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  1. I did get the u/s pics and I can't stop staring at them I even put one on my cell. lol

  2. Just for fun we did the old wives tale with the wedding ring over the belly and it says I am having an boy and a girl so that means twins lady's!!!!

  3. i have never heard of theat trick but thats what i like to hear.. optimism!!!! those two little embies are snuggleing in and making a comfortable place to spend the next ten months. are you taking it easy and relaxing? i really hope so. The next couple of days are important because thats when implantation takes place. Just keep visualizing those little babies snuggling in. How are you feeling????

  4. After my 24 hour bed rest I have pretty much been spending my time on the couch! It is killing me not to clean my house, I hate when things are not where they should be. Dh really dosent see a mess. I will be like this place is a disaster and he say no it is not!! I guess it will wait. I am doing well, have been having mild cramping off and on since transfer.

  5. you sound good...... dont worry about the house... these things can wait till you are pucking your brains out and too exhausted to do it because your pregnant. it doesnt have to be done now. relax and just enjoy your rest

  6. I am going crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. i am here with you. When is the beta???? You are working your way through the first week. Keep your head up.

  8. Beta is not until the 16th!

  9. I am sure it seems so far away. are you able to keep your self busy so you are not focused on it? It is only 10 days. i know... easy for me to say only. This is the toughest poart of the whole journey. Are you going to poas? if so try and hold out as long as possible. I know i was addicted and would start as soon as i was off bed rest... usually about 2dp3dt.. way too early but i could never wait. I am praying for your BFP!!!

  10. I started POAS the day that I came home from et I wanted to know when the trigger was gone. The first one of course was + then second had a faint line and the last two were -. So now I know that it is out of my system. DH went and got me like 6 tests from the dollar store, and that is what I have been using. I just went to the store and bought 2 FRER. I know I am bad but I just can't help myself. When did you poas, & get a +?

  11. i completely understand the need to poas. i did it constantly. i think i was 9dp3dt and that was when i got the first positive. But remember it may have been early because at the time i was pregnant with triplets so i was releasing a ton of hcg. You may get the positive later even with twins or a singleton. I poas about three times a day. must have gone through a hundred opf them before i finally got the positive and even then i continued to test. I hope your hanging in. this 2ww can be brutal.

  12. That is so funny, dh and I went to buy a new computer today cuz ours took a ****. We also bout 6 more hpt cuz I only have 2 left and he said to me what are you gonna do with all those if the next one you take is +. I said I am gonna pee on them what do you think!!! He just started laughing. I then said well I gotta see the line get darker and darker!

  13. yep... one + is never enough trust me... doesnt matter if the line is as dark as night.... it still has to be done. it made my dh crazy. i had to hide them because i was taking too many and he was getting upset about it.

  14. Thank goodness my dh is ok with it so far.

  15. KRIS-YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY what an amazing cycle...your embies were amazing. What great quality. I am over the moon for you and thought about you while away. no computer access there. Cant wait to hear about your beta. I am so hopeful for you

    Bearly-how are you?

    AFM-I got the GI bug and spent the day getting fluids in the hospital yesterday...I am still sick but on the mend.

  16. jess, welcome home!!!

    bearly, how are you?

    AFM, AF was scheduled to make her stop today and as of right now you has not shown up. Thank goodness. I tested thins morning and it was negative. I am now 7dp3dt. What do you ladies think???

  17. Kris-b/c I never POAS I have no idea. However, I do think its too early to detect by urine test...so keep your chin up and keep thinking positively. I remember this time very well and all I can say is keep yourself super busy!!! I made as many plans as I could to make the time pass until beta day. I have all my toes and fingers crossed for you.

  18. Kris... too early to test and get a bfp. keep your head up and dont loose faith. its so important to stay positive. how have you been feeling?

    Jess... welcome home. how was the vacation? did you enjoy yourself. sorry you were so sick. it is so important that you stay hydrated because it can trigger preterm labor. pease keep pushing those fliuds.

    afm... i am soing well. just keep plugging along. taking it one day at a time. i am so exhausted and glad that i am off from work.

  19. Kris-how are you doing today...we are here for you!

    Bearly-trip was good, DH got GI bug while there and I couldn't sit in the sun much because of full body rash (blistering). I was taking benadryl most of the time there to help but it was pretty bad. Hormone and sun is not a good mix...I never have any problems in the sun! We were a mess, but we managed to have a great time anyway.

  20. Bearly, no work YEAH!!

    Jess, So glad that you still had a good time despite everything.

    AFM, Started with headaches last night and yet still today I felt nauseous this morning but it has passed I can smell everything I mean everything and it is driving me wacko.

  21. wow kris those are pretty good symprtoms. i am glad you sound so positive .... that BFP cant be far off!!! I am sorry about the headachs and the nausia. mine lasted for 20 weeks. Did you poas today?

    Jess.... i too have had trouble with the sun. i sat outside one day and got a really bad sunburn. i tend to burn pretty easily no matter what but this one seemed to be particularly rough. no one told me that i should stay out of the sun.

    i am enjoying the no work thing although some of the days can be long and boring and i miss dh. i wish we could spend more time together but someone has to bring home the bacon. he is so stressed at work. i am worried about him. i even told him that i would be willing to go back to work and he could stay home but he really didnt have a response for that. i dont know.... i just wish i could make him less stressed.

  22. Kris-how are you doing today? sounds like things are going well and that you are keeping it together Not as easy thing to do during this time...

    Bearly-I have been out of work for 6 months and dh has been way stressed at work lately too. With the ivf stuff on top of it it was a lot for him. I go back to work in a little over a week...thank god. Did you stop b/c of accident and PT or b/c of pregnancy? How is it going at your parents?

    AFM-this might be tmi but...had a little scare and found blood in my stool the other day...it freaked me out...but they think its from irritation to my bowels from the bug....so glad it is over but is now turning into m/s....actually I should call it evening sickness...

  23. Jess... i am sorry about all that you are going through. just o you know i too had the \"morning sickness\" but it was an all day thing. I never had any relief
    I have been out of work for a month because of the car accident. My job can be very physical and my doctor have not cleared me to return.

  24. Bearly-keep strong..it is hard to be at home. I hope your discomfort is also improving and that you get cleared soon. Postive thoughts for all of us!!!

  25. I am now 10dp3dt and I took a clear blue easy test and there was a very thin positive so I went to cvs and bout the cvs brand and got a faint +!!! I am so unbelieving so I went to my inlaws and asked my mil and she said yep they both have lines!! Then my dh little brother was home and came down staris so I asked him and he said yep I see them so I can't wait to test tomorrow morning!!!

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