Is this Male Factor?

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  1. Hi there everyone! I'm still coming up with more and more newbie questions to post!

    Since I'm still learning all the new vocabulary here, I was wondering if our situation would be one referred to as Male Factor? My hubby was born with Prune Belly Syndrome and so has had many operations from birth to two years old, which has since caused a blockage in his system and sperm does not come out in his semen. He's done the semen analysis once, and there were no sperm in it, so they'll be repeating the test soon just to double check. The doctor said he's 99% sure it's due to a blockage and not a production problem. All of my tests came out normal.

    So is this one definition of Male Factor?


  2. Hi alifriqui. Yep, that is a form of male factor (basically too little sperm). You'll likely need IVF with ICSI (ICSI is when they "inject" one sperm into one egg). People without male factor don't need the ICSI part, but it can help ensure fertilization if they want to pay the extra cost.

    I have heard that when the male factor is very extreme, doctors can surgically remove a sperm or two (whatever they can get) to use with ICSI.

    Good luck!

  3. That is male factor. Male factor just means that the reason you aren't getting pregnant has to do with a problem with the man. If you had the problem it would be classified as female factor.

  4. Thanks! That's good to know I can keep my eye out for phrases like that. I've heard the words male factor a lot, but never actually heard "female factor" before. I guess because female issues seem to be more clearly defined.

    And yes, my hubby will need to have surgical aspiration to get the sperm when the time comes. I'm not sure what all is involved besides going in directly with a needle, so that's more to learn about! But our doctor did mention that aspiration usually doesn't produce enough sperm for an IUI, but not sure if we will need to use ICSI. I guess they will need to get a sample of sperm to find out more info. My hubby has tried to produce a 2nd sample to be analyzed, but getting a sample at all on his own is proving to be tough.

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