It's a Boy!!

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  1. Ralph and I are thrilled to welcome a new addition to the family!!!

    Ryan Anthony
    born December 21, 2006 at 9:42am
    11 pounds, 6 ounces
    21 1/2 inches long

    Big sister Rachel and big brother Ralphie are really excited!!!

    Rachel Regina 2-20-03
    Ralph Michael 11-28-05
    Ryan Anthony 12-21-06

  2. Deb,

    I am so happy for you!! Many, many congrats to your family!! and boy do you have some big healthy babies!!

    Much love!!


  3. Congratulations to you and DH!


  4. Congratulations to the entire family!

    veronica & family

  5. WOW! A big congratulations on the birth of your son! I must admit I had to read his weight several times before it sunk in that you had an 11+ pound baby! What an amazing blessing and I'm sure his big sister and brothers are thrilled.

    Christopher 2 1/2
    Luke & Nate 7m

  6. Deb!!!

    YAY Congratulations!!!!
    Welcome to the world Ryan and welcome to Long Island


  7. Congrats!!! Holy Moly, I hope you had a c-section girl!!!!!Love the weight!!!!


  8. Thanks so much guys - you are all really sweet.

    Yes, it was by c-section - I wasn't due until New Year's Eve, Doc scheduled it for 10 days prior to avoid having too large of a baby. LOL Rachel was 11 pounds when she was born and Ralphie was 10 lbs 3 ounces. Ryan was the earliest of all deliveries and the biggest. Go figure.

    Thanks for the well wishes!

  9. OMG! Congratulations and welcome Ryan!


  10. Congratulations to you and your family!

    Jade 3 y/o

  11. Congratulations!!

    Nicholas 2y2m

  12. Congratulations! I was looking to see when you had the baby. Congrats on the son! Wow, you do cook them BIG don't you! Glad mommy and baby are doing well!

    Connor and Cole 3 yrs
    Allison 7 months

  13. Congratulations WoW what a big boy.Thank god for c-sections.

    Christopher born 5 1/2 weeks early on 12-11-06 weighing 6 pounds.

  14. Thanks so much for the well wishes!!! Ryan is very sweet - just bascially eating, sleeping and pooping. Yesterday he spent some time in the bouncy just as Rachel and Ralph came home from school and he was up for over an hour looking around.

    Best to everyone - Gina - congrats on your new baby!!


  15. Congratulations and welcome Ryan! PS: I like all of your DC's "R" names !


    Scotty 33 mos
    Siobhan 15 mos

  16. Deb,
    I know we have chatted in the past. Congrats to you and dh!!!!! Yeah yeah yeah!!!!

  17. Congrats to you guys!!!

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