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  1. Hi All,
    Bearly, I know what you mean when you get that big supply of meds delivered to you, feels like your some kind of drug supplier for the local neighborhood. It's frustrating when you have to keep pushing for your meds too, they are supposed to be extra good to us, I feel because of all the stress we go through with this stuff, getting our meds shouldn't be made stressful for us. I used IVPCare last time and they were pretty good to me. They had a program for people that didn't have any insurance coverage for this where you could sign up for their program (which all that entailed was just giving them your email address) and save on your meds, I think I saved about $500 on my Follistim. Why do you dislike the Lupron? I was only on it for a week and half and it was awhile ago so I don't remember what the side effects were like.

    Buckeye, Does your RE have you on BCP to get you ready for your next FET? Mine did and I hated it, it always feels so counterproductive to be on the pill when you want to get pg. I always counted down the days till me last pill. For me though I guess I kind of need it because back in April when I was getting ready to do my fresh cycle we had to end up putting it on hold because I had golf ball sized cyst on my ovary. So they put me on the pill for a month and the nurse was totally shocked at my next US when it was gone. I guess my question to that long drawn out explanation is what kind of meds does your RE do for an FET cycle?

    Casey, I know what your saying with the PIO and bruising. The very first IVF I did (ages ago) with my first RE I had terrible bruising and soreness with the PIO. So much so I couldn't sit or lay on my backside without a great deal of discomfort, like you did butt exercises for 6 hours straight and the soreness you experience the next day. So my RE took me off the PIO and we just did suppositories. For my next IVF I guess the RE used a different oil for the progesterone and that did the trick and I haven't had any problems since, except for the foot long needle (feels like that long) my DH has to stick in my bum every night. I try to be positive about it and not dread it so much because I know when I do become pg we will have to continue to do that for the first trimester.

    Ok I'm sorry I have blabbed too much, I go in for my US this am just to double check that lining. I am more optimistic now because the spotting stopped Saturday, but I will let you all know....

    Warm Regards, Angel

  2. Yes, my RE had me on BCPs, then Lupron, and delestrogen then after ET delestrogen, progesterone and progesterone vaginal suppository. After transfer I would get 3 shots (In a.m. and p.m. delestrogen, and p.m. progesterone and vaginal suppository progesterone at bedtime). I had the worst AF after that failed FET too. Bad cramps and lots of bleeding because the lining was so thick....more so than my recently failed fresh cycle.

    I hate being on BCP too because I spot for 2 of the 3 weeks (wk2 and wk3) I'm on it and it sucks because I have to wear a panty liner every single day and it is gross brown spotting (sorry TMI!)!

    That was the FET protocol back in Sept/Oct so I will be interested to see if the protocol has changed for my next FET in Aug/Sept.

  3. Buckeye, I get a lot of spotting too when on BCP, usually about 4 days after my period ends the spotting will start and it's also brown and kind of stringy. When your not on the pill or doing any fertility treatments and just having a natural cycle do you spot then? I usually do. A week before my period is due I will spot and then my period will start and go for 5 days and then I will usually spot a couple days after that, it sucks. It would be really nice to get pg and not have to worry about a period for a year. I don't know what the pantiliner industry would do without me though, I should definitely get stock with them. What's delestrogen? I mean duh I assume it's estrogen but it's in shot form? I just do the estrace, which is a pill and really nice.

    Casey, Any sign of AF yet? What's going on with you?

    Warm Regards, Angel

  4. Hey ladies... i am going in to see if i can start the lupron tomoroow.

    karemaker... i hate the lupron because it makes me a raging B1tch... i hate EVERYONE when i am on it. i get bad hot flashes at night and seem to be very angry. i am usually on it for 2 weeks or more. but i know eventually i will look back and say it was all worth it. i just wonder when that will be.

  5. hey angel,
    yes, i spot typically 3 days or so before my period comes...it's usually brown....delestrogen is estrogen and I take it via an instramuscular shot.

    yes, on a natural cycle i only have to worry about a pantiliner for a week!! but then again i only have a 1% chance to get pregnant on my own per my RE :-(.

    has anyone ever gone to see another doctor for a second opinion? i'm wondering if i should do that soon....i have my f/u w/my Dr. on 7/31. i have a list of 15 questions for him including if he refers his difficult patients to any particular center or Dr. i consider myself difficult since i haven't gotten PG yet after 2 seemingly perfect fresh IVF cycles and 1 failed FET. Just wondering if anyone has done this before?

  6. buckeye... i have considered a second opinion but i didnt have the guts to do it. i am hanging around for one more fresh cycle and than i am going to go somewhere else for an iui and than i will think about another cycle. i dont have any answers as to why two prevoius cycles have failed for me. i am 30 yrs old with male factor. we even used donor sperm for the second cycle and it still failed.

