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  1. Can you see it????????????? The picture made it lighter!

  2. YES!!!!!! here is a suggestion. Test on your first void in the morning when your urine is concentrated. Pee in a cup and dip the stick in for about 10-15 seconds. This will give you the best shot at seeing more!!!!! OMG I can't wait...

  3. Jess, Don't you worry I already planned on testing with fmu! I want to go to bed now so I can get up and do it. lol I hope Monday comes quickly so I can go for my beta!

  4. I got up at almost six and took a digital test with heart beating, and there it was Yep, I am pregnant! I started shaking and was so excited I did not know what to do. DH is at work and dd 9 went to north carolina with her dad but dd 13 stayed home and had a sleepover so of course I woke her up all she said was MOM! So needless to say I turned of the light went down stairs and to pictures of it! Here is one if you wanna see.

  5. bearly & jess, where the heck are you today??????

    I called the nurse and she said I can come in tomorrow for my beta instead of monday I can't wait!!!

    This is going to be the best valentines day ever!

  6. Kris-I didn't know you already had children. Were they with fertility tx's or is this secondary infertility? CONGRATULATIONS I took my car in for an oil change. Was in bed after I wrote message b/c so sick with nausea...it is bad and has not given up yet! Seriously, it CANNOT get worse than this...

    So happy for you. We are going to have to move this thread to the pregnancy section that's a good thing!!!!

    congrats again...and what an awesome valentines day gift, no roses necessary now!

  7. jess, yes I have two from a previous relationship. I had cancer in my cervix twice and the doctor talked me into having my tubes cauterized saying it would be best for me! Ha well it was not so here we are.

  8. Kris... so sorry i wasnt here for you... congrats i am so happy. i got goose bumps when i saw your positive test.... i knew it would happen for you if you just stayed positive!!!!!!! did you go today for your beta???/

    We lost poswer yesterday at around noon and just got restored so i havent been able to get on. i am sorry that i missed the news.

  9. Bearly, thank you so much I will be leaving soon for beta and will let you know as soon as they call.

  10. Good luck Kris... my prayers are with you. i am so excitred to see an update!!!!

  11. It is official I got my BFP the nurse called and said it came back positive but my beta was lower than they would have liked (54). She said that it is probably because I went in two days early. So now I can't wait till monday to see what my # is.

  12. Kris-I went in with my first pregnancy...a day early and it was 75...so yours sounds totally normal. With twins I alse went in a day early and was 190...

    I think your number is perfect!

    congratulations...itsn't it the best feeling in the world to get it official? I keep on reminding myself now that I am sick as dog!!!

  13. Way to go Kris... that is wonderful news/ i am so happy for you. this was realy a lucky thread. i am so glad that we have stuck together. just so you know... the 2ww was only the start of the worring. the next couple of weeks will be difficult as you wait for your first u/s and as you feel the stretching and growing. it is totally normal to worry. I am just so glad for you!!!!

  14. Kris-GL with your beta tomorrow! will be thinking of you...

  15. good luck today Kris... keep ius posted!!!

  16. I called re last night because I started bleeding, and still am this morning I was told that there is nothing they can do until they get my b/w back I went 3 hours ago and they told me they would have results in an hour why haven't they called? I am going so crazy and I am so scared!! I have not passed any clots so that is a good sign right?

  17. I got tired of waiting and called I was told the nurse was busy and they had ordered other tests from the blood that they had taken this morning and that she would call me as soon as they got them back. I talked the receptionist into giving me my beta # 140!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so glad that it more than doubled but what other tests would they be doing?? I can't wait until she calls me.

  18. Hang in there. What color is your spotting? It is sooooo scary, I recently went through this...

    that is a FANTASTIC beta number!!!!!!!!!!...try to focus on the that...

    not sure what other tests they would be running...sorry!

    write soon


  19. They ran my progesterone and it was normal so they ran my e2 and it was low so as of tomorrow I have to start taking Estrodial shots.
    My spotting is pink to red. The nurse said that these shots should stop the bleeding.

  20. You must be relieved. All you need is a little extra estrogen
    Hope it stops soon, and glad they found a reason for it...

  21. Kris... congrats on the great beta. that should give you some confidence but as i said before the worrying never stops. I really hope you can get through the next couple of weeks until you see your little one one the us. do you have one scheduled? We are here for you. Stay positive!!!

  22. I went for another beta this morning and am just awaiting the call. Since I have been bleeding they did an exam while I was there and the re said all looks fine! I am so happy for that.

  23. The doctor called and my beta went down to 12. I am wishing all of you well and I don't know where we go from here! This is so hard I literally fell like my heart is breaking. I can't stop crying, dh is calling his dad so I don't have to. I will check in on all of you later.

  24. oh Kris... i am so sorry. i can imagine the pain you are experiencing right now. I hope that you have the support around you that you need and you are able to morn the loss that you are experiencing. we are here for you if you need to cry, scream whatever it takes for you to get through this difficult period.

  25. Kris-I am so sorry for your loss. I can't imagine the pain you are experiencing right now. Please know you are in my thoughts and that we are here for you whenever you need it. It is simply unfair and I wish things were so different for you.

    With much sympathy,

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