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  1. Casey- yea 20 units a day....10 in am and 10 in the pm...fun times!
    I've been on the bcp for 3 and 2 weeks and I always stimmed better when I was on it for 2 weeks. Sometimes the 2 weeks with lupron can over suppress u. How many eggs did you get last time?

    Bearly- I've done 3 fresh transfers and 3 frozen transfers (though 1 of my frozen transfer started as a fresh transfer....had to do frozen b/c no of my embies made it to the trasnfer). So I'm going into my 7th cycle all together (well 9 b/c I had one fresh and one frozen cancelled) and they still will only let me transfer 2 blasts.

    Shelly-welcome and good luck

  2. Hi, everyone!

    I have had 2 fresh cycles with BFN. My first cycle, I transferred 2 B-grade embryos with 0 left to freeze. The second cycle, I transferred 2 B-grade embryos and 1 A-grade embryo. I had 2 to freeze. My doctor said he would like to perform an endometrial biopsy. I have also thought about open abdominal surgery. The doctor performed laparoscopy back in Oct. '07 and couldn't get through to my tubes because of so much scarring and adhesions.

    Has anyone here ever had the endometrial biopsy or open abdominal surgery to remove or fix fallopian tubes or to remove adhesions/scarring?


  3. Lora, it's been 4 years since my last cycle and without looking I think I remember 15 at retrieval and I'm pretty sure I was on BCP for 3 weeks. I went in for several blood panels this week looking for clotting issues, etc. to try to explain my m/c's. I don't expect those results back for at least a week.

    I feel for ya with 20 units of Lupron a day, I hope that the side effects are bearable for you.

    Wendy, I haven't had that procedure, are you hoping to try to have your procedure and still cycle in 2 mos?

  4. Hi All,
    Reading everyone's journey with infertility and treatment sure is humbling. It makes me realize that I am not alone and to stop pitying myself so much. A little self pity is fine as long as you don't get lost in it. Thanks to all of you for posting your stories.

    As for me, just taking my Estrace twice a day and hoping that lining is starting to build up and is nutrient rich. I go in on Thursday to check it. I am thinking the transfer will be on the 24th. Since a lot of you are IVF veterens I wanted to get your opinions. My first RE was pretty strict with his after transfer protocol. 3 days bed rest, only getting up to potty. My newer RE is much more laid back, 24 hours bed or chair rest after transfer and the next day just take it easy, then back to normal activity. Honestly I like the second better because it doesn't stress me out as much and really makes sense. I've heard that it's good to keep blood flowing to the uterus and if you are flat on your back for three days the blood isn't going to do a lot of flowing. Since the embryo wouldn't really implant till about 4 days after a 3dt does anyone know why you couldn't resume normal activity the day after a transfer?

    take care all, Angel

  5. Hi Angel, my RE says the day of and after transfer to be on bedrest although I have read quite a bit that says there is no proven benefit of bedrest after trx. I will not work the day after transfer, I'll just hang around the house and take it easy, watch tv, read whatever.
    I hope that everything goes well on Thursday and you can move forward with your transfer as planned!

  6. Hi, Casey

    I was hoping to be able to cycle again real soon! I'm not sure when I will get to now. I guess I will have to see what happens with the biopsy and what we decide on the abdominal surgery. If I decide to go with the abdominal surgery, I am thinking that it will probably be a while before I get to cycle again.


  7. hi ladies.... i hope everyone is doing well

    the bed rest issue is debatable. differenet re's have different protocols. mine says 2 days bed rest. i strictly follow it and still have 2 bfns. so i think if the ebryo is going to stick it will stick no matter what you do. take it easy and do what makes you comfortable. it is important to be stress free.

