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  1. hey ladies.... just checking in

    Kris... i am so worried about you. i hope you are doing ok. i hope you are able to check in with us soon although i know how difficult it is. we are here for you. You continue to be in my thoughts.

    Jess....how are you feeling? I hope all is well. i am thinking of you too.

  2. Hi girls-got some bad news today. Baby B didn't make it and stopped growing at 8 weeks. had an u/s today. baby A looks okay. Still a huge loss.....aghhhhhhhhh

  3. Jess, I am sorry to hear about your loss it was so hard for me at 4 weeks I just can't imagine how you are feeling. I am here if you need.

    Bearly, I am sorry that I worried you but I needed to stay off the boards for a little while. How is everything going with you?

    AFM, Thank you both for your prayers. This was the toughest thing I have ever gone through. Dh and I seem to be so far apart it isn't even funny. I think neither of us know what to say or do, at first we were ok now I am still crying about everything, like I will be sitting here and it just starts. I am going to call the re on monday to see when we came come in and see what our next option will be.

  4. hey ladies....

    Jess... i am so sorry for your loss. trust me a loss at any time is not easy. I wish i had the words to make it easier. I am glad to hear baby A is still doing well.

    Kris.... it is very difficult to find any wors when you have experienced such a loss but know that this is a time when you and dh need eachother the most. I hope you are able to get some answers and a plan wen you meet with your ob on monday. i certinly will be thinking of you. i hope that you will continue to check in with us and allow us to support you no matter what path you choose.

  5. i miss you ladies... i am hoping all is well.

  6. Bearly-hi there...i am hanging in and holding my breath until the nuchal scan on march 10th. I am sick sick sick...thowing up, nauseous and good for nothing., It has been a tough time to be starting work but also a good distraction. Sick is good, but I feel so bad that I am not happy about anything right now. Just very scared and worried and dreading this next test...its where everything went REALLY wrong the first time. Also dealing with another loss...pulling out a lot of old feelings I have worked hard to bury.

    How are you doing...how far along are you now? are you being seen every 2-3 weeks?

    Kris-I think about you all the time and don't know if you are even lurking around still. Would love to hear from you. Missing you a lot. Sending you lots of healing prayers and thoughts.


  7. Jess.. i know exactly who you are feeling. i have never really been able to get past my losses. I still worry that i could lose this one. Once you pass one milestone there is another hurdle on the horizon. I am sorry that you are so sick. i was vomiting 20 times a day through my 20th week and then i was good up until about week 27. not much of a break but it was nice while it lasted. i am back to vomiting 3-4 times a day. Oh well not much longer and than he will be secure in my arms. i am 29 weeks so just 11 to go. Just wait until you are counting down instead of up.

    Kris... i too miss you and pray that you are heaing. what a difficult time you have had. you are in my thought and prayers and i hope you can check in when you feel better.

  8. Bearly- hi hon! I started work and have been super busy everyday. I have also been REALLY sick and it seems like I am feeling just a little better this week but we will see. Test is on tuesday and am a nervous wreck but getting along okay. Belly is showing for two unfortunately so I am measuring ahead. Its like my body hasn't recognized that I am only carrying a singleton pregnancy. Ahhhhh the joys of it all. I feel like I am still in that infertilty jail until a healthy baby is in my arms.

    How are you doing? Feeling any better?

    Kris-missing you


  9. hey Jess... it was good to hear from you. i have been thinking of you. I am so sorry that you are still not feeling well. i know exactly what it feels like. Wow, you went back to work. how is that going? i certinly do not miss working since i have been off. it was really tough for me working and being sick. i was constantly running to the bathroom and really never felt any relief from the nausia. i know about the anxiety you feel going for your scan. is this the triple scan that is for downs??? I am sure you will be fine. but the worrying never ends. i am praying that your appointment goes well and you are able to relax and enjoy your pregnancy.

    AFM... i am scheduled for another growth scan on Thursday this week and of course i am nervous. i really just want this little guy here safe. i do feel him pretty regularly. it is the strangest feeling and i still havent gotten used to it. I have been sick again. vomiting about three times a day. my mil went out and bought some of the cutest outfits for our little uy so its starting to feel real.

    Kris..... you continue to be in my thoughts and prayers.

