need a break away from the kids even if it is just for a couple hours. I do love every minute with them dont get me wrong, I am just really getting exhausted.. Does that make any sense?

    Anyways sorry to vent!

    Is anyone have problems with their hair shedding a lot? I was worried I was losing my hair and called my OB and they said that is normal to happen after you have a baby because of the drastic change in hormones... They say it wont last long but my hairbrush is full of hair every time I brush my hair.....


  17. here is a link to the photo session we had with michael these are just a few of the photos design489.com/blog/ michael is the first baby featured some of the photos are football photos with dh stuff sorry this is typed weird michael is sleeping in my arms

  18. Cara You have four children...you are aloud to want time to yourself and it is totally understandable for you to get upset with DH. Sometimes I feel stressed with just one baby and the dog.....I can only imagine how you must feel. Hang in there! You are doing a wonderful job! Yes...my hair is shedding like crazy. I swear I could make a wig right now with all the hair I've already lost.

    I ordered a nursing bra online by Bella so I'll see how that one works. I did get the tanks from target. They are really nice.

  19. Jeannine - The pictures are so cute. I need to get some done for Ella. For the bra question, I bought some without underwire and padded at Motherhood maternity. There is one that is more like a sport bra, I really like that one. The other one is more like a regular bra but without underwire. They are padded so you can't see the nipples.

    Thanks girls for the babywise advice. I was wondering if she was too little for that kind of schedule. She is alrealdy eating every 2.5-3 hours during the day and she gives me some 4 hours at night, sometimes even a little longer.

  20. Cara- i wouldn't feel too bad about snapping at DH. i have already multiple times and then feel really bad because he works so much (80+ hours a week). i have to keep apologizing to him. however, I think you are entitled to a TV show every once in a while!! I only have one kid and 2 little dogs and can't imagine how tired you are!

    amelie- i think the eat-play-sleep sequence is good in babywise and many other books encourage that. i tried to use babywise from the beginning but in retrospect i wish i was less rigid so early on with regards to the feed intervals and his napping. if you pay attention to the baby, he/she will tell you when he's ready to nap. The weissbluth book and baby whisperer are good books too.

    Jeannine- the pics are soo cute! was it hard to keep him asleep for them?

  21. Hey girls!

    Just checking in to see how everyone and the babies are doing...


  22. I have been so busy that it is hard to get on IVFC and even more difficult to write.

    Cara, I completely understand you snapping at your hubby. Sometimes they don't think before they speak. He probably realized right after he said it that you completely deserve a break. You are such an amazing mother, I don't know how you keep it all together. I think I am busy and I just have one little man to take care of....you have four!!!

    Girls, my Lansinoh bags are leaking after I thaw the milk. Do any of you have this problem. I have been thawing them overnight in the fridge. Maybe I should thaw them underwater and put them directly in the bottle. Any ideas?

    Grayson is still doing great at daycare, not sick yet....he has not been sleeping through the night like before. He has woken up twice the last three nights. I don't know what is going on.

    Jeanine, the pics of Michael are absolutely adorable. I love his hair!!!

  23. Rebecca, I think one Lansinoh bag has leaked on me. Where are they leaking from? Maybe you need to freeze and store them differently (?). I think the one that leaked on me had dropped on the floor so it may have ripped a little. We are trying to work on our schedule. Trying to move his bedtime a little earlier. He is still waking to feed at least once in the middle of the night but more often he is waking again early morning (4am) with a dirty diaper or just to \"play.\"

    If you are still having bag leaks you should consider getting the plastic/ reusable storage containers. You can pump directly in them and freeze them (no hassle with transfer).

  24. Hi Mommies!!!

    I'm SOOO sorry I've been MIA. I have been so tired.. and just trying to spend every last second w/ Logan before I went back to work last Wed. And since then.. we have both been under the weather and just exhausted!

    I'm so excited and also can't believe we are all over on this new board now! Everbody's babies are just sooooooooooooo precious! =))))

    Jeanine & Amelie - How are our newest mommies doing? Enjoy every second. Time flies so fast!

    My Logan is 3 months today!! It's been surreal. I'm amazed at how quickly he's grown. and how big he has gotten! He totally looks like a \"little man\"! But i think his hair also makes him look mature. All my friends say he looks like a toddler, not a newborn/infant.. ahaha!

    My first day back to work was last Wed... and it was awful. I cried all morning. =( talk about separation anxiety!! My mom is watching him (i am so lucky and grateful!) and she said he was so fussy all day! He continued to be fussy all night to where i was drained thurs morning.. and w/ seeing all the snow we got, i ended up calling in to take a Thurs off! ahahhah.. i bet my co-workers were all laughing at me. I wish I had just extended my Leave of Absence for another whole week. Coz that snow was crazy... and now we are both sick. =( He is so congested! I feel so bad for him. I have been religiously doing the cool mist humidifier (doesn't really seem to work) and the saline drops and bulb syringe (which, poor thing HATES! It's like i'm sucking his brains out!!). I've also run a hot shower and stood in the bathroom w/ him to make it \"sauna\" like to help loosen it up some... any other suggestions?

    Rebecca - I have not had any leakage from my Lasinoh bags. U sure u are sealing them tightly? maybe u should put them in a tall glass to thaw out in, so they don't slump over and leak? or are they leaking from the bottom?

    Jeanine - I thought underwired bras were not recommended coz they could cause clogged ducts...?

    anmi - About clogged ducts, thankfully I have not had any... but my sister SWEARS that... taking a boiled egg (keep the shell on) and rolling it over the clogged duct. i think i'd like trying that vs popping it? That just sounds painful!

    Sleep routine for Logan - i have none! haahah.. i try as much as possible do the eat, play, sleep thing, but he just doesn't want to cooperate sometimes. And now that my mom is watching him.... she doesn't really believe in that stuff... she says \"if he's tired, should just let him sleep. poor baby\" =\\ but honestly, even when we did it consistently, i didn't notice that he slept any longer than usual. still gets up every 3-4 hrs. AMAZINGLY, last night he slept from 9pm until 6am!! i couldn't believe it.. but then again.. maybe it's coz i felt so bad about his congestion.. that i let him sleep in bed w/ us. =X ... i do try to put him to bed between 8:30-10pm.... like i said, no routine yet.


  25. Jeanine - Michael's photo session pics are incredible!!!!!!!!!!!!! my FAVE is the football pic (him laying on football, and holding daddy's finger)... OMG! AWSEOME, AWESOME AWESOME!!

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