IVF with own eggs at 46?

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  1. I totally see your point there--on the one had they have temerity, on the other, they seem to be suffering. Me otoh, I've read just enough to think there could be one egg left. And so has dp! ')

  2. Hannah, how long do you try until you give up? What makes you think there is \"one egg left?\" Is DE an option for you?

  3. Me personally? Of course, I do not know if there is one viable egg left. But I get monitored with us and sometimes bw and I am still ovulating, so I still have a chance. For me it's minimal cost and effort, so why not? I don't rule out DE, but I would definitely give myself 6 more months of trying with my own at least. I hope I get brave enough to do an IVF cycle soon just to say I did it.

  4. I'm still ovulating too, but I don't think I'm making any chromosomally normal eggs.

  5. 99% of our eggs are not normal, that's for sure. Hopefully the one left will be hit by the sperm that month!

  6. Some people suggest that there is a huge difference between 40 and 42. Should 42 year old women simply give up on the idea of having a child via her own eggs? I think the decision is a very personal one. There is nothing worse than looking back and wondering \"what if\". If a 46 y/o woman has the means and the emotional strength to ttc using her own eggs, more power to her. By the same token, if a 34 y/o woman has 2 failed IVF cycles and decided to move onto DEs, that is her prerogative as well.

  7. I agree with PP. I finally hit the jackpot after trying through most of my 20's....a solid 3 yrs in my 30's and was blessed at 42.3 yrs of age.

    You need to do what makes sense to you and what you can live with later.

    I\'m 45.4 and going through one last IUI cycle for closure. I was PG at 44.7 and lost her due to tri 20. I do realize that most of mine will be c r a p....but they have been that way since the beginning. (2 losses in twenties and 4 at 40 - 42).

    Good Luck everyone!

  8. Hi everyone~

    I too, did recent IVF cycles. The first was negative. The second was positive but with a low hcg and I eventually miscarried at 5 weeks. I was pregnant two years ago in 2006 and miscarried at ten weeks. I am 42 years old and trying for my first child. Are you trying for your first child too?

    Have you done acupuncture? I have heard and read of many success stories wiht the use of acupuncture, diet modification and chinese herbs. I just strated weekly acupuncture treatments and have begun a big transformation in my eating. I am taking krill oil, royal jelly and prenatal vitamins and will begin chinese herbs shortly. I have decided to give IVF a break for at least 3 months to see if my egg quality improves as well as my uterus so that if I do IVf again, I have a better chance of a better egg being produced and it implanting and sticking.

    Of course, I am also hoping for a natural pregnancy in the meantime - I have read of 42, 43 and 44 year old women getting pregnant naturally after a few months of acupuncture, diet modification and chinese herbs and delivering healthy babies.

    Please share your thoughts if any...


  9. KATIE-- thanks for the info on natural IVF. I had read about it before-- but it just gave me renewd hope.
    I am 44.5 yrs
    I did 2 cycles of IVF at cornell- gruelling ( i live in FL and went to ny each time- am also single)..
    I did get pg on 2nd IVf - but baby heart stopped somewhere around 8 wks.
    ( btw- had 6-8 good eggs each time-- very high quality )
    I had a d+c about 10 days ago and just starting to get over it all.
    I am sure that i will not do a regualr IVF again--
    this sounds a lot better for me.. thanks!

  10. I agree this is a deeply personal decision. I am 45. I have never had even one IVF. When I met with the RE he didn't even suggest it. I was pushed toward DE from the start. I recently was asked \"wouldn't you want to even try one with your own eggs?\" I paused to think about that one. Why had I moved so very quickly into DE? And then I realized that it was deeply personal choice. For me, I had a life threatening illness at 40 hospital stays medication that made me sick disability for 2+ years. The idea for putting my body through a medical procedure, I could handle if my odds were good, but from what I know they are not. I also had barely any issue with the genetic bond. This is why for me, and me alone, the decision was right. Every other person does not have my individual experience. So I agree, if you can handle it, if you need to do this for yourself, be it for hope, closure and prepping to move to another step. You should go right ahead and do it. IVF is a deeply emotional experience not just a physical one. Best wishes are coming your way!!

  11. I got pregnant via my second IVF and was blessed with a healthy delivery at age 44.5. I had 16 eggs and plenty of visually good embryos. Only one made it through PGD--ie, it only takes one good one! And boy what a good one it turned out to be. Pure joy. Good luck--to us too, because we're trying again, and again! And yes, every year, and every month or week--makes a difference for us all at this point.

  12. I just wanted to add my two cents to this topic. I went through multiple N-IVF cycles from ages 40-41 years old with no success. The RE I went to told me my eggs were degenerating and he didn't think I would conceive. I thought he was wrong, I thought he was missing my ovulation (timing issue). I went to another clinic for a stimulated IVF cycle and I was told \"it probably won't work at your age but we can try\". I had faith it would work because my FSH was great ( D3-FSH 5, E2-40) and my cycles were regular. I went through a stimulated IVF cycle 4 months before I turned 42. I produced 28 eggs of which 22 fertilized. We transferred 4 and I had a healthy pregnancy and delivered a beautiful baby girl. We had 11 excellent quality frozen embryos. This year I have tried two FETS with no success. I have one frozen blast left. I am really hoping that my last blast works because I am now 47 and I know my chances are slim with my own eggs. However, despite the slim odds of pregnancy at 47, I am willing to try up to three more N-IVF cycles (different clinic) to try with my own genetics. I have read studies that say up to 85% of all women over 45 are infertile. I really think I could be in the 15% that are not. If I had endless money I would do N-IVF cycles monthly until menopause trying for that one good egg. Does that make me crazy?? I don't think so if someone wants a child bad enough and they have the financial resources. I think they should do what is right for them. On the other hand, I personally wouldn't do multiple stimulated cycles because I think that is unhealthy. I guess my point is, if you are over 45 and ttc who says you don't fall into the 15% who are still fertile? My day 3 labs aren't as good as they were when I was 41 but they aren't bad for 47. My FSH has been around 7-8 and my E2 between 60-80. I am hoping my last blast works and I don't have to go the IVF route. If I had listened to my first RE I would have given up and gone onto adoption. I actually started the process and decided to give it one more try. The second RE was also discouraging. Had I let him discourage me, my daughter wouldn't be here today. The only suggestion I can give, is follow your heart but use your head. Jo-Ann

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