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  1. The general board is the most non-specific IVF board that IVF Connections has. If it is IVF related it can be posted here, so long as it follows the Rules for IVF Connections (located in the header). Sometimes there will be situations where a thread might be better located on another board (for example: a specific beta question would probably be better off on the beta board) in that case the thread may be moved. Please note that mentioning pregnancies and children is allowed on this board, so long as it is done in a respectful manner, with pg ment. or children ment. in the header. There is a difference between mentioning children and pregnancies and discussing them. Discussions of pregnancy or parenting related topics should be posted in the pregnancy or parenting section.

    If you think that a post/thread is out of line or doesn't fit in with the general board guidelines, please report it to muiti by clicking on the red triangular icon located on the left hand side of every post. The best way to protest a post is not to post at all and I will try to deal with it as soon as possible. Please do not use a wrongly placed post as an excuse to become abusive to the person posting. In other words, please do not take the situation into your own hands otherwise you might be the one who gets their account disabled.

    Aug 2006 - A new sub-board was added just for POLLS. Please put all polls there.

    Dec 2006 - IVF Beginners Board Added

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