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  1. pickles.... i am sorry about the trauma you must have gone through years ago and it must be extremely difficult to have these exams. You are right... it is demoralizing to have to expose ourselves in such a manner so frequently to strangers. i dont know if it will get easier for you but know that we are here to support you.

  2. This morning I had the exam for fibroids in the womb and I almost started crying on the table. It wasn't when he told me there was something in there. I was half expecting that. It was while he was doing the exam.

    I was raped a number of years ago and that is what it felt like. I can't tell if I am deep ending or if it is normal to feel this way.

    I know we all joke about how easy it would be to do it the old fashion way but it just seems so demoralising to keep having to present myself for these embarassing dehumanising proceedures.

    Does it get to anyone else or am I just weird?

  3. Wow, I am sorry that you had to go through that. I do hate those exams and transvaginal ultrasounds, too - they make me feel violated. I really hate them.

  4. I'm sorry, too, Pickles.

  5. Pickles -
    I'm so sorry you had to experience those feelings. I also have a sexual trauma history and experienced my first and only flashback during my HSG exam. I think the flashback was caused partly by physical pain and partly by the fact that the radiologist didn't speak to me at all during the exam, just poked and prodded me without saying ONE WORD. From that time on, I have

    1) insisted that during invasive procedures, a friend or my partner be allowed in the room with me and
    2) asked each doctor to explain what he is doing as he does it

    I haven't had any more flashbacks.

    I hope this helps.

  6. Pickles, I am so sorry. I, too, feel that way. I often ask for a second drape sothat I can cover everything except the area the RE needs to see. Then I make it a huge point to ask him to insert the speculum slowly because it's painful for me. Many RE do listen and will go very slowly if you make it a point to just talk about how uncomfortable and painful it is for you. I hope after all these horrible procedures and appts your dreams finally come true.

  7. Pickles,

    first of all I just want to say how sorry I am for what youve gone through.<br /><br />It looks like so many of us,women,have been sexually abused one way or another.<br /><br />For me,it was my half sister(she was 14 y.o and I was 3,I think,I dont know the age for sure) that did "things" to me along with a friend of hers,I just realized it in my twenties but always felt so guilty all my life till I went and saw a psychand that helped me to cope...<br /><br />Then I was raped with a knife on my neck all night long and that was about 15 years ago.<br /><br />I hate obgyn and will always do.<br /><br />Try to be with someone when you go to a check up.<br /><br />Again,Im so sorry and really feel your pain.

    Hang in there and know that we are all with you for support.

    Now speaking fibroids,me too have one and it gives me lots of terrible pain in my right hip,I`ll have to go back to the Dr. to get it out once and for all...

    Good luck,


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