IVF with own eggs at 46?

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  1. Hi ladies. I don’t know what to do. Maybe some of you can help me.

    I’m 46.1 years old and have the opportunity to start an IVF/PGD (using my eggs) cycle soon. I have 2 little girls, a 7 year old (natural conception) and a 23 month old from an IVF when I was 43.5 that was covered in full by my insurance. My insurance stops covering infertility at 45 so this cycle would be out of pocket for IVF and meds. Dh is not interested in adoption or donor so it would have to be my eggs only.

    This cycle would cost us $16,000 plus about $5000 for meds. We can afford one cycle but is it really worth it? At my age, would I be throwing $21,000 out the window? I know there is at least a small chance but I just don’t know if I being crazy.

    What would you do?


  2. Hi jroh0011. I'm going on 45 and have a 16 mo dd from IVF, delivered when I was 43.5. We're about to do a FET then we should be done. The age limit for own eggs at my clinic is 43, but they said they would consider my cyling again this year because I had dd. Well I wasn't ready to go again until now and I also don't know whether it's worth paying to do another fresh cycle at 45. It's a very hard decision because money is really tight right now and it's probably the same as flushing it down the toilet! If we had the money to spare we would give it another shot probably at another clinic. It seems so pointless but we are tempted - just to be sure.

    How hard would it be for you to just throw that money away in order to know you gave it your best shot? Since we each had children in our 40s from IVF it's next to impossible to predict our current odds. I just don't know if we could burn the money - but if we could really afford it (it would come from our house equity and we need to move to get dd to a better school yada yada) I would do it. Jill

  3. Hi Jill,

    Sometimes I wish I would have started thinking about this earlier then my insurance would be paying for it. But for that to have happened, I would have had to start cycling a few monghs after dd was born and I was not emotionally ready to do that.

    Even though we can afford the cycle, it is in no way cash we don't need or could be put to better use. We would use a big chuck of our savings and I just don't know if I could chance wasting it.

    Dh and I met with my RE yesterday and I was hoping he would help me make my decision but instead, he told me that my cycle at 43 yo was way better than the average and he thinks I have a decent chance now at 46. I've known him for a long time and I trust that he's not just trying to get money from us.

    So, now I'm scheduled for some testing and I hope it's either really good or really bad so I can make an easy decision.

    Good luck with your FET. I hope it all goes well for you.


  4. I was also told that my last cycle was very unusual for a woman of my age - makes it very hard to resist pushing our luck, no? I understand what you're saying about the testing - if only this decision could be more black and white. I just try to visualise losing the money and try to picture how we'll feel about it (not good - but then again, if it worked we'd be even worse off...hmmmm - but we'd be a lot happier to be poorer in that case!).

    Also, my clinic has a very strict age limit of 43 and would have made an exception for me at 44 but I don't think they would stretch to 45. It's just policy and I'm not very personally involved with anyone there. We'd have to travel to another clinic and that's a whole other consideration. We're also not considering adoption or donor so it really is High Noon on the fertility front.

    Sometimes I wish I had got it together and cycled earlier this year but we do what we do at the time for a reason and then later it can be hard to remember how that came about exactly. I was physically and emotionally not ready and that's that.

    Don\'t know about you but I think the other thing that makes me nervous to cycle again is that when we were going for dd we were prepared to need more than one cycle but this time, even though the odds are lower (however good they are) we are loking at one last attempt. Realistically, it might need more - and I wonder if that is another reason not to try again because we can't give it a proper go - we'd still be wondering after 1 attempt if it might work if we could go again... Does that make any sense?? Jill

  5. I know what you mean about not giving it a chance by trying a number of times instead of the \"all or nothing\" one time try. But I feel, at this point, that if I at least try one time and it fails, then I will have some closure. I would love a 3rd child but I'm also looking for some closure in order to be able to move on.

    When do you start your FET cycle? I'll be curious to know how it goes.


  6. I've started meds and I'm hoping to transfer Dec 18th. At this point we're not planning on a fresh cycle if this dosn't work - just speculating. We'll see how we feel later. I guess you'll post here if you cycle again - good luck either way. Jill

  7. I hope you don't mind if i jump in
    I\'m in the same boat or simular one I just turned 44 a couple of days ago and considering a IVF cycle with my own eggs. I have no children the clinic says i have a really good chance considering my FSH,E2 and Lh levels i also did a clomid challenge.
    Have you done any blood work to see what your levels are?