  10. Jess... how did the scan go today?? i am tinking of you.

  11. Bearly-clean NT scan and just awaiting bld work results. Still sick....I don't think this is going to pass anytime soon
    GL for your growth scan on Thursday...I can see the worry never ends!
    Glad we are keeping in touch. Will make pregnancy more public when bld work comes back. It is strange, I thought I would be excited to tell, but I am feeling nervous and guarded about it...so not like me...oh well.

    thinking of you and wishing you a wonderful day tomorrow.


  12. Jess & Bearly, I am sorry that I have not been on our internet has been down, they are putting new sewers in and cut something that they should not have. I am so glad that you are both doing well. We have decided to wait to do another cycle. We are going on vacation at the end of april and when we get back we will proceed.

  13. Kris... it was great to get a post from you. i have been thinking of you. i hope you are doing ok. i do often think of you. i ma glad you are going to take a vacation; the relaxation and rest will be great. I hope you will return and let us know how it went. Please keep us posted as to what you plan to do. i am here to support you!!!

    Jess.... Glad the nt went well. i am sure the bw will be normal as well. feeling guarded about telling is a normal feeling. it was hard for me to talk about my loss but everyone knew about the trips then twins so everyime a new person asked i had to tell the story again and again. made it tougher. Tell people when you feel comfortable. eventualy they will figure it out.

  14. Kris-so good to hear from you Where are you going on vacation? I bet that's just what you need right now. Think about you often and already sending you wonderful wishes for the next cycle

    Bearly-unfortuantely people will figure it out on their own soon enough...I want to keep it private longer...oh well. How are you feeling?

  15. Hey ladies... i hope you are both doing well.

    Kris...i bet you re looking forward to that vacation next month. Its a great time of year to travel and if you wait till the end of the month all the spring breakers are back in school. I would love to know where you are going.

    Jess.... how are you feeling? any relief from the nausia yet? you will get through it i promise. Did you get the blood test results from your NT scan yet?

    AFM... i had the growth scan on Thursday and the baby is doing well. he is 3.14 pounds at this point which is about a werek ahead. i am just glad he is growing well. they couldnt see the echogenic focus on his heart but he really wasnt being cooperative. I have to go for weekly nonstress tests because i am at higher risk for complications at birth because i did IVF. so they are keeping a closer eye on him. Other than that all is well. I see the OB every two weeks till 36 weeks and then every week and the high risk doc every week. lots of appts.

    I am thinking of you both. hoping all is well

  16. hey ladies... just wondring of you are still checking in. i am thinking of you both and hoping all is well.

  17. Bearly- hi there. NT results came back great as well as the bld work. I am still feeling yuck. Nausea, now shortness of breath, and lots of fatigue. I started work again and am doing 12 hour shifts...probably why I am more fatigued. But have the make some $ while I can...with this particular job I will not get a maternity leave Anyways I had my cervix measured last week b/c of a prior surgery and everything was okay. My 16 week u/s is next week to check out the baby and then again at 20 weeks. We may find out the sex of the baby next week....
    Anyways, they are watching me closely which is great. They are letting me come in every Tuesday for a hb check, b/c I am such a nervous nellie. I wake every morning and my first thought is \"I lost the baby\". After 2 loses its I guess these thoughts just come. I should be happy to be reminded that everything is okay, otherwise I would feel and great!

    Glad your growth scans went well!!! I have never heard of a making pt's high risk b/c of IVF...would you mind explaining a little....I am wondering why they have never said anything like that to me....they don't even make me high risk with my history and everything...hmmmm you have me curious

    talk soon,

    so glad we are still keeping in touch.

    Kris I continue to think about you and hope you are planning or are on our vacation and having a blast!


  18. Jess... great to hear from you and that everything is going well. i know about being a nervous nellie cause i certinly am. i still wake up and think i lost the baby but am usually reassured after feeling a good kick.

    During my last growth scan at 32 weeks my Maternal Fetal Med doc told me that she wanted me to come in for nonstress tests every week starting at 33 weeks. She mentioned something very quickly about stillbirths but really didnt explain herself or maybe hearing the word freaked me out and i stopped listening. that really scared me so my next ob appt i went and asked the doc about it and he explained that statistically speaking any preg woman has a 2 in 1000 chance of still birth but that studies have show that ivf patients have a 4 in 1000 chance of still births. So he said that they would rather monitor me more closely than take a chance. He said they dont even bother to take into account why the IVF was needed. I hope it doesnt scare yoiu. i knoiw it freaked me out but i am glad to have the extra monitoring.

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