  8. I totally agree with you Bearly. I have always been really good (maybe to good) about the whole bedrest thing. I think I get to the point where it stresses me out and that doesn't help anything. I think if the embie is going to stick it will stick no matter what. I have decided for this FET I am going back to work the next day. We already have one person off the week of my transfer and since no one at work knows that I am going through IVF I would have to lie about why I needed the day off and I think sometimes all that lieing causes me more stess than it's worth. Luckily my transfer day is actually going to happen on my day off so I don't have to ask for that day. Now it's not like my job is a strenuous job (i'm a dental receptionist) because if it was I would find a way to get that extra day off. I think I will just go in the day after my FET and say I don't feel well and that will hopefully get me out of doing a lot of up down filing work.
    Casey, where are you at in your cycle, I know you started the lupron, did AF come yet?

  9. Hi Girls, I hope that everyone had a good weekend. I agree with you angel, I'm always concerned about what I'm going to say! I don't know when my ret or transfer will be so I can't plan at all at work, that makes it so hard! I think that if you can stick close to your desk and not be running around the office you would be fine. I think that the important thing is nothing strenuous no lifting etc.
    I'm still waiting for AF. Technically she's not due until Saturday but I went off BCP and started Lupron Thursday so I expect her to come anytime now.

    Wendy, I'm sorry that you have to wait now. Do you know when you will do the biopsy?

  10. Casey

    My biopsy is probably going to be the first week of September sometime. I wish he could just go ahead and get it over with.


  11. I know the feeling of just wanting to get things going. I hope that the result of your biopsy helps them to find out what will make your next cycle a success

  12. Hi Ladies,
    Sorry I fell off there for a while....to bring you up to speed on how things went.....
    -25 eggs were retrieved (compared to 19 my first fresh cycle and I was on less meds this time due to a little over stim last time!)
    -15 fertilized normally
    -1 blast grade 1 and 1 early blast grade 1 (best grade possible is 1) were transferred on day 5
    -6 blasts frozen

    And I got a BFN last Wednesday

    I go back in on 7/31 for my consult and f/u with my Dr. to go over the cycle with him. Obviously, I'll do a FET after my mandatory month break. But I don't have too much hope in that FET because my last FET they had to thaw all 7 embies to get 2 to transfer and I got a BFN. And on day 5 I only had one blast grade 1, 2 early blasts grade 1 and the rest were morulas. I guess 5 of the morulas grew to blast with an extra 12 hours of growth time but I wonder if they are bad because they are slow growers so it won't work and they just froze them anyway.....I really wonder this. I'm hoping that I only go through 1 FET and the bad ones don't survive the thaw.

    Also, the crazy thing is I always feel like they are discouraging me from transfering more than 1 even though nothing has ever worked!!! They say I am at an increased risk for twins - I don't know how that is possible when it NEVER works! Sorry venting!

    I must have bad eggs or my hubby must have some bad sperm that is undetectable or something but it is so frustrating!!!!

    I guess the other positive/negative is that my friend and cycle buddy only had 1 embie fertilized (out of 3 eggs retrieved) and transfered it on day 3 (8 cell) and she got pregnant. That is what is most confusing! I am so thrilled for her to exit the perpetual circle of infertility, depression, sadness, etc. and leave our infertility nightmare club but it is hard for me to understand my own situation and why it didn't work because it is so illogical. Also, it should give hope to the low responders out there that you only need 1 - it's quality not quantity!!

    How is everyone out there doing????

  13. Hi Buckeye, I am so sorry for your BFN. I can imagine how frustrated you must be since it is unexplained. I hope that your follow up gives you some insight and maybe a different plan for your next cycle. Don't give up hope on your FET before it happens, every cycle is different. Good luck to you.

  14. i am so sorry for your bfn but i can totally sympathize. Dont expect to many answers in the wtf session. but on the positive note i read and saw an interview some where that frozen cycles are more successful than fresh. less stress on the body. dont give up hope. i too have two failed fresh cycles and have felt the despair but you just keep tryiong. we are here to support you!!!! you are not alone!

