Is there anyone else stuck on bedrest right now?

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  1. Just wondering if I was the only one.

  2. Just started BR yesterday after my high risk OB determined that I have uterine artery issues at 32 weeks and baby is not growing well. I'll be on until at least my Jan. 5th appointment. Wiuld love to chat with you.

  3. I just got put on bedrest yesterday for my cervix shotening and starting to funnel. have also had contracts. dr said that they would not do anything to try and stop labor if it happens. totally floored and not sure which way to turn. 6 weeks seems like forever to get too to at least a chance of viability. I am 18 weks today with b/g twins.

  4. hi ladies
    well i knew this day was probably coming, but still kinda hard to believe its here already. i'm 24 weeks with b/g twins and yesterday was put on hospital bedrest until at least monday, then on bedrest at home until they are born. we always knew this could happen, but didn't think it was going to happen yesterday! went in for u/s all was fine, but when they measured my cervix it was 2.4 cm, last time it was 3.5.... doc asked how i had been feeling, I said more aches and pains lately. he said, i'm sending you to get monitored for contractions. i thought he was over reacting, but guess what, I was contracting every 5 minutes and had absolutely NO IDEA. I just thought it was normal aches and pains. They are very mild and sometimes I don't even know they are happening... SO my OB was in today and she checked my cervix and she said it was completely closed, so we were able to exhale. They put me on some meds and I think I'm only contracting a couple of times an hour if that. They want me here and in bed for a few days and then they check it again on Monday. If it is stable I can go home and be in my own bed with the kitties - i miss them so much. sigh. i'll do whatever it takes for these babies, just hard to get my mind around all of it and not worry about them being born too early.

    what\'s your situations? mommatony, sorry to see you here, but nice to see a familiar "face".

  5. Hi Lori
    I'm so sorry to hear what is going on with your pregnancy. I know it is SO SCARY. Are you seeing a specialist? What is your cervical length? I know it's hard to believe but I don't think there is much they can do, while there are some meds to stop contractions, apparently not all docs feel they really work. The doc on call put me on Indocin for 48 hours, but my OB disagreed with that... but I don't think it did any harm. I guess if you get it past 30 weeks it can harm the babies final heart development. SO, I understand that bed rest is the best thing you can do. And, I am living proof that it can make a difference. I've been on bed rest since 12/30 and my cervix has not only stopping shortening and funneling, it has gotten a little longer. I still have contractions, but they are not consistent any more. I'm still on bed rest and will likely be the rest of the pregnancy (I'm 26 weeks) and they say will end up on hospital bed rest again before they are born.

    I know it is a hard thing to handle. The first few days I cried all the time. I cried for every reason possible, fear for my babies, loss of control, knowing I couldn't shop for them, having to stop work so soon, you name it. It is overwhleming. But it gets easier to handle. You will come to a state of acceptance and settle in for hopfully more than 8 weeks and your babies will be born BIG and STRONG.

    Are you at home or the hospital? Strict or modified bed rest? Make sure you get very clear instructions on what you can and can not do. And stick to it. Have DH collect some resting activities for you - I actually don't read that much or watch a lot of TV, I like to be on the laptop emailing friends, talking on the phone, crochet baby blankets, etc. I can send you a list of activity ideas if you want. I have often read and agree that it is important to have structure to your day. I get up when DH does, have some breakfast, shower and change my clothes. Back to bed I go and I make a list of things for the day, including naps and easy stretching. It helps. The days that I go into without a plan always lead me to depression.

    I'm here and not going anwhere, so write and vent whenever you want. I'll be praying for you and your babies.


  6. Diana- are you still in the hospital? sorry to hear your situation. thanks so much for responding. I called an ob yesterday that we've been having a consult with yesterday and she immediately called my peri up in boston. He wants to see me on friday and they said to pack a bag as he may want me to stay up there since I live on nantucket. a little earlier then we had planned, initally he wanted me off the island at 32 wks. Doesn't matter to me as long as these babies are able to stay inside me for a while longer.

