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  1. Hi,

    I cant believe i am finally entering this part of the website. I have been struggling with IF for 8 years now. We tried several IUIs and one IVF. All failed. We both had our issues. Recently, I finally relaxed and let it go and was having fun and pushed IF away from my mind. I found out last friday that I was pregnant. Trust me, when reading these similar stories, I considered it would never happen to me. NEVER!! Well, it happened - and I got pregnant naturally. My breast was sore and I felt pregnant at the end of last week. But since, adding work stress, my symptoms seem to fade away. Worried I took a blood test this am and my beta came out being 42987. Isn't it too high? They say it is a good # . I don't have my ultra-sound until October 16th. That seem far as well. I don't know why but I am afraid I miscarried, or something like this. I can hardly believe I am pregnant. Anyway, let me know if this number seem good (I think my last periods were around 08/17). Thank you!!

  2. Hi

    I hope this helps---I was almost 42 when I got pregnant---my pregancy symptoms always were there and then days I didn't feel pregnant at all.

    I was so afraid I would miscarriage or something was wrong because of my age. after a while I just thought you know if it is God's will this will work and this child is a miracle and God has a purpose for this child. I embraced my symptoms when I had them, then when I didn't have them I would get things accomplished because when I was sick I barely was able to function on some days.

    Do you know how far you are? because to give you an idea. You may be far more along then you think because some women get there periods.

    Embrace this pregnancy---for now you are and that sounds like a miracle in itself.

    Keep me inform how this goes for you!! I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. I am sending you baby dust your way


  3. Hi Hoping,

    Firstly congratulations!

    I would suggest you are approx 31 dpo (days post ovulation) based on a regular 28 day cycle.

    If you look at the following site you'll find much higher has been reported:

    Also, you could likely be out on your dates and may also have ovulated quite early this cycle.

    Best wishes!!

  4. Call and get them to move up your u/s! You deserve it! Congrats.

  5. Call and get them to move up your u/s! You deserve it! Congrats.

    I agree, they can tell you how big the baby measures.

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