Is Ths A Sign Of Weaning?

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  1. My dd is 12 weeks old and she was born early. So after delivery she had difficulity latching. I ended up pumping to bottleing and then after a few weeks, I started bfing her with a sheild. In on session yesterday and this morning, she won't take the breast. She is getting formula for supplementation and i'd like to keep bfing her I was so upset and frustrated this morning that I gave her to dh Is this a sign that she doesn't want to nurse anymore. Now that I've gotten a sheild, I've very much looked forward to our nursing She falls asleep at the breast which is fine with me and she stays on as long as she likes. Any thoughts or ideas would help. I hope she doesn't want to wean herself already

  2. It would be very uncommon for a baby to wean this early. I would just keep offering. It could just be a little nursing strike.

  3. One time when my daughter was about 6 months old she refused to nurse the entire day. Turned out she had an ear infection. I highly doubt she's weaning. Just keep offering the breast, especially when she's tired.


  4. No, babies do not self wean until at least 12 months of age - keep up with nursing - she will eat.

  5. It could be a milk flow issue. Baby is used to the flow from a bottle and isn't satisfied with having to work for her supper. You can use a SNS at the breast with a shield (under the shield) to give the supplement and slowly wean down the supplements. You can also give a small amt of supplement by bottle and then BF, finish the supplement and nurse to sleep.

    See for more info on supplementing a BF baby and low supply.

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