    I've still been having contracts so it will be intersting to see if things have changed. as far as my measurements are 1 month ago cervix was 4.6, 2 wks ago 4.2 and then monday was 3.6 but this time theres a good amount of funneling that hasn't been there previously. I know 3.6 is still ok but the funneling isn't nor are the contracts. Im a little calmer now then I was monday and yesterday knowing that I will be seeing my peri friday. its such a relief.

    are you in the boston area? if so who's your peri? mine is bruce cohen and I'll be using beth isreal which I've heard they have the best nicu in boston so that makes me feel better too. As for my bedrest, I am allowed to get up for bathroom,shower and food so assuming thats modified? I broke out my crocheting yesterday (god I'd love to be able to go to joanns on the cape for more yarn) and I also have some cross stitch blankets too work on as well.

    Do you know what your having yet? Im having B/G twins. Im usually on the computer off and on all day but go to sleep around 8-9 and then wake up again around to have to get to know you this way but looking forward to having someone to share this with.


  7. Hi Lori
    I am at home on bed rest now. I was only in the hospital for a week, thank goodness. I didn't mind being there so much, but I would so miss DH and my cats if/when I get stuck back in there. So do they want you in the hospital instead of on the island or can you stay with family/friends on the main land? Glad you're getting into see your peri this week, curious to hear what they have to say.

    Are your contractions regular, like every so many minutes? I have about 5 a day, but spread throughout. Your cervical length seems good, but yeah, the funneling would concern me too. Hopefully rest will stop that and you'll be sitting pretty for several more months.

    I'm in Falmouth, but we go up to South Shore Hospital. I see both Dr. O'Brien and Dr. Athannaisou in Maternal Fetal Medicine and my OB is Dr. Sullivan. I'm just realizing that it is quite a coincidence that we live so close to each other! Maybe when our twins are born strong and healthy we can get them together to celebrate!

    Sounds like our rest is similar, I also can shower, eat at the table, and sit in a chair for a while. DH out a little stool in the shower so I could sit and take my time, it my favorite time of the day What are you crocheting? I'm making baby blankets. One is started, about a 3rd of the way done. I had never crocheted in my life so when I was in the hospital DH brought me the materials and I learned on youtube... great resource.

    I am having girl/boy twins too!

    Had to take the 3 hour glucose test this morning, failed the screen on Monday. Sure hope I don't have gestational diabetes - but wouldn't be surprised the way things are going....sometimes I feel like every thing that could possibly go wrong already has or will. I not really negative, if anything I try to find some humor in it. No coffee, no booze, no driving, little walking, no this, that, and the other thing AND now maybe no sugar! Uhg! It's worth it though - I'll do anything for these little babes. I love them so much already.

  8. Well its good to hear that you are home again. Im bored at home so can only imagine how boring it will be in the hospital. I dont know yet if they are going to want me in the hospital yet as everything I have read online (torturing myself) says that they wont do anything to stop labor before 20 wks so dont see why they would put me in this early. were looking at hotels as we dont have any family here and dont know anyone in the boston area so it may get pretty expensive.

    Mostly my contractions seem to be happening in the middle of the night with a few during the day altho in the last hour I have felt 3 so trying not to freak out too much. they dont hurt just feel the tightening and I have a feeling that something is going on with the cervix cause I feel a little pressure there as well.

    Have you joined the MoMs group yet? I've looked at the site but haven't joined yet but probaably will as I want to be able to hit up their sale this spring. I found one that is located on the cape. dont remember where off the top of my head tho. Would love to get together after our babies are born. I've heard alot of good things about south shore. We're using beth isreal cause thats where the peri that comes to the island works out of.

    right now i am crocheting a baby blanket that I had started for my ds that is 15 mos old and I never finished it so broke that out and then I have a couple of baby quilts that I need to cross stitch as well. gives me something to do. thats cool you learned on youtube.

    well i think I am going to go see if a warm bath will relax me a little. I'll check back a little later. hope you have a good night.