  7. hi bearly,
    i am going to bring this up to him next thursday when i meet w/him as far as a second opinion goes and if he refers folks to any particular Fertility groups/specialists...i really like my dr. but maybe this is something beyond his time or knowledge....we'll see what he says...i am wondering how many patients he has dealt w/like me....maybe not so many....or maybe i am not that much of a freak - who knows!

    you are very young so be strong!!! who ever thought we'd all be fighting this battle!!! i know easier said than done and it is so much easier to encourage others in my situation versus keeping myself up and positive sometimes....sometimes i just feel so hopeless for myself...even thgh my circumstances are better than others and i can have so much hope for others and not myself....weird.

  8. Hi All,
    Buckeye, Are you just seeing your regular OB/Gyn? I guess maybe I haven't read up fully on you. I didn't know that they did IVFs. If so I think I would definitely see if recommends any fertility specialists and I would think of switching to someone that does this all day everyday. Just my opinion though, you have to do what your comfortable with but it sounds like you are starting to get frustrated and it's time for a change. For me I started seeing a new RE after 2 failed fresh and 1 failed FET, I just felt it was time for a change, even though I haven't had any success with my new RE I do feel more confident in him and his numbers on the SART website are much more promising than my previous RE. It is frustrating because all of our cycles have always looked perfect too.

    I go in tomorrow for my transfer. The biologist called me today and told me they only had to thaw four embryos (which is how many we want to transfer) and they all looked good so far. That means I still have 6 frozen. It's still a little nerve racking until you actually get there and hear that they are all ok.

    I\'ll give you all a report when I am able to.

    Warm Regard, Angel

  9. karemaker... good luck with the transfer. you will be in my prayers. keep us posted!!!

  10. Good luck,Angel!!! I hope it works!!!! I will say a prayer....may the 4 time be divine!

    I\'m seeing a fertility specialist at an infertility practice = it is a group of about 7 doctors all specializing in infertility....it is the only one in my city so I'd have to drive 2 hours north or south to get a second opinion....i really like him but we'll see how i feel after our meeting next week and what he says, how much time he has spent reviewing my last 3 cycles, etc.

    Again, good luck! I'll be thinking of you...hope your 2WW goes fast!

  11. Thanks girls for the positives thoughts. Everything went well with the transfer. When the biologist called the day before we had 1 6 cell and 3 5 cell, which is decent I guess. When we got there yesterday two of them had grown more yet which is wonderful. So we transferred 1 7 cell, 1 6 cell, and 2 5 cell. My lining looked good according to the RE and the transfer itself went very smoothly. So onward we go with the 2ww.

    Casey, Is everything ok? I've been thinking about you lately and haven't heard from you.

    Buckeye, I would say if you are already seeing a RE that you like and he is close stick with him. I mean you could always get a second opinion and just meet with a new RE to see if you get a good vibe. My first RE was an hour away and after a few failed cycles I felt we just weren't a good match. So I transferred to a RE that is 2 hours away and really like him. My current RE does have a satellite office only an hour away that I can do all the US and BW at but for the ER and ET we have to travel to the farther office. THey even offered a shared risk program that is just ideal for us because then we aren't putting so much stress on the current cycle. If it fails that totally sucks and I will be heartbroken but at least I know financially we have the next cycle already covered. It's a difficult decision I know, it was really hard for us to switch but I'm glad that we did look at another office and then we had a more informed decision on what we wanted to do.

    Warm REgards,

  12. Angel.... glad to hear everything went well. how are you feeling? are you staying on bed rest for the first 2 days? Oh the dreaded 2ww. i find that is the most difficult part of the whole process. Keep us updated. I hope to start my stims next week but who knows.

  13. Bearly, I've felt fine. At first I was going to go back to work the next day but I was starting to stress about it which is totally opposite of what you need at this point so I did some sneaky arranging at work so I could take the day off. So today is the first day where I can start acting \"normal\" again. But I'm not going crazy. I hate the 2ww. I mean it's good to finally be here but I about drive myself insane with every little twinge. Are you the same way? So how have you been doing on the Lupron this time around? I hope everything is ok next week so you can start your stims. Do you have to wait for AF to start?

    Warm Regard, Angel

  14. angel... dont make yourself too crazy on the 2ww. i poas everyday once i was off bed rest and it drove me crazy because i never got to see the double line. i am wondering if fatigue is a side effect of the lupron cause i am just exhausted. yes i have towait for af to arrive and the only time they do baselines s Thursday. so if i dont get it this week before thurs i will have to wait to start my stims the following week.

    Does your work and family know you are doing the ivf??

  15. Bearly, I'm sure tiredness could be a side effect of lupron. I think all of these crazy hormones wreak havoc on everyone but in their own \"special\" way. I think that is kind of strange that your RE only does baselines on Thursday, do you know why that is? The only people that know about our IVF is my mom, therapist, and of course my friends on these threads. Since this is my 7th cycle we have tried it both ways meaning telling everyone in the world what we are going through to telling no one. I like it better to tell no one because even when we do find out that I'm pg (positive thinking) I would like to treat it like a normal pg and not tell anyone until the 2nd trimester. I'm battling with the POAS craziness, I don't know if I should do an HPT or not...
    Warm Regards, Angel

  16. hey ladies... how is your weekend going?

