Is 2ww really as bad as we say

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  1. Is 2 ww wait the worst????

  2. My feelings have changed as Ive gone through 1 IVF BFN 1 FET BFN and 1 FET BFP m/c 2nd trimestr

    I used to think stim drugs were the scariest, but then the 2ww came, and that was worse and then the bFN came and I thought that was the WORST, but then I got PG and then m/C in 2nd trimester and that has been the Worst of ALL!
    So Heres the funny thing, Im hopin for a LIVE BIRTH , nothing less, but in my heart I know a BFN is easier than a BF M/C so if Im not gettin a baby from cyclin Id rather the BFN than the BFPM/c!!!!!\\\\

    Anyone else just passing time between cycles??????

  3. The two week wait is by far the worst. I also had to "wait" through biopsy and results b/c of PGD for a genetic condition and that was cake compared to the 2ww. I nearly drove myself insane and almost caused a divorce during my 2 ww. Then, we got a "BFP" which quickly ended in a chemical. Terrible. Worst experience of my life. The rest of IVF, cycling, shots, retrieval, transfer, etc. Didn't bother me at all.

    I am sorry for your loss politimi. When is your FET? I am scheduled for a 10/26 transfer. Good luck to you!

  4. progesterone injections the worst!!. My butt is sooo sore and when dh does the injections in left hip, i can hardly walk the next day.

  5. Im starting a fresh in OCtober

    claramando , I couldn't walk either but DH is giving shots slowly, Shot goes in fast but meds go in slowly and now when injecting , NO PAIN!!!!

  6. I find the 2WW waiting to make it to the u/s to see a h/b is much harder than the 2WW after the transfer. I'm in the middle of that now and it's so hard!!!

    5w3d and stressing!!!

  7. I am with you Kim!! My u/s is next week - will be 7w then. I was away on vaca for one week of my 2ww so that may have helped. Waiting for teh u/s is a killer!


  8. It's not a choice, but I personally felt the pg stress (I had difficult pgs) was hardest. Worrying that something would happen to the baby for 8 months.

    But of the choices, I'd say 2ww is worst.


  9. Hello,

    It is hard to say the whole thing is a roller coaster. The 2ww is torture because you drive yourself crazy with every possible symptom, but the bfn has to be the worst because you get hopeful in the 2ww and then you feel like someone stabs you dtraight in your heart.

  10. I guess I am with politimi...I have cycled so many times (five total, plus one FET-I know that is not a lot for some, but it has nearly killed me), chem pg to show for it (and that was with DE), I hate to be a downer but it has just all been so very negative for us, that I just can't get excited anymore. (And then I feel like I need to be more positive, then I feel guilt that my negativity is going to affect my outcome, etc...but darn it, the majority of the time I was hopeful and what did that get me?)So I think it is all the worst, and can't even stand the thought that it can get worse (having a bad pregnancy experience/outcome) So I may be done with this junk soon...onward to adoption, which is also not without heartbreak. Will it ever end...I am so sorry to be this way, but the poll really got me thinking, and I am so scared of the outcome of this 2ww!!!

  11. I think the few days before the beta were the worst. Judgement day was coming and I wasn't prepared for that day. I also think the time between the 1st and 2nd beta was pretty bad too. Every hurdle is nerve wracking.


  12. I thnk the whole thing is the worst--Although Lupron to me was a breeze-- repronex was like fire water going into my body --progesterone is very painful and I have a fat arse!! LOL--im in the 2 ww and this is really the worst -what a rollercoaster--one minute im positive the next negative but ALWAYS crazy-my head is not attached to my body--I just want to know already!!!!

  13. I think that right after the retreival, waiting for how many embryos developed and are doing ok was the worst-no sleep, anxious, scared etc....

  14. Ibiv Im with you - right after retrieval waiting for THAT call equally the second week of the 2WW.

  15. For me, the worst was
    1: dealing with DH's complaints and anger re: arranging time off work to take me to the retrievals & tfrs (especially when the dates change at the last minute)
    2: getting time off work and finding someone to cover for me at work for the retrievals/transfers/doctors appts esp. when I'm keeping the reason secret from work personnel
    3: I have to agree with the other post that said progesterone shots were terrible !
    4: 2 ww

  16. For me, the beta day has been the worst. I am never emotionally prepared for that day and so far we've had 2 failed cycles - so the BFN's have been hard. This time round, I am planning on taking that day off work - it's just too hard to contain emotions after that & hide it from people.
    What I find hard about the 2ww....getting emails/phone calls from friends who are preggers. That just sucks. You're so happy for them, and so sad for you. It feels so unfair, and I always wonder how it's so easy for others? I do have to laugh sometimes (I try to find the humorous in this which is quite tough) at all the info DH and I know. I mean the conversations we have.....sp count, follies, lining, transfer etc. It's sometimes so hard to believe that this is our life right now....
    Best of luck to everyone in this 2ww - my beta is Dec 15 so i'm hoping for an early Christmas present.....