  9. How are the contractions? Did they tell you how important hydration is? We went to a preterm labor class and they said dehydration is the most common cause for early contractions - so when you feel them drink a ton of water and lay down on your side, they may go away. I try to drink lots all day, but can tell when I'm running short. The other thing that seems to trigger them for me is stress... emotional stress. Which I know is so hard to control. As hard as it is, try to be positive and remember each day is a huge success and one day closer to you having your babies.

    Did your peri say he wouldn't do anything to stop labor under 20 weeks? If I were you I would just be really strict with your bed rest, trust your gut. Even if they tell you you can do certain things, if you think it might be too much, hold off.

    I'm so sorry you may have to stay at a hotel... I wonder if you can get some kind of discount. Maybe BI has a deal with certain hotels for people in similar situations. Or, I guess they might admit you, which while sucks, should be covered by insurance. Let DH worry about that, you focus on your babies.

    I haven't joined the MoMs group yet. Would like to though. I'll have to check out the site.

    Went to a breastfeeding class last night - got a "release" to leave the house from my OB. I stayed in a wheelchair the whole time, but so glad I went. I don't know what it will be like BFing two babies, but I would like to try. I plan on also having bottles and formula as plan B. I was so jealous of the women that are delivering soon!

    I hope you have a good day. I have a friend on maturnity leave coming over for lunch, that will be a treat. First time seeing her baby - I met her on these boards about 1.5 years ago.

    How did you end up on Nantucket??

  10. Hey there how are you doing? Went to see the peri on friday and things had not changed any since last monday. He's keeping me on bedrest at this point and said that he had talked with my local dr and told him that yes they would take measures to stop labor if it started and that if the cervix shortens more then a cerclage could be done. Went today and had another u/s and things are still the same no changes so as long as they stay were they are at we are all good. will see the peri again next week when he comes to the island. I did gain 2 more lbs last week so guess thats a good thing.

    I'm gonna try to bf both babies as well. I know its gonna be hard tho. heck when I was nursing my ds it seemed like that was all I did so I can only imagine what it will be like with twins. I figure if it gets too be too much then I will pump and bottle feed them but at least that way they will still be getting breast milk. I really want to do it tho.

    How have you been feeling? whens your next drs appt? my bh have eased up since I've been on bedrest. well hope things are going well for you. will check back tomorrow.


  11. Hi Lori
    Great news that you have had no changes! The rest is making a difference. Also good to hear your peri is on top of it and would attempt to stop labor. But I am confident that is not going to be an issue for you, all is going to be okay. Did they say you need to move off the Island?

    I'm with you on the BF - I want to do it and will try my very best.

    I am doing good. Had an OB appt yesterday, cervix is closed. Tomorrow I go for ultrasound and they'll check the cervix length and do a full growth scan on babies. Hoping for a good report tomorrow too! I feel pretty good, used to being at home all the time now. I do find it difficult to focus on any one thing for very long though. I read for 15 min and then have to do something else... people are like "you must be getting so much reading done!" I'm not at all. Also the last 2 nights I've had bad insomnia... uhg. I'm not napping during the day to try to sleep better at night, but it doesn't seem to be helping.

    So glad to hear your bh have lessened. Mine seem to be stronger but very infrequent - like 5 times in a day. Doc says that is normal.

  12. Hi Lori -
    just a quick note... got yucky heartburn. Appointments went well today. Cervix was 3cm with no funneling. Babies are each about 2lbs - which is where they should be. They are a little on the small side, but within normal range. I started feeling the babies a little bit at 22 weeks, now I feel them more, but it's not constant. It's a blessing to feel them in the night, reminds me that I'm not the only one awake

    What week are you now?

  13. Have fun at your u/s today. its always so nice to be able to see the babies. I wont have another one till the 4th when the peri comes to the island. They didn't say anything to me yet about having to leave the island before 32 weeks but thats been the cut off from the beginning. Local dr did say when all this started that they would probably start doing the swab test (dont remember what its called) to see if labor is close around 22 wks and that might be a determining factor on when they want me off even tho the postives carry alot of false positives. Are you feeling the babies much yet? maybe thats why your having the insomnia? I have it pg or not so used to it so I HAVE to take naps during the day.