    The only issue i have is the cost I have no insurance coverage!
    When you did IVF in the past and had a baby what were your level...if you don't mind me asking. im just trying to decide if mine are good.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated iv'e been so undecided that i can't stand myself
    If only you could get a 50% refund if it didn't work.
    Well i'll stop rambling

  8. Ruby - my FSH was 4.5 and I don't recall the other level but it was OK (I was 42.5). My RE said he was not reassured by that though, in a woman of my age. He was pretty gloomy and discorouging and made me feel I was a sad desperate woman! Unfortunately there is really only one way to find out for sure. They were not optimistic until ER went well.

    We were also self pay and money is a major consideration for us. I haven't had my levels checked this year as I don't need to for a FET. I might get them checked if/when that doesn't work though. Yeah - a 50% refund would make a lot of difference! jill

  9. jroh0011
    If you don't mind me asking what was your last cycle like as far as FSH and all
    Did you get alot of good eggs?

  10. Hello,
    I posted a rambling post in the first topic on FET by mistake.

    I am curious. Isn't any miniscule chance of getting pregnant at this age naturally the same as getting pregnant with IVF using your own eggs about the same.

    So, there would be no point in my doing IVF with my own eggs at this age.

    I have a beautiful DD from IVF. Got pregnant at age 43.5. I was one of the fortunate ones and thank god daily for my miracle.

    Now, I feel the tug of another and never thought I would. They are just so fun and cute..it is hard not to want another!!

    But, I know the song that will come from my RE, so I don't even bother with making an appointment.

    I may do DE later..I have until age 51 or something.

    But, can anyone shed light on the chances of natural conception vs. chances of IVF at age 46?

    Has anyone out there actually gotten pregnant naturally after IVF in their forties? I know, silly question. I should know better.

    Good LUck to all and Happy Holidays.


  11. Hi Ruby,

    This is a kind of slow board so I don't read it very often but I'm glad I did today.

    I did my 2nd IVF at 43.5 and got 10 eggs but only 6 fertilized. Then I transfered 3 frozen embryos from the clinic where I did my 1st IVF. All 9 were PGD'd and 3 were normal and transferred. Two implanted and 1 split but I ended up with a singleton.

    I don't remember what my fsh and estradiol were exactly but I do remember that my fsh varied between 2 and 6. My clomid challenge test was aproximately 4.

    Based upon my last IVF, my RE seems to think I have a chance (maybe not a big chance but he's optimistic). I've been going through some testing and my RE told me that pregnancy was good to me because all of my homone levels have improved. Now my fsh is at 6.1.

    I have a consultation with my RE today so he can summarize and present all of the test results and let dh and me make a decision about continuing or not.

    We are sort of self pay. Dh's insurance will cover the testing and I just found out that they will also cover the meds (big surprise) so at least if I get cancelled half way through, I won't be out $5000.

    I'll try to check back more often. If you have any questions for me, I'll be happy to answer.


  12. Laura,

    I don't know for a fact what the statistic are for getting pregnant naturally vs. getting pregnant with IVF after age 45. What I do believe though is that if you have any good eggs left, you might get to them faster with IVF than you would if you tried naturally. It might take you months or years to get to that good one and by the time you do, the quality of that good egg might have deteriorated. But if you could get to that good one sooner by producing multiple eggs, you might get lucky.

    That\'s just my take on it.


  13. I have a friend who is writing a book on infertility and she knows a ton about the subject. She had two children in her 40\'s.

    Her feelings about it are that at age 46, you might be better off trying on your own because since the eggs are not that strong, stressing them out with IVF might not be a good idea.

    If it were me, personally, I think I would try another IVF or two as well as trying on my own.

  14. Hi all. I just turned 44 last week and coming off a failed IVF cycle (chemical). Yeah, it was a great birthday present to me. I've done 6 cycles and am contemplating whether I should give up on my own eggs or try DE. It is just so hard for me to give up on my own eggs. Only my meds are covered by insurance and some of the testing. Most of the cost is out of pocket to us and we really can't afford much right now. (still paying for my last cycle). I was 42.5 when i got pregnant with twins via IVF but lost in second trimester. Tests on the baby was normal. Anyway, realistically, what are the chances that this next cycle at age 44 will produce any good embryos? I am also not sure if my RE will do another cycle with my own eggs this time since he has been talking to me about DE since before I turned 44. I cycle at UCLA. It might be a little hard to find a reputable clinic who would let me cycle at 44 with my own eggs. It is impossibe for me to try naturally since both my tubes are blocked and have been clipped a few years back.