  17. For the active part of my cycle, I felt I was doing something constructive to getting pg. The wait is killing me and it is only just over half done. I won't worry too much about beta day, because from now on, I'll be POAS every morning. I hope to feel prepared for the call.

  18. Update,

    This is a shocker to me,

    had 3 failed cycles last one being 2nd trimester m/c
    3 m/c total(2 from nattual way 1 from IVF)

    So they find I have bloodclot issue and put me on lovenox, blood thinner

    So I do 4th cycle this month,

    took valium for 2 days wake up on 3dp 5dt, do POAS and bang, faint positive!!!By 6dp 5dt went for b/w its official, a beta hcg of 50! BFP

    Should be happy right,


    Now Im more petrified than ever of multiple bleeding combination on blood thinners,

    So everything is wonderful, but Why am I letting myself be so frightened, I mean its like I skipped the 2ww. Should be over the moon with joy, instead, Just feeling indifferent is as comfortable as I can get mentally. I do believe it might be this way until I see our baby babies, alive and well and Im off these blood thinners!

    SO BE IT!

    And btw, The ladies who talk of marriage arguments time off from work etc,, being hard, I hear you too, me and DH have learned to navigate3 lots of this yuck, but still sometimes it can be hard on us. So Thanks for letting us know your personal stuff and that Im not alone.

    Best hopes for everybody.


  19. 29, I am so sorry about your miscarriages! I can't even imagine how hard that would be to go through.
    I just want to say that I agree that after the 2ww, the waiting can even be harder! I've never made it this far - this is my 6th IVF and I had one prior BFP but the beta never doubled. Now, I'm waiting for my first ultrasound on Dec 17 but I'm scared because the pg symptoms seem to have gone away to nothing (not that they were much to begin with) and I'm so afraid the ultrasound will show the pregnancy isn't viable. So - this wait seems longer and harder.
    I guess this whole process is one step at a time. As soon as we digest good news from one step, we proceed to have anxiety over the next.
    Good luck to everyone - 29, it seems like the dr.s may have addressed the reason you were miscarrying and now you have a great shot at a successful pg. To the ladies with betas coming up - I hope you get BFPs so you can proceed to the next step.

  20. Bouameur,

    I\'ve got the same beta date as you, 12/15!. this is my first ivf cycle (with tons of clomid, repronex, iui in the pst), and my anxiety level is climbing. my dr gave me some valium, which i've been taking 1 pill per day for the past 3 days that i've been off work. it helps a lot with just sleeping through the day. tomorrow will be my first day at work back. hopefully, my boss will let me take the 15th off. good luck to you!

  21. The only thing worse (in my opinion) than the 2ww is beta he!!.

  22. hi all-
    i definitely agree w/ the previous post.... in previous cycles, i thought i just had to wait out the 2weeks and i'd be in the clear.. well, i was wrong! beta hell is even worse.... that feeling of living day to day....waiting for a phone call that can either make or break you.... well, it's enough to just go crazy.
    i'm currently in my 2ww right now and i'm starting to go bonkers pretty early on... i have 8 more days!

    best of luck to everyone!

  23. I have completed 4 cycles (3 fresh, 1 FET with one success resulting in g/g twins) and am currently on the 2WW of FET #2. Without doubt for me the few days after the BFN is the worst. Even after my last FET when I had a chemical. I think the 2WW may be bad but the hope of the BFP is still there.

  24. It might be that I'm right smack dab in the middle of it, but I have to say the 2ww is the worst. I think it's because I feel like there's nothing left I can do. We take prometrium/progesterone, but other than that we're just waiting, hoping, overreacting and OBSESSING. AAHHHH!!

  25. I am assuming that waiting for the beta from the lab will be the worst, but so far the 2WW hasn't been the worst for me. The worst was at the beginning when I was getting initial tests done, etc. and every day I was so afraid they were going to tell me something was wrong with my body and IVF would never work... (this is my first time)


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