    Looks like its gonna get cold again this weekend. I am SOOOOO ready for spring already. I'll check back tonight to see how the u/s went. go eat a Big Mac for

  14. Are you at 28 wks now? I am at 19.3. Im assuming that since your at 3 your still on bedrest? Super tired tonight so will write more tomorrow. glad everything went well for you.

  15. Sorry to barge in ladies but I just wanted to give you some hope during your bed rest. I was pregnant with twin girls in September 2008 when my water broke with one of them. I was exactly 21 weeks pregnant. Long story short, I was admitted to the hospital and was on hospitalized bed rest for 7 weeks. I delivered both girls at 27 weeks, 6 days. They are now 14 months old and are healthy and doing great!

    I was told that there was virtually no chance that I'd be able to hold onto the pregnancy but I did. For the first 3 weeks it was literally hour by hour. I remember being happy that I made it to the 24-hour mark without going into labor. Then 48 hours, 72, etc... When I read some of your comments I feel like I could've written them. I had no focus at all and couldn't do anything for too long. I also love to read and everyone kept saying how much I must be enjoying all the time I had to read. Not so much! I don't think I finished a book while I was on bed rest. I did read a lot of magazines because they were short. Also, I joined NetFlix. They delivered the movies and TV series right to the hospital and I used to watch them on my laptop. I also spent a lot of time on-line. I was on very strict bed rest once I hit 24 weeks since at that point they said the girls were "viable." I don't have to tell you but to me they always were viable! I remember a couple of people cringing when I called the babies by their names-Sophie and Lindsay-but as far as I was concerned they were my babies and I was already so in love with them. Anyway, I could only get up to go to the bathroom and could only shower sitting down every 3 days. Other than that, I had to be in bed.
    I won't go on and on but I just wanted you to hear from someone who has been there. If you want to read more of my story, feel free to go to I think you have to join the site but there is no cost. My e-mail is Feel free to e-mail with any questions-or any tips you might need on raising twins! It's so much fun but a ton of work. Hang in there ladies. I know how hard it is.

  16. Kim-thanks so much for sharing. it definately helps to hear success stories like yours. I'll definately check out your website.

    19.4 b/g twins

  17. Hi everyone! I'm 30.6 weeks. I was offically put on bedrest Wed. night. I spent 2 days in the hospital to get my contractions under control. Right now I'm on Procardia, what types of meds are you on if any?
    Last year, I was on bedrest for a month. I was pregnant with b/b twins, but lost the battle at 18 weeks when one of their waters broke.
    This pregnacy I've made it so far and am pretty willing to do anything to get as many more days/weeks as I can.
    I will say that drinking water helps keep the contractions away, but causes me to have a full blatter putting pressure on my belly causing me to contract. So I have to remind myself to pee often.
    I'm allowed to shower once a day, but I don't know if that will happen.
    I'm thinking of all of you during this rough time. You can get through it! Just keep your eye on the prize!!

  18. Susan-sorry about your loss. been there before and there just are no words to help. As for meds, Im not any at this point. Drs say I am too early and unless I do more then what I am they wont do anything other then order bedrest and the increase in u/s.

    19.4 wks with b/g twins

  19. Diana- How did your u/s go the other day? hope everything is ok since haven't heard from you in a while.

    AFM-going in for another u/s this morning to see if there have been any cervical changes as I've been having BHs since 330 yesterday morning every 15 mins. their not as bad today but need reassurance that all is still ok with the cervix and funneling especially since my appt with my peri got moved back from thursday to saturday. Its not till this afternoon tho. will message when I get home.

    19.6wks b/g twins

  20. Diana- Ok girl, Im starting to get worried about you since I haven't heard anything from you in a while. praying that all is fine with you and the babies. please update when you can.

    21 wks b/g twins

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