    Buckeye? where have you been. we havent heard much from you lately? did you make a decision on the second opinion? i think that i am going to switch re's if i am not successful this cycle. i have really just had eough and really need a change at this point.

    karemaker... i dont know why they only do baelines on thursdays? i guess it hasto do with their monitoring. keeps everyone on a smilar schedule for the most part.

  17. Hi All,
    I'm already driving myself nuts in this 2ww. I'm only 4dp3dt and can't concentrate on anything but what could possibly be happening in my uterus. Our DHs are soooo lucky. They can easily forget about it for the day because it is not happening directly to them. Please girls give me some encouraging words, I need my support team...
    Thanks, Angel

  18. Hi Angel,

    I know exactly what you are talking about and you try to analyze every little symptom or twinge. Try to hang in there though....try to keep yourself busy with other tasks or thoughts (easier sd than done I know!). I also found it helpful to plan something you have to look forward to like a vacation, shopping spree, spa, etc. That is also helpful in case it doesn't work you have something fun planned or something to look forward to....I always need that to help me get though.


  19. karemaker.. i have totally been there before and i obsessed over the hpts. it does go by fast though even though it is torture. when it is really getting tough go for a walk. Like buckeeye said find a distraction. you have made it this far. we are here for you. just keep those posts coming. i am praying for the BFP for you!!!!!

  20. Thanks Girls. My DH got home early from work today and we took a walk after supper and that did help. DH has also suggested that we plan a mini vacation so maybe I will look into that. I guess I will just dive into my job for the rest of this week and hopefully that will help the time to pass quicker. Thanks again, I value everyone's opinion on this board so much because we have all been through it but I seem to forget how to deal with it when I am in the 2ww for the 7th time. Thanks again, and I will keep you all posted on if I am keeping sane or not as the week goes on.
    Warm Regards, Angel

  21. Give me updates, girls.
    Bearly, any sign of AF yet? I hope so so you can go in tomorrow for baselines. You doing ok with the Lupron?
    Buckeye, any decisions on the second opinion? How are you doing?
    Casey, I want to know what's going on with you. Did your AF show up?
    As for myself just trying to patiently wait...

    Warm Regards, Angel

  22. Hi Everyone, sorry I fell off for a while there.

    Angel, I feel your pain with the 2WW, it is torture. I hate that no matter how hard you try to concentrate on other things your mind brings you right back to whatever it is you are waiting for at that moment. It's too early to POAS, you certainly don't want to make it any harder on yourself! I think that getting away for a couple of days would do you great!

    Bearly, lupron makes me exhausted too, that and very angry all the time. I hate that!! I hope that you can get in for your baseline tomorrow and start yoru stims as planned!

    buckeye, good luck with your decisions on how to proceed. I did get a second opinion and I was very open with my RE about it. I got a copy of my file and sent it the other RE to review before my appt. When I met with him he didn't really have anything different to say so I decided to stay where I was. I go to a fairly large clinic that has locations in many cities throughout the area and for procedures you get the oncall Dr. so for ER and ET you really don't know which RE you'll get. my last time around that worked out great because I got another DR in the same practice but a different location. He was fantastic. He took the time to sit down with me before my ET and say that clearly something isn't right and changes should have been made. I did get BFP from that cycle but MC 10 weeks later. After that I took 4 years off and here I am back in a fresh cycle with my new RE and it is completely different than what I've done in the past.

    IMO I really think that if you want a second opinion you should get one. it is your body and it's you that has to live with the outcome of all of this. A lot of people get second opinions, your doctor certainly couldn't blame you for that. Good luck at your f/u tomorrow, I hope that you get good answers to your questions.

    AFM - I am on day 6 of my stims as of today I have 9 medium sized follies and just waiting for the call this afternoon regarding my bw.

  23. hi all-
    i've been obsessing since the bfn on 7/9 but now i'm nervous for my f/u tomorrow! i'll see how it goes and then decide abt the 2nd opinion....not that i'm not so emotionally destroyed i've started thinking about adoption like maybe that is my destiny....but i haven't given up hope yet!!!

    hang in there, ladies!!!

    angel, time will speed up eventually!

    casey, hope the bw was good!

    bearly, where are you in the cycle?

    that\'s all for now...back to work!!!!


    PS i feel like i know you guys already!!!!

  24. Man this lupron is kicking my a$$ i am exhausted and am wondering if i have a valid defense if i kill someone soon. Casey is totally on target with the anger thing.....ugh and the headachs. i dont know if i can take another week of this. i had such a hot flash in the middle of the night that i woke up and turned the air down to 65... i just kept hitting the sown button. my husband couldnt get out the bed the next moring it was so cold. i have had cramps and can tell af is coming but i am sure it will aririve too late for me to start my stims this week.

  25. You are funny, Bearly!

    Hang in there! How much Lupron are you on? I'm usually just on 10 units and then down to 5 units when on stims. I only had a few times when I got hot type flashes (I think). But it wasn't too bad....I totally had NO sex drive though, sorry for the TMI.

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