Is it common for married women on facebook to use their maiden name only?

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  1. I don't have my maiden name there at all just my married name. I would guess people don't even know I'm on there. But of the 20 women or so in my HS graduating class (my class was 38 people), about half of which are on facebook, it seems like half of them must not be married, because they are posting under their maiden names. Unless people just do that for whatever reason? I graduated in 92, it seems hard to believe that only half of my HS class is married.

    Anyone else in their upper 30's or above know a ton of women from HS who never married? Just seems odd to me. I had about 6 close female friends in HS and three of them never married.

  2. I did not change my name when I got married. A lot of my friends didn't.

  3. So no hypens or anything? I should start a poll. So far my snooping on FB has revealed that most of these women seem to be single.

  4. I didn't change my name either. Many of my college and grad school friends who married didn't change their names, but a few did.

  5. Yeah, I thought of that, that they just didn't change their names when they married, but a lot of them are listed as single. I posted a poll, although I doubt the answers here represent the general population. I was 22 when I married so didn't have a career or anything.

  6. Thats wierd. Most of my friends use hyphenated. Maybe they just want to have there old boyfriends look for them!

  7. People use their maiden names so people can find them.

  8. I am listed under my married name with my maiden name next to it in parenthesis. I started out with just my married name but have found many more old friends since I added my maiden name. Since I was married in my 40s most people do not even know my new name.

  9. I put my maiden name as my middle name. First Maiden Married. I know for some people Facebook puts it in parenthesis but I don't know how to do that.


  10. Hmmm, I wonder if it's easy to change names on facebook and add maiden. I wasn't even thinking about it when I signed up. Although in some ways I'm glad that certain people from my past aren't really finding me. The first HS friend who "friended" me wrote me a note asking me if she had the right Rachel

  11. I have a few girlfriends who use their maiden name so people they don't want to find them can't google them outside of facebook and find where they work or live. (Does that make sense?)

    I don't use my maiden name b/c if they don't know who I am with my married name then they really don't need to find me on facebook that bad.

  12. i used my married name but there is a section where you can put in your maiden name so that people can find you. when they search under your first name and maiden name combo, you pop up with your married name.
    old friends have found me on FB with no problem.


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