    1st IVF = BFN
    2nd IVF = chemical
    3rd IVF = blighted ovum
    4th IVF = loss twins - 1 at 9 weeks and the second at 19 weeks (test revealed normal baby)
    5th IVF = BFN
    6th IVF = chemical<!-- / message --><!-- edit note -->

  15. Hi Bernie,

    I'm sorry to hear about your cycles. I know what you mean about giving up on your own eggs. I just can't do it yet either. I'm going to give it one more shot but that will be it for me. One way or another, I will be done with TTC and I'm fine with that.

    If you're interested, my clinic does not have an age cutoff. I see Dr. Paul Zarutskie in Laguna Niguel (Orange County). I was successful at 43.5 with him and highly recommend him. A friend of mine was at UCLA but after a few failed cycles, they told her they couldn't do anymore for her and recommended she see Dr. Zarutskie. She was successful with him.

    Good luck to you and I really wish you well!


  16. Hello,
    Sorry for the barge, but I was reading the past posts and thought I'd say hello. Also just turned 44 y/o with several unsuccessful IVF attempts behind me. This year I'm planning to do some low stim \"natural cycle IVF\" tries with my own eggs. The whole process is synchronized with the natural menstral cycle, using minimal drugs, producing less side effects. It is also less expensive. Better still, I hear that this technique may work particularly well on older women. Anyway, it's just another option to consider.

    FYI here's a recent news article on the subject:
    Natural IVF is on the Way, The Times, 16 Dec 2006


  17. I think the stats are that natural is better than IVF over 45.

  18. I hate to say it, but that's because the chances after 45 are close to zero, no matter what method you use.

  19. Don't be hating (I don't mean that in a bad way)! I appreciate your reminders.

  20. ladies - not to be downer but isn't there a time when \"enough is enough\"?!! i am with Spartali.....please.....the madness has to stop at some point

    those that get bfp at 46 are not in an ivf clinic....trust me....it's generally someone has a slew of kids and wasn't trying.....

    has any one below had a sustainable bfp with a clean cvs scan since this post started...if someone has, i stand highly corrected and you can all throw me under the bus

  21. I don't look at it that way at all--if someone has the resources and can get a doc to work with her and still has some eggs--why not? Someone on another board, over 42, just got pregnant on I think it was her 10th IVF. In Israel, where IVF is covered by national insurance, people have as many cycles as they can.

  22. I didn't say that somebody shouldn't try if she has the time, the energy, and the money. But the reality is that after age 45 a woman makes almost no chromosomally normal eggs, no matter what she does, no matter how many cycles, no matter what protocol.

    I know it's different for everybody - but sometimes I wonder how many years of our lives should we give up, how much medication should we pump ourselves full of, how much money should we throw at this, when the odds are so so against us? It's a heartbreaking situation.

  23. i still agree with nyc 43

    i do agree that if someone has the resources,insurance etc - whatever- but it becomes an exercise in futility...it is heartbreaking to hear and watch 45+ women ruining their health by constantly goin' back for more and to what end? a 0 % chance ?!?!

    and a 42 year old is still light years away from from a 45+ in \"ivf age\" - sorry- there's still stats for that group and to some degree, success- stats don't exist for the 45 + plus crowd because it dosen't work...

  24. That's why we have these boards--to moan and whine! Of course I agree that if someone is just emotionally and/or physically torturing themselves month after month, or had unrealistic expectations, well it might be time to stop. But if not, I say go for it! Whichever way is best (which probably is natural, if all plumbing checks out ok). I also agree 42 is eons away from 45 in fertility years til the scientists catch us up!

  25. i agree with u too hanna
    i just makes me crazy when i hear of some women just cycling and cycling without really looking at things really clearly....or not hearing what the REs are really saying...but yes, we all have free will to do what we think is best for ourselves but i think there is a point where some women just kill themselves physically and mentally with not too much to show for it but a huge amex bill

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