Is 2ww really as bad as we say

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  1. I'm a really impatient person, so having to start the BCP then the long supression/stimulant trial just about killed me. Especially when the daily bloodwork and ultrasounds were factored in... and of course, my personal favorite, having my first cycle cancelled on the scheduled day of retrieval, only having to wait another 2 months to restart the process. All of that, coupled with the fact that my next cycle (this one) went on for 12 days of Follistim 600mg/day -- paid for ALL OUT OF POCKET -- well, that just made this period the absolute worst. Hands down. (But hopefully there will be a child in the lining, so to speak!!!)

  2. For me the recovery following the Retreival was horrible-I don't respond well the the drugs they give for the procedure-I don't remember any of it actually. The second worse thing is the huge black and blue marks and sore buttocks from the PIO. Hope I can switch to another variety of that soon.

  3. Beta days the worst. Mine was yesterday and I did not go. I couldn't. The nurses were calling me all day and this morning. I finally went today, but I am so afraid that I could not even go. That is preety bad when you have been ttc 1st for 4 yrs and have been through IF hell and back and the one test that can finally give you what you want you can't even bring yourself to go. I guess I just don't want anymore bad news.

  4. For me I think it's the 2ww. It's driving me crazy because am thinking and worrying if all the efforts I made really worked.

  5. This is our fourth cycle. We've had all the possible outcomes so far - 1 cancelled, 1 BFP, and 1 BFN.

    For me the 2ww is the worst. I just want to know one way or another. I can deal with the results if I know what they are. It's that stupid wait that kills me. I just want to know one way or another so I can move on to the next step.

    Our clinic only gives the results after the second beta. That drives me nuts because someone else knows if I am pg for 2 days before I do and they won't give you the results even if you call and beg them too.

    4 more days until we find out!

  6. The retrieval was by far the worst part of my ivf cycle. I didn't get anything but valium/demerol before the procedure. I keep telling everyone that I'd rather have a severe kidney infection then go through that again....Well, here I am about to start ivf #2, I start bcp tomorrow!

  7. My RE recommends 72 hours bedrest, therefore, I thought the three days after the transfer were the WORST! I was on bedrest and my DH would not let me do any work from home because he felt it would be "too stressful" and would impede implantation. So I literally sat in bed thinking about the transfer and whether my embryos were growing "tentacles" and latching on. Every small abdominal symptom: bloating post retrieval, cramp, twitch made me anxious.

    Now that I am back at work, I have something else to think about (despite the fact that I am writing this whilst eating lunch at work!)

  8. 2 ww the worst

  9. I vote a three way tie b/w Lupron, OHSS, and 2 ww.

  10. I voted the 2ww was the worst. However, the wait after PGD was absolutely the worst wait ever to see how many embryos would come back normal!

  11. Worst for me is waiting for the call on beta results! Time is moving backwards for me today...awful!

  12. It's the not knowing. Too scared to POAS, so I have to poke, and wonder if I am having symptoms are for real or not.

  13. The 2WW is the easiest physically but the HARDEST emotionally...

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