Is it OK to let an 8yo boy & a 2yo girl bathe together?

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  1. no big deal.
    my almost 7year old dd and 2 year old ds have baths and showers together all the time.
    To busy to go seyoungihmate, besides they have so much fun splashing the water around and giggling together.
    I suspect I will know when the big one no longer wants to bathe with the little one and it will be a natural progression to private bathing by the kids and us as a family in general.
    We are a bit of a nudie household though...don't sit around naked, but no big deal if we are discussing the days events while one of us in the shower and kids running in and maybe thats the differance.
    We are in australia as well so maybe slightly cultrually differant?

  2. I am just thinking if there are any Europeans here who can comment. As I said before we are not hung up on nudity in my house, but we do not parade around. Just no big deal if someone is changing, no one cares. I grew up in a very, very, very uptight house and just think to that extreme was rediculous. dh and I were in Tahiti on our honeymoon and there were many people from France there. They went totally naked on the beach - everyone from babies to grandparents - just the whole families frolicking around together - eating, jumping in waves, tanning, like some painting at the Met. It was really shoking to us how relaxed and carefree they were. I was totally self concious in a bathing suit. Anyway, I'm not saying all Europeans are like this, but just wondering what the take is from people from other countries.

    European here, only to afraid to write anything tin now not to be called obscene :-)))

    I do not know, it is a bit different approach here, only I found myself in problem to formulate since I never do it. I mean, I never have to discuss it since everybody I know kind of agree in no fake moral and run around naked. Or somehow like this. So, let’s try, children should not be afraid or shamed of their body since it could lead to different frustration which then lead to all possible problem (this ones I let you imagine). It is kind of why Bavaria (south Germany) and Italy have highest number of hard core and all possible youngihmversion users in Europe, because they are both very catholic, so it is forbidden. This is why they do it. And in Scandinavia where everybody run around naked it literally does not exist. (Do not ask me for cite source of this statement, it is kind of public wisdom, can search internet if necessary). Or in a way you can run around naked and everybody have to be in control of his or her behavior or like opposite you can move in Saudi Arabia or somewhere where female have to be totally covered otherwise poor boys could see some body part, get crazy and not responsible for their own action.

    I grow up in Croatia, this was part of Yugoslavia then. Croatian coast is Mediterranean, between Italy and Greece. It is a nice coast. Since Italy is catholic and Greece orthodox with heavy influence of churches in 60ties, and we were communist and atheistic in general, we used this as business opportunity and fill coast with nudist camps. To get some foreign cash. So , Croatia become at this time nudist heaven of Europe. (Funny things one can learn on IVFC) Still today, there are many camps where you are allowed to bath, walk around and everything else only naked. There is no generally and problem in it. People who have problem with it simply do not go there. I went twice with my dh (his wish really) in such camps, once before ds, once with ds. What was kind of funny, or what I found interesting there is that when you get in camp nakedness become normal and nobody comment it, nobody look at you and generally everybody behaved like this is the most normal thing. Everybody behaves very nice, and there is really no reason to stare around. At first I didn’t want to go, thinking my body is not nice enough for me to run around naked, when I get there I realized that my body is between better ones, only nobody really care. This were kind of normal people you see in suyoungihmmarket or on job only naked. To fat, to small, hanging parts. Really no reason to stare. Anti sexual in a way.

    So ; now I get in essay writing which I wanted to avoid.

    I grow up spending 3 months each summer on coast where Germans, Italians and France tourist run around naked on normal and not FKK beaches. Americans (this were really Croatians 2nd or 3rd generation coming in old country for holidays) fully dressed. They called us obscene and despise us, we called them moral hypocrites. They guys wear what we called long trousers to swim and told us that speedo is outdated in USA: We roll of laughing on this statements and call them unpractical hypocrites who would get sick because there are wet all the time.

    So, over with essay on European nakedness. I have more anecdotes to share, but I guess I overwrite already.

    I do not have answer to OP. Or, generally, I agree with PP, I do not see a problem , let them bath together. When they feel they are to old for it they tell.

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