Is taking synthroid dangerous in pregnancy

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  1. My doc put me on synthroid, not sure if it was exactly necessary since I am getting mixed opinions if I truly needed it. Anyway, since I am still on it, just wanted to make sure it wasn't dangerous for the baby. i am only 12 weeks pregnant.

  2. I took synthroid all through my pregnancy and it wasn't dangerous. If you don't take it that can impair the baby's brain development from what I understand. Good Thyroid hormone levels are important in pregnancy.

  3. Do you know what levels should be? How early did you take it?

  4. I started taking synthroid before I got pregnant. One of the doctors at my fertility clinic had tested my TSH level and it came back as 6 which is a bit high. During pregnancy, if I remember correctly ,it should be under 2...around 1 or 2. You should ask your doctor just to be sure.

  5. Hi Kerri
    I get pregnancy induced hypothyroidism. It happened in both of my pregnancies right around week 14. When I'm not pg, my TSH levels are fine.

    Mine was around 4 and I was put on synthoid, and within a few weeks my levels were in the normal range. Your OB will most likely monitor your levels while you're on it for the duration of your pg. You're thyroid levels are very important during pregnancy. I felt 100 times better once my levels were normal.

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