Is there hope?

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  1. Friday (9dp5dt) = 49
    Today/Sunday (11dp5dt) = 64

    Obviously didn't double but did increase. I return Tuesday to repeat the beta again. I did have a little spotting yesterday (both pink and brown) as well as cramps and nausea. We transferred two. Any ideas what could be going on?

    This is agony. Thanks in advance for any insights you can provide!


  2. Sharon, just wanted to see how you are doing? My beta at 14dpo was 51.7 and 76 on 16dpo. I go in tomorrow for 3rd beta and am scared of low numbers again. Did you have a FET? I hope you are doing well...

  3. No personal experience to share, but have seen many posts from individuals with similar experiences. Some had success and other's not. You may want to check the beta board.

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