  15. Buckeye, I've been thinking about you and wondering how things were going. I'm so sorry for your BFN that sucks so bad and we can all sympathize with you. It doesn't make sense why it didn't work and that is just the thing with infertility, it's a cruel b**ch that a lot of times won't make any sense. But we just keep trying because we want to achieve that ultimate goal that everyone tells us is so worth it. I will be thinking of you. Like Bearly said don't get discouraged about the FET, I know that your other one didn't work but since they are so much less stress on the body maybe after this month off that is all it will take. Be strong.

  16. how are you doing Lora? Any update?

  17. Hello Ladies,
    I'm going in this a.m. for an ultrasound and BW. I am at day 12 of my FET cycle. I haven't been to the RE's office since day 2 so it feels like an eternity and I'm hoping everything looks ok for us to continue, I personally don't see why it wouldn't. I'm still hoping we can do the transfer next Thursday so I guess I will find out today on that. Just wanted to let you all know...
    Warm Regards, Angel

  18. good luck angel, let us know what they say!

  19. You guys are all so awesome! Thank you for the kind words. I hope things go well this a.m., Angel!

    I\'ll let you know how it goes on the 31st. I agree with you, bearly, and I like how you call it the WTF session - because that is exactly what we are thinking WTF!! I doubt there will be any new enlightening info!

    I attended a chat session/conf. call sponsored by the AFA and a Dr. Chen from St. Barnabas answered questions about PGD. I asked if I was a candidate and she said not really. I am still relatively young and a good responder. PGD is $4500 extra!!! So I was kind of glad to hear that.....

    Hang in there ladies!

  20. Buckeye, No problem, that's we are here to do is support one another. I mean who knows what we are going through better than the ones on our board.

    My appointment went fine this a.m. My lining was at 12, which is pretty good and I still have another week for it to thicken up more. The nurse who did the U.S. said it was thick and fluffy (I like that word) and that is ideal. My progesterone level is low which at this point is also good. So I start my PIO shots on Monday and will go in on Thursday for the transfer. They are going to call me Tuesday with the time and Wednesday I will get a call with the thaw report. So everything is right on track. Fingerscrossed that this is our time to shine...

    Take care all, Angel

  21. congrats on things being right on schedule!! fingers crossed for the thaw. sorry about the PIO!!

  22. Keep us posted, Angel!

    I\'m probably going to do the FET starting August with a September transfer.

    Somehow, I always feel better when I read these boards...I don't feel like such a freak or all alone

    Good luck!

  23. I look forward to reading the boards too, Buckeye. Us \"freaks\" gotta stick together, right?

    Casey, I don't really mind the PIO's, I actually feel secure when I am getting them because at least I know I am getting enough progesterone. WIth the suppositories it always worries me that not enough is soaking in. Any sign of AF yet?

    I am a little concerned because I started spotted last night. The slightest tinge of pink last night, then this a.m. bright red with a bowel movement, and now brown. So I called the RE's this a.m. and she said everything should be fine but just to be sure I am going in on Monday for another US to check. I am just concerned about that nice \"fluffy\" lining breaking down. Does anyone have a point of view on this? Why would I spot. Yikes my neurotic side is already starting and I haven't even done the transfer yet.

    Take care all, Angel

  24. Hi all, angel I'm not sure about the spotting, try not to worry about it until you have your US and make sure that everything is okay.
    I hated the PIO because I always ended up very bruised from it. My last cycle eons ago I did PIO and suppositories. This time around my RE doesn't use PIO anymore, they switched to endometrum. I haven't used it yet but it doesn't appear to be a cream like crinone which is good, I hate that stuff.

    Nope, still no sign of AF for me.

  25. hey ladies...how is everyone doing. wow this thread has been busy. i too enjoy reading them because it keeps me sane and provides so much insite.

    karemaker... try not to think too much about the spotting. i know its hard not to obsess.... but i am sure things will turn out for the best.

    I received my meds at the door yesterday. this is always so overwhelming to me because there are so many. i am still trying to get the pio and the hcg. there are some problems with my rx co and i just have to keep pushing to make sure my entire order is filled. i go in next week to see if i can start the lupron. ugh... i hate luron. anyway, hope you all are well.

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